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Public Health Nursing/Master of Public Health (MSN/MPH)

This dual degree track prepares public health nurses to meet health needs of diverse populations through community assessment, program planning, and policy development and with opportunities for knowledge and skill development to solve public health problems, with particular emphasis on health disparities in urban communities. The strategies of consumer advocacy and resource utilization are important components of the track. Graduates are prepared to integrate the fields of nursing, community development, politics, administration, education, public policy, epidemiology, sociology, and research in urban as well as rural settings.

This track requires a total of 512 clinical hours. The clinical experiences are in NUR 655 and NUR 656.

Core Courses
PHLT 520 Environmental Health and Program Design
NUR 604 Research for Evidence-Based Practice I
NUR 605 Research for Evidence-Based Practice II
NUR 607 Advanced Nursing Roles in Health Care
NUR 608 Advanced Nursing Practice for Population-Based Care
PHLT 704 Statistics and Biostatistics
PHLT 705 Social and Behavioral Sciences

Advanced Core Courses
PHLT 500 The Ethical Basis of the Practice of Public Health
PHLT 530 Health Care Administration
PHLT 540 Introduction to Public Health
NUR 610 Nursing and Health Education OR PHLT 512 Informatics
NUR/PHLT 635 Health Policy and Program Planning and Evaluation
NUR/PHLT 637 Epidemiology
PHLT 696 Grant Writing Seminar

Public Health Nursing/MPH Track Courses
NUR 650 Public Health Nursing I
NUR 651 Public Health Nursing II
NUR 655 Field Study I (256 clinical practicum hours)
NUR 656 Field Study II (256 clinical practicum hours)
PHLT 752 Public Health Capstone I
PHLT 753 Public Health Capstone II    

Course Credits
Public Health Nursing Track (PHN)
Course Number Credits Track
PHLT 520 3 Credits Core
NUR 604 3 Credits Core
NUR 605 3 Credits Core
NUR 607 3 Credits Core
NUR 608 3 Credits Core
PHLT 704 3 Credits Core
PHLT 705 3 Credits Core
PHLT 500 3 Credits Advanced Core
PHLT 530 3 Credits Advanced Core
PHLT 540 3 Credits Advanced Core
NUR 610 *OR* 3 Credits Advanced Core
PHLT 512 3 Credits Advanced Core
NUR/PHLT 635 3 Credits Advanced Core
NUR/PHLT 637 3 Credits Advanced Core
PHLT 696 3 Credits Advanced Core
NUR 650 3 Credits MSN/MPH Track
NUR 651 3 Credits MSN/MPH Track
NUR 655 4 Credits MSN/MPH Track
NUR 656 4 Credits MSN/MPH Track
PHLT 752 3 credits MSN/MPH Track
PHLT 753 3 credits MSN/MPH Track

Total 62 Credits

For a complete list of MSN Course Descriptions, please go to the Online Graduate Catalog.

For general program information, admission requirements or application status, please contact the MSN Graduate Admission Counselor, Michelle Conaboy at

For advising, clinical or course-specific information, or registration, please contact the MSN office at

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