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We know what a financial strain paying for higher education can be for a student and his or her family. Tuition, fees, books, food, housing and living expenses are all part of the package of getting a quality education.

We are committed to helping you obtain the goals you have set for yourself – both academically and financially – and eager to answer any financial aid questions you may have. 

Browse our website and you'll find everything you need to know about financial aid policy, tuition and fees, financial aid forms, and how to apply for loans.  Graduates may be pleasantly surprised by the variety of grants and loan programs available to them.

Below is information to help you with the graduate financial aid process. 

How to Apply
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Loan Options

  1. Federal Direct Loans
  2. Student Alternative Loans
  3. Graduate PLUS Loan


Graduate Payment Plan

Employer Assisted Graduate Tuition Deferred Payment Plan



Please contact your respective graduate department for scholarship information.
If you have further questions, you can reach the Office of Financial Aid at 215-951-1070 or e-mail us at