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In today’s high-performance work environment, emerging technology has become the foundation of our business. We understand that you need to implement the right integrated information and compliance solutions into your work for continued success.

CCH is at the forefront of innovation, and we are investing in your future to ensure that IntelliConnect® is evolving with you, as your professional demands change. We are continually striving to improve your research experience on IntelliConnect through enhancements to the platform, based on valuable customer feedback.

We have added great new features to IntelliConnect that will continue to help you streamline your workday and give you more of what you need to build a long-term, competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. The latest IntelliConnect enhancements include:

“Relate” Buttons

Easily access the appropriate related content by linking directly from documents to additional information such as Internal Revenue Code, CCH Explanations, regulations and more.

Browse Tree and My Favorites Now on Home Page

Save time by immediately accessing content from the Browse Tree and Favorites directly from the homepage.

Select Filters Open Automatically

Our intuitive filters automatically open after a search, providing you access to the content you are looking for faster than ever before.

Print Selected Text

Print any portion of a document, in just one easy step.

Titles A-Z
View a searchable, alphabetical list of all the publications you subscribe to.

Search Selected Practice Areas

Access Practice Areas to tailor the content you search directly from the Browse Tree.  Searches within a particular Practice Area can now be done directly from the search bar, too.

Increased Font Size of the Browse Tree

Clearly see the information you need with the larger default font size. You can increase the display even more if you choose.

Search Tabs Expanded to Eight

Become more efficient by simultaneously conducting up to eight different searches. You can now close all eight tab searches at once now, too!

Tax Tracker News Improved

Tax Tracker News emails have been redesigned to increase readability and ease of use for subscribers.

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