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This is a 12-credit program for certified teachers who desire to learn more about how to be instructional leaders or teacher leaders in their schools. The program starts with a summer practicum experience and culminates with action research and professional development projects. Regardless of whether the teacher pursues roles as leaders in schools, this program will enhance a teacher's understanding of advanced instructional strategies through coursework and action research.  Candidates for the M.A. may apply these courses to their program as electives.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education defines program endorsements are certifications in new or emerging areas of knowledge where formal certification does not exist. The Program Endorsement is intended to improve a teacher's skills in dealing with complex classroom settings. These endorsements are added to existing Level I or Level II Certificates.

In addition to the standard admission requirements for Graduate Education, applicants must also provide a valid teaching certificate or evidence of having completed all requirements for the certification, including passing scores on all relevant PRAXIS exams.

Students can earn either a Master of Arts in Education with a Concentration in Instructional Leadership (30 credits) or a Program Endorsement Certification only as an Instructional Coach (12 credits)

Course Sequence
EDC 505 Introduction to Instructional Leadership
EDC 615 Advanced Instructional Design
EDC 652 Leadership and Educational Change I
EDC 653 Leadership and Educational Change II

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