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How to Apply for a Federal Graduate Direct PLUS Loan


In order to complete the eMPN, students will need to have the following information readily available:

  1. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid Personal Identification Number (FAFSA PIN). If you have lost your PIN, or do not have a PIN, you may reset or obtain a new PIN at

To complete the eMPN, visit the Department of Education web portal at,

  • Sign in with your Department of Education PIN (FAFSA PIN)
  • Click on “Graduate PLUS”
  • Click on “Start PLUS Application Process”
  • Complete and submit application and sign Master Promissory Note
  • If not already done, complete graduate entrance interview counseling
  • Apply for fall and spring terms

Completion of the eMPN will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes from beginning to end..

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Federal Direct Loan Processor will perform a credit check to determine if the student borrower is credit worthy.  Upon approval, the Direct Loan Processing Center will notify La Salle University.  We will then award the Graduate PLUS loan and send the loan origination to the Direct Loan Processing Center.  The Direct Graduate PLUS Master Promissory Note and Entrance counseling must be complete before funds will disburse.  If denied, the Federal Direct Loan Processor will notify the student in writing and give the student the opportunity to appeal the denial or reapply with a credit worthy endorser.