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Legal EU, Commonwealth, and Foreign Nations


A collection of legislation, treaties, cases, etc. from a number of countries. Specific sources include:

  • Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory Case Law
  • Butterworths South African Constitutional Law Reports
  • Commonwealth and Irish Cases, Combined – Full Text Only
  • EUR-Lex EU Law Database: Legislation
  • EUR-Lex EU Law Database: National Provisions Implementing Directives
  • EUR-Lex EU Law Database: Parliamentary Questions
  • EUR-Lex EU Law Database: Preparatory Acts
  • EUR-Lex EU Law Database: Treaties
  • EUR-Lex European Union Cases
  • Gatt Panel and World Trade Decisions
  • Hong Kong Cases
  • Hong Kong Public Law Reports
  • International Legal Materials
  • Irish Reported and Unreported Cases
  • New Zealand Cases
  • Northern Ireland Reported and Unreported Cases
  • Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Cases
  • U.S. Treaties in Force
  • U.S. Treaties on LEXIS
  • UK Cases, Combined Courts

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