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Date Posted: February 8, 2017


There have been problems with access to ScienceDirect (Elsevier) journals from off-campus. If you go through Summon or PsycInfo or PubMed or any database that uses our Article Locator you may be asked to pay for access to the article.  This problem is being investigated – it is a worldwide problem and not just affecting La Salle University.

Now for the workaround. If this problem happens you can get the article using the E-Journal portal.  This video shows how to use the E-Journal Portal. Or see the instructions below

Note down the bibliographic information for the article – that is the title, author, journal, volume number, date and pages.


Then go to the E-Journal portal


And type in the JOURNAL title (not the article title)


When you get the results, choose the Science Direct link


You will be sent to the journal homepage, choose the correct volume and issue (or date)


Then scroll down to find the article and click on the PDFsciencedirect6

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