La Salle University

Undergraduate Admissions
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Financial Aid FAQs

General Information

» What are the deadlines to apply for Aid?
» What is the La Salle overaward policy?
» What is an independent student?
» What is my aid eligibilty if I am in a preparatory program or am taking prerequisites to get into a Master’s program?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am in the Teacher Certification Program?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am in the ESL Certification Program?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am taking Post-Master’s classes in Psychology for state licensure?
» What is my aid eligibility if I am taking courses for a graduate certificate program?
» What if I withdraw from all my courses?
» What are some of the reasons I might see a change in my financial aid package from last year?
» What does my acceptance status mean to me, and how does it affect my financial aid eligibility? 

Scholarships, Grants, Discounts, and Tax Credits

» What about scholarships for returning students?
» What is the Hope Scholarship/Lifetime Learning Credit?
» What is the PA New Economy Tech Scholarship?
» What about my PHEAA State Grant?
» What is the discount for members of religious orders and Catholic school teachers?

Credit Balances: Refunds and Money for Books

» What if I need money for books?
» How do I get my refund and money for books?

Reading Bills: Memos and Credits

» What are those credits and memos on my bill?

Special Circumstances
» I have special circumstances, what do I do?
» Will I be eligible for financial aid if I repeat a course that I already passed?

Accessing Information Online

» How can Brother Luwis answer my aid questions?

Office Hours and Telephone Numbers

Financial Aid Office Hours

8:30 am to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
In the summer months we are open:
8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Thursday
8:30 to 3:30 on Fridays only.

La Salle University Federal School Code

The federal school code to be used on the FAFSA is 003287.

Important Phone Numbers

Financial Aid
Phone: 215- 951-1070
Fax: 215-951-5098

Phone: 215-951-1020
Fax: 215-951-1767

Undergraduate Admission
Phone: 215-951-1500
Fax: 215-951-1656

Student and Accounts Receivable
Phone: 215-951-1055
Fax: 215-951-1799