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Tin Can API
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
12 noon – 1pm

Presented by: Mike Rustici, Rustici Software

SCORM? The Tin Can API? These are essential technologies for an e-learning professional to understand. But what are these mysterious things and why should you care?

SCORM is used in nearly every e-learning product on the market and Tin Can is poised to revolutionize our industry. This session will help you understand what these technologies do, why they are important and what to look for when purchasing e-learning software.

SCORM is the plumbing underneath that your e-learning software that allows you to track the results of online courses. Plumbing can often be invisible, and we often take it for granted, but when it goes awry, things are rather, well, stinky. This session will teach you the basics of SCORM so you will know how to separate good SCORM from bad SCORM.

The Tin Can API is the next generation of SCORM. The Tin Can API lets you do all the fun stuff you want to incorporate into your learning programs but just can’t because SCORM gets in the way. The Tin Can API is great for tracking:

  • Mobile Learning
  • Serious Games
  • Simulations
  • Informal Learning
  • Real World Performance

This session will help you understand the sea change underway in the e-learning industry as a result of the Tin Can API. We will talk about how the Tin Can API allows us to record any learning experience, including informal learning, giving us a much richer picture of an individual’s learning path. We will learn how the Tin Can API frees your data form the confines of a siloed LMS and how it begins to connect the entire enterprise, allowing us to correlate job performance data with training data to assess training effectiveness and much more.

About Mike Rustici:

Mike Rustici Mike has made a career out of helping others understand, apply and implement SCORM. Widely recognized as a leading expert in the field, Mike is highly influential in shaping the future of eLearning standards.

Mike’s company, Rustici Software, is currently leading the way in supporting the next generation of learning standards through their work with the Tin Can API. This includes writing the initial spec, making all of their products Tin Can conformant, and helping the greater community to adopt the Tin Can API.

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