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Accessing Information Online

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Tuition Exchange

What is Tuition Exchange?
Tuition Exchange was established to provide tuition or partial tuition grants to dependent children of employees at institutions other than their own. Five hundred and seventy colleges and universities participate in this program.

Who can apply for Tuition Exchange?
Eligible dependents are children of LaSalle University employees who have been employed full-time for a minimum of five years at the University. Previous full-time employment at another college or university may be applied toward the five year waiting period.
Dependent children are defined by the standards of the Internal Revenue Service for the tax year immediately proceeding the academic year. The dependent student cannot already possess a baccalaureate degree.
In the event that La Salle University is forced to limit the number of students it may export within the Tuition Exchange Program, the following eligibility criteria will be used:

  1. Current Participants: Full-time employees with dependents who are currently participating in the Tuition Exchange Program and have either not graduated or have not yet received eight semesters of Tuition Exchange Grant.
  2. Prospective Participants: Full-time employees with five or more years of service to La Salle University with dependents, regardless of previous participation in the Tuition Exchange Program. Within this category, export positions would be made available to eligible participants according to greatest seniority (seniority defined as years of full-time employment at La Salle University).

How do I apply for a Tuition Exchange Grant at another school?
Dependents of faculty/staff members who wish to attend another institution through the Tuition Exchange Program must complete the Tuition Exchange Application Form and the Employee Verification Form which are available on the Financial Aid website. These forms should be sent to Human Resources along with your latest federal income tax form so that they can verify the student's eligibility. First time applicants should complete this process no later than November 1 of the year prior to their prospective enrollment. Employees will need to file an Employee Verification Form for each semester in which the student will receive the grant and file the Tuition Exchange Application every year in order for the grant to be renewed.

Does filing an application guarantee a Tuition Exchange Grant?
No, Tuition Exchange is a competitive grant. Each school determines the number of grants it offers and the criteria by which recipients are chosen. Once a student receives the grant, it can be renewed for a total of eight semesters or until the student receives a baccalaureate degree.

What does the Tuition Exchange Grant cover?
The Tuition Exchange Program requires colleges to offer full tuition or a minimum grant, whichever is lower. Details on specific schools can be found on the Tuition Exchange website.

How can I find out which colleges participate?
You can go to the Tuition Exchange website, which lists all of the participating institutions.

Is there a limit to the number of colleges I can apply to?
No. Students can apply for as many colleges or universities as they choose. However, they should only apply for Tuition Exchange at institutions that they plan to apply to for admission.

Is there a deadline to apply?
For optimum consideration, first time applicants should submit the Employee Verification Form and Tuition Exchange Application by November 1 of the year prior to their prospective enrollment. Continuing students in the Tuition Exchange program should file the Tuition Exchange Application for the next year by January 1.

When will I know if I have received the grant?
The liaison officers at the institutions at which you apply will notify you that your application has been accepted or rejected. La Salle’s liaison officer will also forward to you any decision that they receive. If you are admitted by an institution, but have had no response to your application by April 1st, contact the Financial Aid Office. The liaison officer will inquire about the status of your application.

How will I know how much the grant covers?
The notification of your acceptance specifies your scholarship's value as well as the institution's charges for tuition and fees, room and board, and any limits on the duration of the scholarship. Be sure you understand any other charges for which you may be responsible, as well as any requirements you must meet in order to maintain your scholarship through graduation.

Once I receive a Tuition Exchange grant, do I have to do anything else?
Yes. You must meet whatever requirements established by the school you are attending, as well as reapply each semester for the benefit. This will entail filing an Employee Verification form every semester. You also must notify the liaison officer at La Salle and at the school you are attending if you withdraw, transfer to another institution, or do not participate in Tuition Exchange for any reason. The individual schools must maintain a record of the total number of semesters our students receive the grant.