Unparalleled Teaching

Honors students benefit from the intimacy of a small program while taking advantage of the diversity of academic, social, and service opportunities offered by the larger La Salle community and the Philadelphia region. Students with interests in international travel can take advantage of Travel Study courses, service projects in Africa and Central America, and Study Abroad.

In their first year, Honors students participate in a true learning community, taking 60% of their courses with other Honors Students, living together in St Basil’s (the newest dorm on campus), and exploring the city of Philadelphia and its cultural offerings through Honors Labs, off campus enrichment trips to cultural landmarks and events.

Upperclassmen continue taking courses in the Honors Program while moving further into their major course of study. While Honors upperclassmen are not required to live together, many of them choose to do so, having formed close relationships during their first year.

Honors students are involved in numerous activities, both in the program and in the wider campus sphere, including:

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