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By Susan Casillo, ’15

Susan CasilloAs one of the many great aspects of the 50th anniversary of the Honors Program, the Academic Affairs Committee is proud to say that we will be publishing our first-ever academic journal! This journal will consist of a series of works created by our very own upperclassmen Honors students, with varying interesting topics by students of different majors. This will certainly prove to be a stellar opportunity for our Honors students to display their hard work and academic efforts; conducting research, rifling through myriad scholarly sources, and forming unique conclusions are all great undertakings that we cannot wait to celebrate through the publication of this journal. We hope that this collection of scholarly works will blossom into a yearly posting of high-merit works by our students. Copies of this journal, recently named The Honors Annual, will be available in the Honors Center for both students and faculty members to read once it is published.



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