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Date Posted: January 23, 2017

We have a trial (through March 6, 2017) of Security Management Practices (from Faulkner Information Services)

Insightful, real-world reports for meeting today’s complex security and business continuity challenges.

The BEST intelligence resource on the Web for Security Executives – critical IT, legal, financial, and physical security information. An invaluable resource tool, for students and instructors in enterprise security courses of study.

A dozen new reports every month covering topics like deploying network security appliances, using biometric technologies for network and physical security, managing organizational risk, planning for disruptions, securing the enterprise network and so much more.  Please choose Security Management Practices from the database list

PLUS access to all archived reports and a weekly digest to keep you on top of security industry-related news.

Discover the BEST ways to:

  • Safeguard against computer hacking
  • Implement realistic business continuity plans
  • Develop comprehensive risk management strategies
  • Protect your organization and your employees against intrusion, surveillance, physical harm, or other interferences
  • Isolate and assess security breaches and move quickly to restore operations

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