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College is an important part of life.  Paying for college is just as important!

The financial decisions that you make now will affect you for years to come, so understanding your options and making informed decisions today will benefit you in the future. 

La Salle University is making the commitment to help students prepare for and understand student loan indebtedness and repayment ability by providing all of the critical components necessary to make sound college funding choices with GradReady from NorthStar Education Services. 

GradReady is a free service that provides valuable financial literacy designed for college access, while building a lasting foundation for healthy financial decisions.  Through this tool, students and families will be able to:

  • Learn about financial aid
  • Create a funding plan
  • Consider debt-to-income scenarios
  • Establish an in-school budget

Together with your Payment Options Sheet, the GradReady tool can provide you with a better understanding regarding your financial choices and the impact they will have after school and during your loan repayment period. 

Visit our GradReady site today to get started!