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Working and Leading in the Virtual World: The Pajama Effect
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
12 noon – 1pm

Presented by: Bobbe Baggio, Ph.D., La Salle University

More than 40% of the workforce works from home at least two days a week. Nearly 4.5 million college students will take at least one course online this year. Every worker that telecommutes saves the company $20,000 a year. The number of online classes, degrees and programs is exploding. Virtual worlds, virtual learning environments, a multitude of social media and distance learning platforms have given us the ability to work and learn virtually. Whether on a virtual team or solo, succeeding in the virtual world requires a different set of skills. The Pajama Effect takes a look at how the virtual environment is different and what skills virtual workers and learners need to optimize performance, to be happy and to be very successful including: practicing inspiration, aligning connections, joining business with pleasure, awakening to virtual time, managing distractions, agreeing to be flexible, setting boundaries.

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About Bobbe Baggio, Ph.D.:

Bobbe BaggioDr. Baggio is an accomplished author, speaker and educator. Her specific expertise is in how to use technologies to help people learn. She is currently the Director of the Graduate Program in Instructional Technology Management at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA and speaks regularly to organizations and companies around the globe. Widely recognized as an innovator in the area of instructional technologies, she has published many journal articles, book chapters, a several books. She founded the ASTD Philadelphia eLearning special interest group and has received many awards for her contributions to training and learning.

Her prior experience includes being a Senior Scientist, Director of IT, VP Software Development, and teacher. Her education includes a BA from Waynesburg College, MA from West Virginia University, MS from Lehigh University and PhD Capella University.  Bobbe also does consulting work and her company Advantage Learning Technologies, Inc. (ALT) has provided ID services and implemented projects for clients in finance, healthcare, gasses and chemicals, manufacturing, distribution, construction, government and higher education. A more detailed list of clients can be found on her web site at

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