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Financial Aid FAQs

General Information

» What are the deadlines to apply for Aid?
» What is the La Salle overaward policy?
» What is an independent student?
» What is my aid eligibilty if I am in a preparatory program or am taking prerequisites to get into a Master’s program?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am in the Teacher Certification Program?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am in the ESL Certification Program?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am taking Post-Master’s classes in Psychology for state licensure?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am taking courses for a graduate certificate program?
» What if I withdraw from all my courses?
» What are some of the reasons I might see a change in my financial aid package from last year?
» What does my acceptance status mean to me, and how does it affect my financial aid eligibility? 

Scholarships, Grants, Discounts, and Tax Credits

» What about scholarships for returning students?
» What is the Hope Scholarship/Lifetime Learning Credit?
» What is the PA New Economy Tech Scholarship?
» What about my PHEAA State Grant?
» What is the discount for members of religious orders and Catholic school teachers?

Credit Balances: Refunds and Money for Books

» What if I need money for books?
» How do I get my refund and money for books?

Reading Bills: Memos and Credits

» What are those credits and memos on my bill?

Special Circumstances
» I have special circumstances, what do I do?
» Will I be eligible for financial aid if I repeat a course that I already passed?

Accessing Information Online

» How can Brother Luwis answer my aid questions?

About Your Bill

Making Sure Your Financial Assistance is Properly Credited

It is in your best interest to check your invoice upon receipt to make certain that all financial aid has been properly credited to your account. You should use the student copy of your financial aid award letter and compare it to your invoice or you can check your financial aid on Br. LUWIS within the La Salle portal.

The following outlines what you can expect to see on your invoice.

Credited on invoice

  • Pennsylvania State Grant (PHEAA) - if La Salle was listed as the student's first choice school
  • Federal Perkins Loan - if the student has properly signed and returned the promissory note and data sheet, which will be mailed in July
  • Athletic Grants - if the student-athlete has signed and returned his/her grant-in-aid agreement to the Office of Financial Aid
  • Private Scholarships - if the organization has sent the funds to La Salle

Credited as memos

A financial aid memo is an estimated credit that is applied to your account until the actual funds are disbursed. There are many reasons for a financial aid memo to be on your account, but once the actual funds are disbursed, the memo will expire.  Reasons for a memo include:

  • Federal (Direct loans, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant [SEOG]) and institutional aid do not disburse to your account until the official first day of the semester
  • Corrections have been sent to the Federal Processor and have not yet been processed
  • You have applied for a loan that has not been completely processed

The amount of the memo'd aid will be listed at the bottom of the invoice.

All memos will expire at the beginning of each term. If the financial aid has not been disbursed, then it is your responsibility to contact the Office of Financial Aid.