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The M.A. in History with a Concentration in Public History requires the completion of the following courses for a total of 30 credits:

HIS 505: Introduction to Public History
An introduction to the theoretical and methodological practices of public history. It serves as a foundation for considering the implications of shared practices of history in which professionals consider and collaborate on the meaning of the past for the present.

HIS 510: Historiography—Introduction to Research and Historiography
An introduction to the methodology of historical interpretation, research, and writing.

HIS 610: Readings in American History
A seminar covering central themes and developments from 1607 to the present, including the growth of national identity, the founding and preservation of the American republic, the crucible of slavery and its aftermath, the rise of the United States as a military and industrial power, and the struggle to create an inclusive society.

HIS 615: History of Philadelphia
A survey of the history of Philadelphia from its founding to the present through an examination of the peoples who imagined it, built it, and struggled for and over it.

HIS 640: Visualizing History
An analysis of historical themes and topics related to American social, cultural, and intellectual history through readings, photography, painting, and film documentaries.

HIS 650: Oral History: Theory and Practice
Theme-based readings and practice in oral history (e. g., family history, labor and class history, gender history, and African-American history).

HIS 665: Museum Studies
An introduction to basic object theory and practice as central to every history museum and historical society. Students will gain practical hands-on knowledge through various assignments such as developing exhibitions and creating clear and proper documentation for researchers and future generations.

HIS 668: Issues and Practices in Archival Management
The course is designed to meet two objectives to provide an overview of the field of archival management, and to intriduce the students to the work of archivists, while at the same time preparing them to fulfill the duties of archivists as a component in a career in public history. The course will also include guest speakers and at least one site visit.

HIS 680: Techniques in Public History
An introduction to the basic concepts of various digital media processes (e. g., the design and publishing of public history projects by using Web sites, audio, and video content). Students will also review and evaluate public history Web sites and other media based on criteria used by professional public history organizations.

HIS 705: Internship in Public History
An internship experience that allows students to combine theory and course content knowledge with practice through a hands-on experience in one of several public history venues in the Philadelphia area.

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