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Date Posted: October 26, 2012
  1. Never Write a Bibliography Again—Use RefWorks, a web-based bibliographic management service which allows users to create a personal citation database by importing references from text files or online data-bases.
  2. It’s Everywhere You Are—RefWorks users may access your files anywhere at any time with any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), and even on mobile inter-faces for smart phones, PDAs, and RefMobile.
  3. One-Click Export from Hundreds of Databases—Direct exports expedite the process of gathering information from more than 300 sources such as Pro-Quest, EBSCOhost, FirstSearch, and LexisNexis.
  4. Easy Webpage Citations—RefGrab-It retrieves and imports web page bibliographic information with just a few clicks.
  5. Bye-Bye Bulky Handbooks—RefWorks incorporates online style guides within the program. The special AccuCite feature allows users to pick a potential out-put style when entering or editing references and then prompts for the required fields.
  6. Free Training for Everyone—Reference librarians will help you get started at the Information Desk or over the phone (215-951-1287). Webinars, from basic to advanced, will help you take full advantage of the many features included in RefWorks.
  7. Something for Everyone—Undergraduates can simply generate a bibliography. Post-docs and professionals can collect, store, organize, share, and publish decades of research. Users learn it in their student days and then continue to use the database and tool throughout the course of their careers.
  8. No Update Hassles—New features, enhancements, and upgrades are instantly available to all users. New editions of style guides are promptly loaded to bring your bibliographies up to date.
  9. Collaboration Made Simple—RefShare allows users to share references, notes, and attachments with anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of whether or not they subscribe to RefWorks.
  10. How Does Forever Sound?—Build a personal database of research information while studying at LaSalle and keep the Ref-Works service perpetually as you move through your career.

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