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Course Descriptions

BLS 600
Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Communications (3 credits)

The purpose of the course is to develop an appreciation of diverse cultural backgrounds, especially among Latinos and Anglos, and to develop awareness of the complexity of cross-cultural communication.

Areas considered: the communication process; group properties & communication; linguistic approaches; nonverbal elements of communication systems (related to Anglos & Latinos); language and culture; language as social behavior; and channels of communication.

BLS 601
Techniques of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (3 credits)

The course analyzes various methodologies used in teaching English as a second language.

Emphasis is placed upon methods in teaching, listening, and speaking, as well as difficult points of pronunciation and grammar. Significant attention is given to affective techniques in second language learning.

BLS 605: Curriculum and Development of Bilingual Programs (3 credits)

The course discusses the historical background of the bilingual movement, pertinent legislation, and the organization of a bilingual program.

Lectures and discussions include: needs assessment of pupils, staff and community; various types of curriculum models of bilingual and school organizations; selection of instructional materials for training bilingual students; and proper evaluative procedures.

BLS 606
Making Language Connections Through Content in ESOL and Bilingual Classrooms (3 credits)

The major objectives of the course are to provide mechanisms for second language content delivery utilizing the sheltered class model, SIOP, “learning to learn” methods.

The curriculum analyzes academic language in content and texts, and discusses metacognitive processes and strategies that may be used in the classroom.

Further, the role of learning styles and multiple intelligences are also examined and discussed; together with the rationale and structure of thematic units for lesson planning purposes. The integration of language objectives and “what’s difficult” for language learners is directed toward an authentic assessment of content and language.

EDC 650 *
Language Assessment and Special Education of ESL Learners (3 credits)

This course provides an overview of federal, state and local mandates regarding the assessment of ESL learners. Placement testing, standardized assessment, performance assessment, rubrics, and portfolios will be addressed specifically.

This course also helps students to understand the legislation that promotes individual rights for children & adults with disabilities, special education classification and labeling, and current trends in the education of children with disabilities.

Students will analyze the impact that a handicapping condition has on the individual in learning and social environments.

TSOL 701: M.A. TESOL Practicum

Prerequisite: Successful completion of all Core and Elective courses, MA in TESOL program.

The purpose of the TESOL Practicum is to have the MA TESOL student apply what they have learned during their studies in a new setting such as a school or non-profit organization. The student will select the organization with the Director’s approval and will provide the Director with a supervisor who will oversee the practicum at the organization. It is expected that students take advantage of the practicum as a way of not only putting to use what they have learned but also of combining service and learning to search for deeper meaning in activities which strive for social justice and raise profound questions about issues facing many students. The MA TESOL is designed to serve.

A Practicum Handbook is available to provide guidance to the student through the Program Director.

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