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What are the Degree Requirements?

  1. 48 credit hours of required and elective courses
  2. Thesis or Internship

Curriculum (48 credits)

I/O Psychology, M.A. Degree Courses

Course # Course Title Pre–requisites

PCC 500

Counseling and Psychopathology Theories


PCC 507

Advanced Statistics


PCC 508

Cognition and Learning


PCC 510

Advanced Research Methods

Pre–req 507

PCC 533

Advanced I/O Psychology



PCC 604

Adv. Social Psychology


PCC 635

Measurement of Individual Differences

Pre–reqs 507 & 533

PCC 636

Work Motivation/Attitude

Pre–req 533

PCC 659

Selection/Performance Appraisal

Pre–req 533

MGT 736

Organizational Design

Pre–req 533

MGT 769

Human Resources Development (Training)

Pre–req 533


PCC 688/689




PCC 685/686




PCC 509

Assessment in Clinical and Career Counseling

Pre–reqs 507 & 533

PCC 512

Addictions Counseling

Pre–reqs 500 & 533

PCC 644

Career Counseling

Pre–reqs 507 & 533

MBA 810

Self–Assessment of Leadership

Pre–req 533

MGT 744

Power and Influence

Pre–req 533

MGT 752

Management Skills Lab

Pre–req 533

MGT 760

Human Resource Management

Pre–req 533

MGT 775

Irrational Decision Making

Pre–req 533

MGT 780

Managing Effective Teams

Pre–req 533

Total: 48 credits

Graduate Requirement: Thesis or Internship

The Thesis is a culmination of knowledge and skills learned in the program. Students will conduct their own research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor and prepare a research report of high quality and is suitable for publication or presentation at a national professional conference.

The internship is a placement in a business setting that the student is typically present at for 12 to 16 hours a week and runs for two academic semesters. The Philadelphia area, with a wide variety of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to much smaller companies, is especially rich in practice possibilities.

* The Professional Seminar is taken in conjunction with the Internship.

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