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How do I find books, periodicals or other materials which Connelly Library owns?


The Connelly Library Catalog lists all books owned by the library. Various ways to search the Catalog include:

Begin searches on a topic by using:

Detailed instructions are available on the catalog screen.

Audio-Visual Materials

Conduct a search as you would for books, then limit your search by selecting the “Limit this Search” (for Title, Author or Keyword) or “Modify Search” (for Keyword). Select “F>AUDIO VISUAL LOWER LEVEL” from the “WHERE the item is located” dropdown box.


The term “periodical” is used in libraries to refer to journal, magazine, or newspaper publications. Connelly Library subscribes to over 1600 periodicals on a wide range of subjects. These periodicals may be available in print, microfilm, or online. The library catalog will tell you which format the periodical you are looking for appears in. Please note: sometimes a periodical is available in more than one format.
A quick way to find out if we subscribe to a periodical is to look for Article Locator@La Salle or this icon . This service can help you locate whether we subscribe to a periodical in any format. It will show up only in databases to which the Library subscribes.

As a La Salle student, you can look to 2 resources for periodicals. The first, Connelly Library’s catalog, will let you know which periodicals the library subscribes to. It includes those available in Connelly Library and those available electronically. The second resources for periodicals is Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe which includes a source list available through that resource.

The first place to check for periodicals is the Library Catalog.

When searching for periodicals, always look for the full title of the periodical. For example, do not search for “J of Am. Hist.” but for “Journal of American History.”

If the title is available full text, a link will be on the record. Click on the link to be connected. In some cases, the link to the electronic version will be on the same record as the print version, in other cases, there will be a separate record called [Computer File].

The titles available through Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe are not available through the catalog. However, Lexis-Nexis provides a source list which you can search. If it is available, you will be given the choice of finding out about the title or searching the periodical. Please note that pictures and graphics are not available through Lexis-Nexis.

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