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Autism Concentration

The Autism Concentration program is one component of a university-wide initiative to bring attention to the need for coordinated sharing of knowledge,perspectives and advances in the support and education of individuals with autism and their families. As a center for educational, health, phychological and social service studies in this area, La Salle is staged to help address the many aspects of life touched by autism. Collaborating with other interested groups beyond the university community, La Salle hopes to provide an incubator for the development of advanced skills and accelerated sharing of emerging best practices in school and home for supporting these children and optimizing their human potential.

This is a unique, 12-credit program leading to a concentration in Autism. The Pennsylvania Department of Education does not currently have an endorsement in this area. The program is for certified teachers who are interested in learning and gaining additional experience in autism spectrum disorders, and provides them with multi-disciplinary perspectives and approaches to working with children with ASD and their families. Master's degree candidates interested in specializing in autism can apply these courses as electives to the program.

Course Sequence:

  • EDC 655 Dimensions of Autism
  • EDC 657 Systems Approach with Families and Educators
  • EDC 665 Communication Strategies for Teachers of ASD Children and Youth
  • EDC 667 Implementing the IEP in the Inclusive Classroom

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