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Exploring our heritage, values and research through digital media.
About La Salle Digital Projects
The Digital Library Program at La Salle University's Connelly Library was founded in 2007 as a way to promote the library's Special Collections and the university's projects through a centralized digital repository.

Our digital library software was developed by DL Consulting using the Greenstone platform. Our images and textual materials are scanned as high resolution TIFF files and then converted to web quality JPEGs. Materials are cataloged using the MODS metadata standard.

Our imaging studio currently consists of an Epson 10000XL flatbed scanner, and a copystand equipped with a Sony Alpha DSLR digital camera. Our digitization focus for the 2008 - 2009 school year has been our Wister family papers collection, which have become the seed for our Digital La Salliana project to grow from.

As of March 2009, we have launched a digitization partnership with Villanova University's Digital Library to begin comprehensive digitization of our Susan Dunleavy Collection of Biblical Literature. We are currently working on mounting the journal and newsletter "Vietnam Generation" into our digital repository -- parts of which have begun to be cataloged into the Digital Collections.

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