Reasons to Believe

Dear members of the Guidance Community,

Thank you for visiting La Salle University’s Honors Program website.  

Portions of our roles are similar:  it is our responsibility to identify students of high ability, to be as specific as we are able about what we mean by this designation, and then to search for matches between a student’s intellectual gifts and personality and a program and institutional setting that both challenges and nurtures the human development of those who elect us as stewards for a short part of their lives.

I want you to know that we, like you, take our responsibilities very seriously.  La Salle’s Honors Program is a rigorous, cross-disciplinary alternative to the University’s general education requirements.  Students take fourteen inter-disciplinary seminars based on the give and take of a colloquy, led by our very best faculty.  Those who teach in our Honors Program must be invited to do so; department chairs may not assign faculty to Honors as part of their normal teaching schedule.

There is considerable ‘individualizing” within our program:  the majority of our students double major or double minor, study abroad, do significant community service, and are often leaders of campus organizations.  Students receive special mentoring to prepare applications for post-graduate grants such as the Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright scholarships.  Since the launch of the Honors Program in the early 1960s, La Salle Honors has “produced” nearly 60 Fulbright winners.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  I wish you well in helping your students discern the paths that will take them to the next stage of development and, above all, to places that will allow them to lead lives of dignity and social responsibility.

Michael J. McGinniss, FSC
Director, University Honors Program