Unique Integration

La Salle’s Honors Program grounds itself in the Christian Brothers’ tradition of education—a tradition that takes seriously the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical development of the individual in the context of an academic community.  We embrace the teachings of the Brothers’ founder, St. Jean-Baptist de La Salle, in that we believe that education shouldn’t begin with assumptions about what education is, but instead develops out of particular contexts. In other words, we believe that education  should  enable students to best serve the needs of their particular communities. Whether a student is in nursing, business, or arts and sciences, the Honors program complements and builds upon the education students are receiving in their major areas of study.

We take seriously the ethical and spiritual sides of life, promoting exploration of the relationship between one’s self and one’s community inside and outside of the classroom. Through small, discussion-based classes, students explore the richness of the western intellectual tradition while also engaging with new ways in which to study and understand a diverse, interconnected world.

In their first year, students enter into a learning community, living together as they take the Freshman Triple—linked courses in history, literature, and  philosophy. Upperclassmen build on this foundational  liberal arts education  through  interdisciplinary electives and the honors project, a research project of the student’s own design.

We also encourage students and faculty to travel beyond the campus in their educational endeavors: students in the freshman triple explore the educational and cultural offerings of Philadelphia through the weekly labs while upperclassmen explore the world through travel study courses and study abroad.