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You Listen with Your Eyes: Use Visuals to Fast Forward Learning

It’s about a lot more than just looking good. There are really two reasons you should use visuals correctly when you design screens for learning: the first one is the reason you always here, it will look good and the second one is the more important reason and that is because it will help people to learn.  Saying “I’ll make this look good” is not enough. Not for materials meant for learning.
You must use visuals to help the learner take the information in.  Your mission is to communicate learning through the use of visual language. It is what separates the successes from the failures, the good from the mediocre and the engaging form the dull and boring.

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Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Seven Meta-trends and the Future of Learning

After over ten years of documented empirical research, we know what works and what is important for learning using emerging technologies. For the past several years consistent meta-trends have emerged that challenge all of us the in profession as we go forward. These challenges include; evolving approaches to communication between humans and machines, the collective sharing and generation of knowledge, computing in three dimensions, connecting people via the network, games as pedogological platforms, virtual worlds, the shifting of content production to users, and the evolution of ubiquitous learning platforms. The New Media Consortium believes that these and others will influence "a sustained interest and continued belief that these pathways of innovation and technological evolution will affect the long-term practice of teaching, learning and creative expression." This presentation looks at the seven meta-trends presented from the synthesis of fifteen e-Learning reports produced by both the private and government sector. All these reports agree that a paradigm shift in the way we view and deliver education will occur and perceptions of learning will undergo radical change.

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