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Translation segment

BLS 617: “Technology: Applications in Translation and Interpretation”
BLS 639: “Advanced Grammar and Syntax”
BLS 640: “Translation Studies: Theory and Practice”
BLS 641: “Professional Uses of Spanish: Healthcare”
BLS 642: “Professional Uses of Spanish: Business”
BLS 643: “Professional Uses of Spanish: Legal”

Interpretation segment

BLS 610: “Comparative Analysis English/Spanish”
BLS 611: “Fundamentals of Interpretation”
BLS 612: “Consecutive Interpretation and Sight Translation”
BLS 613: “Simultaneous Interpretation”
BLS 614: “Legal Interpretation”
BLS 615: “Healthcare Interpretation”
BLS 616: “Business Interpretation”

Capstone Project/Experience

BLS 701: “Internship”
BLS 702: “Master Thesis/Project”

For the translation segment, BLS 639, 640 and 617 should be successfully completed before the “specialties” (BLS 641, 642 and 643) may be taken. BLS 639, 640 and 617 may be taken simultaneously. The “specialties” may be taken in any order, but no more than two specialties should be taken in a semester.

For the interpretation segment, the successful completion of BLS 610 and BLS 611 is a requirement to continue with the segment. The first four courses (BLS 610, 611, 612 and 613) must be taken in the order listed (except as noted later), the remaining three “specialties” (BLS 614, 615 and 616) may be taken in any order. A student may take the first two courses (BLS 610 and 611) simultaneously. Equally, the following two courses (BLS 612 and 613) may also be taken simultaneously. No more than two specialty courses should be taken during the same semester.

Carmen Lamas, Ph.D.

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