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The Hispanic Institute at La Salle University
Global Perspective

Flexible . . . Manageable . . . Practical
La Salle’s programs have such a positive effect in the professional world because they are bringing the awareness that we are a multilingual society.

It is also opening opportunities to all those individuals with multilingual backgrounds to make use of their skills and to be able to share their multilingual experience and heritage.

I can see firsthand the need for competent bilingual personnel, especially in the languages of Spanish and English, because of the growth of the Spanish-speaking community in recent years, and their need to have access to services in the legal, business, and medical areas.
– Catalina Natalini
Graduate Certificate in Translation and Interpretation Instructor and owner of her own Translation/Interpretation agency.

Flexible . . . Manageable . . . Practical
I had a wonderful experience in the Bilingual/Bicultural Studies program. I expanded my knowledge of Latin American history, culture, and literature while developing and perfecting my English and Spanish language abilities. I was able to take classes from the Translation Certificate program and discovered an interest in translation and interpretation that I didn't know I had. The faculty was always extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the small class sizes created ideal situations to learn and create close friendships with classmates.

– Erin Davis, M.A.
Earned both a Master’s degree in Bilingual/ Bicultural Studies’ and a Certificate in Translation

Flexible . . . Manageable . . . Practical
I find La Salle University to be an educational oasis. As I take courses towards my Graduate Certificate in Translation, I am invariably afforded professors and materials that exceed my expectations while expanding my horizons. I see that an outstanding, respectful and serene environment permeates this university; allowing it to lend itself to the highest quality of education. I often call the classes I attend my “nirvana moments”!

– Liliana Elkouss
Earned a certificate in Translation

Flexible . . . Manageable . . . Practical
From my perspective, the program prepares both Hispanics and non-Hispanic students for the professional world by preparing them to gain the necessary skills to become more culturally sensitive instructors, caseworkers, medical professionals, or entrepreneurs.

– Steve Kopec, M.A.
Program Graduate

Stephen Smith, Ph.D.

Luis A. Gomez, Ph.D.

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The Hispanic Institute at La Salle University
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