La Salle University

Undergraduate Admissions
International Students


Downloading Instructions: To download the majority of the forms indicated below, you will need either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word. Acrobat Reader can easily be downloaded from the Adobe website. Click here to download.

General Financial Aid Forms

La Salle University Employee Verification Form
Tuition Exchange Application
Budget Job Application



PHEAA Tuition Reimbursement Verification Form
Summer PHEAA Application
PHEAA Enrollment Change Form


2015-2016 Scholarship Forms

2015-2016 Annenberg-Henrich Scholarship Application


2014-2015 Verification Forms

2014-2015 Dependent Verification Worksheet
2014-2015 Dependent Supplemental Verification Worksheet
2014-2015 Independent Verification Worksheet
2014-2015 Independent Supplemental Verification Worksheet
2014-2015 Verification of Child Support Paid - Dependent Form
2014-2015 Verification of Child Support Paid - Independent Form
2014-2015 Verification of SNAP Benefits - Dependent Form
2014-2015 Verification of SNAP Benefits - Independent Form
2014-2015 Certification of High School Completion Form
2014-2015 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Form


2014-2015 Scholarship Applications

2014-2015 Annenberg-Henrich Scholarship Application
2014-2015 Charlotte Newcombe Scholarship Application
2014-2015 Common Scholarship Application  
2014-2015 Maguire Scholars Program
2014-2015 Modern Handling Scholarship Application


2014-2015 Financial Aid Forms

2014-2015 Web Institutional Data Form  
2014-2015 Progress Appeal Form
2014-2015 Special Condition for Independent Students
2014-2015 Special Condition for Dependent Students


Truth in Lending Form

Borrower Self-Certification Form  


Athletics Compliance Form

2014-2015 Athletics Outside Award Form
2013-2014 Athletics Outside Award Form

You can return the forms to: 1900 W Olney Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141

You may also request these forms to be sent to you in the mail by contacting the Financial Aid Office directly: 215.951.1070 Fax: 215.951.5098