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Date Posted: October 23, 2012

Taken from the renowned Cambridge Companions series of authoritative guides, written by leading experts in the field and used by students, scholars and non-specialists for twenty years.
Covers literature, philosophy, religion, classics and cultural studies, ensuring a complete reference for all those working in the humanities.
Currently includes more than 220 titles, from Shakespeare to Hegel, Coleridge to Reformation Theology, Greek & Roman Philosophy to Virgil.

Offering 2,000 essays, fully searchable by author, title, topic or theme.
Save searches, bookmark your favourite essays and create student-friendly reading lists.

PDF format for easy downloading, printing and saving (including PDF hit highlighting).

Search by Boolean, proximity, stemming or using the full text.
Updated continuously with new essays and bibliographies, taken from the book series as soon as they become available.

Supported by reference features including:
Chronologies, helping students to place events in their historical and cultural context.
Extensive bibliographies, assisting complete essay referencing.
Guides to further reading, enabling students to explore key ideas in greater depth.

Please note that all the separate titles in this collection will also be in the library’s catalog.

For more information, click here.

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