Unique Integration

You may be the kind of person who knows exactly what career path you want to take with your education. Maybe you're more into the exploring mode before committing yourself to a specific major. Set your own direction at La Salle.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum that includes a liberal education in both general and specialized studies. So whether you're preparing yourself for graduate study or building the foundation for a professional career, we're ready to help you take that next step.

Please, don't push the panic button if you haven't decided on a major! One of our advisors will sit down with you and together, explore what your interests are or identify your strengths and suggest different fields of study that may be perfect for you. Be sure to also ask about our Academic and Career Exploration Program, designed for students who are undecided about a major.

Here are the academic programs offered at La Salle:



school of business

special minors