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The availability of timely, accurate, and useful information is a key factor in economic competitiveness and survival and for day to day decision-making regardless of whether you are a business, non-profit organization or a governmental entity. If you are formulating a marketing plan, relocating or starting a business, developing a customer profile, working on a public policy initiative or just want a demographic figure, The Pennsylvania State Data Center has the information you need.

The Pennsylvania State Data Center serves as Pennsylvania’s official source of population and economic statistics. In addition to acting as Pennsylvania’s liaison to the Census Bureau, the PaSDC is the state’s representative to the Federal-State Cooperative Programs for Population Estimates and for Population Projections.

The PaSDC was established in 1981 by executive order of the governor. It is housed within the Institute of State and Regional Affairsat Penn State Harrisburg.

Each year, the PaSDC serves businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals, answering more than 15,000 requests for information.

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