La Salle University Mission


La Salle University, dedicated in the traditions of the Christian Brothers to excellence in teaching and to concern for both ultimate values and for the individual values of its students, is a private Roman Catholic University committed to providing a liberal education of both general and specialized studies.

As a Catholic university, La Salle strives to offer, through effective teaching, quality education founded on the idea that one’s intellectual and spiritual development go hand in hand, complementing and fulfilling each other. The University has, as its basic purpose, the free search for truth by teaching its students the basic skills, knowledge, and values that they will need for a life of human dignity. The programs of the University also aim at preparing students for informed service and progressive leadership in their communities and to fulfilling the immediate and final goals of their lives.

As a Christian Brothers University, La Salle continues in the Catholic traditions of the innovative educator John Baptist de La Salle, who founded the order. The University engages in programs in which students’ personal, social and religious values may take root and in which students may grow in mature attitudes and behavior in all human relationships. The University strives to foster an environment of faith which produces a reciprocal respect among all persons in the community and to establish an atmosphere in which community members may openly bear witness to their convictions on world peace and social justice.

As a private University, La Salle strives to determine its own policies, thus providing the option of private higher education in an area increasingly dominated by large public institutions.

As an undergraduate institution, La Salle is committed to a liberal arts education which assists students in liberating themselves from narrow interests, prejudices, and perspectives, and in learning to observe reality with precision, to judge events and opinions critically and independently, to think logically, to communicate effectively, and to sharpen aesthetic perception. Students are encouraged to seek wisdom; that is, to grasp those basic principles which can give order to particular facts. The University urges students to confront the ultimate questions of human experience: who am I? where does my destiny lie? how am I to reach it?

As a graduate institution, La Salle strives to support the career aspirations of students and meet the needs of society. Graduate education at La Salle emphasizes the students’ ability to apply universals and specifics to actual situations, to distinguish relationships, to analyze critically, to rearrange component ideas into new wholes and to make judgments based on external criteria.

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