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Withdraw from a Course

Students who choose to withdraw from a course must file a Course Withdrawal form with the following office:

Undergraduate Day – Student’s Respective Dean’s Office
Undergraduate Evening (Non-nursing) - School of Professional and Continuing Studies
Undergraduate Nursing – School of Nursing and Health Sciences
Graduate or Doctoral Students – Graduate Program Director

The date for filing the official statement of withdrawal will be considered the actual date of withdrawal. If the date of filing is on or before the final date for withdrawal as published in the academic calendar, the student’s record for the course will be marked W (withdrawn).

Tuition Refund Policy for Withdrawal

Students should also consult with their Financial Aid Counselor and/or Veteran’s Benefit Coordinator to understand how this change in their enrollment may affect their aid. Additionally, International Students should contact one of the International Education Associates at the Multi-cultural and International Center.

**Ceasing to attend a class does not constitute a course withdrawal.** Ceasing to attend without withdrawing will result in the student receiving a grade for the course, possibly a failing grade. A “W” designation will only be assigned upon official withdrawal from a course.

Withdrawal from the University

Undergraduate day students who choose to do a complete withdraw from the University should contact their respective Dean’s Office or Graduate Program Director.

In order to receive a “W” designation for coursework, students must withdrawal on or before the deadline date for that semester.  The withdrawal deadline date for each semester is published in the academic calendar. The deadline date for filing a withdrawal from the University and the date for withdrawal from a course are considered to be the same.

Please make sure to contact the following Offices to complete your withdrawal process:

  • Financial Services Office
  • Bursar’s Office
  • Housing Services (if a resident student)
  • Veteran’s Coordinator’s Office (if receiving Veteran’s benefits)
  • Multicultural and International Center (if an international student)

**Ceasing to attend does not constitute a withdrawal from the University.** Ceasing to attend without officially withdrawing will result in the student receiving grades for the coursework, possibly failing grades. A “W” designation will only be assigned upon official withdrawal from the University.