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Founder’s Studies
Example: Katherine Drexel

  • THD800 Readings In Founder’s Studies, 1: The Drexel Family in Philadelphia
    • Family; religion in Philadelphia; the experience of Catholicism
  • THD802 Readings in Founder’s Studies, 2: The Person and Vocation of Katherine Drexel
    • From family to religious life; significant influences; controversies; writings
  • THD804 Readings in Founder’s Studies, 3: Religious Women in the United States
    • History and ministries
  • THD806 Readings in Founder’s Studies, 4: Black Catholics in the United States and the Mission of Katherine
  • THD808 Readings in Founder’s Studies, 5: Native American Catholics and the Mission of Katherine
  • THD810 Readings in Founder’s Studies, 6: Vatican II, the Renewal of Religious Life and Mission
  • THD812 Readings in Founder’s Studies, 7: Sponsorship, Collaboration, and Mission Effectiveness for Religious Institutions
  • THD814 Readings in Founder’s Studies, 8: Current Challenges and Opportunities for the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament

Catholic Studies

  • THD820 Readings in Catholic Studies, 1: The American Catholic Experience
  • THD822 Readings in Catholic Studies, 2: Contemporary Catholic Theology – Vatican II to 21st Century
  • THD824 Readings in Catholic Studies, 3: American Catholic Authors, Artists and Musicians
  • THD826 Readings in Catholic Studies, 4: European Catholic Authors, Artists and Musicians
  • THD828 Readings in Catholic Studies, 5: Social Justice in the Catholic Tradition
  • THD830 Readings in Catholic Studies, 6: American Bishops on Peace, Economic Justice, etc.
  • THD832 Readings in Catholic Studies, 7: Catholic Spirituality
  • THD834 Readings in Catholic Studies, 8: The Latino/a American Experience

Christian Spirituality

  • THD840 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 1: Biblical Spirituality
  • THD842 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 2: The Early Western Church
  • THD844 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 3: The Early Eastern Church
  • THD846 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 4: The Medieval Experience of Women
  • THD848 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 5: The Reformed Tradition
  • THD850 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 6: Mystics: Ancient and New
  • THD852 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 7: Specific Study - Dorothy Day
  • THD854 Readings in Christian Spirituality, 8: Specific Study - Thea Bowman

Church Ministry
Example: Religious Education

  • THD860 Readings in Church Ministry, 1: Philosophy and Theology of Religious Education
  • THD862 Readings in Church Ministry, 2: Structure, Theory and Practice of RCIA
  • THD864 Readings in Church Ministry, 3: Catechesis for Reconciliation and Eucharist for Children
  • THD866 Readings in Church Ministry, 4: Catechesis for Confirmation
  • THD868 Readings in Church Ministry, 5: Formation for Christian Marriage
  • THD870 Readings in Church Ministry, 6: Adult Faith Formation
  • THD872 Readings in Church Ministry, 7: Religious Education for Special Needs Students
  • THD874 Readings in Church Ministry, 8: Alternative Systems for Religious Education

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