Unique Integration

There are going to be those times (and plenty of them!) when you just have to put the school work behind you and get out. Well, you don't have to go far to get away. You're already there. Philadelphia, one of the country's most dynamic and energetic cities, is ready to welcome you.

What's your pleasure? Are you a history buff, sports fanatic, serious shopper, or concert goer? Philly is filled with tons of so many great museums, restaurants, historical sites, major sports events, theaters, and cultural events. Independence Hall . . . the brand new Constitution Center and Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles . . . The Art Museum . . . Philadelphia Zoo ...Avenue of the Arts . . . there is just so much you and your friends will want to explore and experience. You'll also want to do a little exploration on your own and discover a hidden-away restaurant that serves the best cheese steak or a really cool place to hear music.

Just beyond Philly's bright lights and busy city streets are other exciting places you'll want to check out like Valley Forge, Lancaster, and the Pocono Mountains.

You're bored? There's nothing to do? We don't think so!