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Date Posted: October 26, 2012
  • Learn the complete background and history of a company
  • Research merger and acquisition activity over time
  • Determine the impact of particular sales and marketing campaigns
  • Ascertain the effectiveness of executive leadership

The Connelly Library provides access to fact-filled three– to five-page entries on more than 8,500 of the world’s largest and most influential companies.
Each history contains facts from popular magazines, academic periodicals, books, annual re-ports, archives of the companies, and more such as statistics, dates, and names of key players.

Special Features include:

  • Company Perspectives box which provides a short summary of the company’s mission, goals, and ideals
  • Key Dates box highlighting milestones in the company’s history
  • Principal Subsidiaries
  • Principal Divisions
  • Principal Operating Units
  • Principal Competitors
  • Further Reading

Companies are updated based on current events, corporate milestones, and input from users. Log on 24/7 here.

“An invaluable tool for quick reference on company back-grounds.”
—(ARBA) Ameri-can Reference Books Annual

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