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Where can I study?

The library has study tables and individual study carrels located on each floor. 

The first floor of the Connelly Library is not a designated quiet study floor. 

Study and Meeting Space

There is available seating and study space on each floor of the
library as well as group study rooms available for checkout on the
first, second, and third floors.

The library currently has fifteen rooms available for checkout by
students, faculty, and staff for group meeting and group study use. 
Twelve of the group study rooms can accommodate up to four people, two
seminar rooms can accommodate up to five people, and one seminar room
can accommodate up to 10 people.  Rooms are available for two hour
checkout and may be renewed at the Circulation Desk.  Rooms are
available on a first-come first-serve basis.  Room checkout is
restricted to two or more people.  When you come to the Circulation Desk
to check out a room, make sure at least one other member of your study
group is present.  At least two people must present their La Salle ID
card.  One person will check out the room on their library account.  At
least two people must sign in on the room checkout binder at the
Circulation Desk.

Individual seating at tables and study carrels is available
throughout the building on each floor.  The first floor of the library
is not considered a quiet study floor and tables are available for group
meetings, tutoring, and discussion.  The library’s third floor is a
designated quiet study space.  Cell phone use and conversation should be
kept at a minimum on the third floor.

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