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Date Posted: October 26, 2012

The 9th through the 17th editions of the Mental Measurements Yearbooks are online for LaSalle faculty and students. Recognized worldwide as an essential re-source on tests and testing, the Mental Measurements Yearbook series contains the most recent descriptive information and critical reviews of new and revised tests from the Buros Institute. The data-base covers more than 2,200 commercially-available tests in categories such as personality, developmental, behavioral assessment, neuropsychological, achievement, intelligence and aptitude, educational, speech & hearing, and sensory motor. In addition to test reviews, descriptions of the purpose, target population, ad-ministration, scores, price, author, and publisher for all listed tests are provided. Reviews are written by highly qualified professionals with expertise in a range of disciplines. Test en-tries are cross-referenced and indexed by title, subject, name, acronym, and score. An updated directory of test publishers is also included.

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