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This tool is provided for your convenience and may not reflect your official GPA in Brother Luwis. Please note, at the end of each semester, as grades are entered on your record, your GPA in LUWIS is not calculated immediately but updated on a daily basis and may not be accurate until all grades have been posted.

Semester GPA Calculator

Enter the course number (optional), number of credits and the letter grade (using capital letters) you have earned in the corresponding fields. The computer will calculate the grade points, total credits and total GPA. To change what you entered click "reset". This calculator may also be used to determine outcomes based on possible grade submissions. For example, you may use a B- the first time you do your calculation, reset the grid, and use a B the second time, to see how these grades would affect your semester GPA.

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Overall GPA Calculator

You must first calculate each semester GPA (see above). Enter the amount of credits for that semester and your semester GPA. The computer will calculate your total credit hours and your cumulative GPA in the last row. To change what you entered click "reset". This tool may be used to calculate a GPA within your major. You will first need to calculate your major courses within each semester using the calculator above. Take these totals and use them in the calculator below.

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