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Instructional Technology Management
Certificate Program

Research shows that the field of e-learning is growing and many new professionals will be needed in the future. This certificate, which is comprised of six courses from the Master of Science degree from the Instructional Technology Management could lead to a jobs like: a chief learning officer, instructional architect and or designer or enter many other exciting and well paying positions. The certificate in Instructional Technology Management would provide the opportunity for graduates to occupy many roles within a company; assessing performance goals, developing learning objectives, designing instructional materials, delivering curriculum in classrooms, online or in blended environments, and using new and ever evolving technologies to improve human performance and reduce costs.

The certificate is half of (or 18 hours/6 courses) the M.S. in Instructional Technology Management (ITM). Just like ITM it combines theory, hands-on design experience, and management skills to provide learners with a theoretical and intellectual foundation of instructional design principles, methods, and techniques.  It provides an understanding of adult learning theories and the training to evaluate software, applications, programs, and methods in the context of the corporate training environment.  This program provides opportunities to design, build, and implement multimedia and online projects for e-learning in corporate, government, or educational settings with an understanding of assessment and evaluation techniques. It would also equip the learner with the leadership skills necessary to provide the vision, strategies and solutions needed to create and sustain a learning culture. This certificate program is designed in the same context as the ITM M.S. degree that of the global corporate, organizational or government training environment.

The ITM graduate certificate provides an entry vehicle for those who want to pursue their education in ITM but may not be ready to commit to a full M.S. degree.

The certificate includes 6 Courses:

  • The foundation course of either ITM 600: Principles of Instructional Design or ITM 605: The Adult as Learner,
  • ITM 610: Principles of Project Management,
  • and ITM615 Web Design, Usability, and Visual Literacy are required.

The other three courses are electives and can include anything but ITM 700 which is the M.S. capstone project. Click here for a full listing of ITM courses.

Gainful Employment Disclosure: To view the Gainful Employment Disclosure the Certificate Programs mentioned above, click on link below.

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Instructional Technology Management
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