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Instructional Technology Management
Lunchtime Learning Sessions

xAPI and Learning
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
12 noon – 1pm

Presented by: Neil Lasher, Senior Instructional Designer, FireEye, Inc.

If you're spending time and money on learning, you've probably wondered: Is anyone out there learning?  The answer to this question may come as a shock.  The same question has been posed in advertising, similar to learning, as there is a small amount of time to deliver information so it is remembered.

Cited in The Journal of Advertising Research, (we wish there was a learning equivalent) is one estimate that there are 200,000 such messages delivered to every individual each year. That's 560 messages each and every day.  Formally, socially, subliminally.

Of those, the average person will only notice 76.

Of the 76 they will only remember 12 and of the 12, 3 will be remembered negatively.

From 560 to 76 to 12 to 9, there is an attrition rate of 98%.

Sobering thought that we are probably seeing the same in conventional eLearning.

If you are having questions about anyone listening to your learning and would like to track exactly what is going on or if you would like to understand the analytics to make better learning and increase the retention rates, then xAPI could be your answer.

  • Will xAPI help you in your organization?
  • Does the concept of having all this data really excite you?
  • Are you scared like many others that this will be an extra burden you cannot handle?
  • How will data of this nature turn your learning into something world-class? How can you embed such data into your courseware?
  • Once you have it what can you do with it?
  • Could you measure behavior?

Answers to these and many more will be covered in this action packed lunchtime webinar on xAPI delivered by Neil Lasher.

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About Neil Lasher:

Nicole Bunselmeyer Neil Lasher is a pioneer of both eLearning and mLearning and a very experienced training designer and facilitator with a 25-year track record.

Neil sits on the advisory board of UK's Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) and In the International Think Tank. For over 25 years Neil has assisted hundreds of companies of all sizes with their learning design and strategy.  In 2012, Neil worked for the Organising Committee of the London 2012 Olympics (LOCOG) helping to roll out 1 million hours of learning to 200,000 contractors and volunteers.

A recognized expert and thought leader in instructional design and workplace analytics for learning using xAPI, Neil can always be found testing new ideas and working with those on the cutting edge of both technology and learning.

Recently, Neil has taken on an exciting role as Senior Instructional Designer, with a growing team of highly skilled and technical learning experts delivering world-class learning to staff and partners at FireEye Inc., headquartered in Silicon Valley and ranked fourth on the Deloitte 2012 Technology Fast 500™.

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