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New Resources » Datamonitor 360 is now MarketLine Advantage!

Date Posted: May 2, 2013

One of our most popular business databases has a new name, a new look and some new features.  Datamonitor 360 is now MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine Advantage offers a comprehensive and unique collection of company, industry, financial, and country information extending across every major marketplace worldwide. MarketLine Advantage gives you access to our new Case Studies, which offer concise evaluations of the latest innovative company strategies to help you quickly and easily understand what makes them successful. Includes macroeconomic data, strategic company information, highly advanced search functionality and navigational aids.  Also includes (under Databases):

  • Country Statistics: Provides macro/socio-economic and demographic data for 215 countries worldwide; both historically and forecasted.
  • Market Data Analytics: Comprehensive market data covering nearly 50 countries, over 30 market sectors, and approximately 150 categories, helping you to understand the retail sales dynamics of your markets.

Here is a video to get you started (just remember that you access MarketLine from our homepage – not the way you see in the video)

And a userguide too!


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