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What does Article Locator@La Salle do?

Article Locator graphicArticle Locator is intended to help you locate whether La Salle University Library has a subscription to an article which you have found by using an index. If the article is available fulltext online, a link to either the article or the journal is provided. If not available online, you can click on a link to find out if La Salle University library has the article in print. If La Salle University Library does not have the article, you have the option to request an Interlibrary Loan. Learn More…



What are Internet resources?

Internet resources are vast collections of interconnected networks. Internet resources include the WWW (World Wide Web), User groups, E-mail, and so much more. Since there are no restrictions for who publishes on the Internet, proceed with caution when incorporating these resources into your research papers. The Internet is full of all kinds of information, both good and bad. Use the CARDS method to help you determine the validity of the Internet resource. Learn More…


Plagiarism and Copyright

What Constitutes Plagiarism?

“Believe it or not….. Changing the words of an original source is not sufficient to prevent plagiarism. If you have retained the essential idea of an original source, and have not cited it, then no matter how drastically you may have altered its context or presentation, you have still plagiarized. ”


Scholarly authors generously acknowledge their debts to predecessors by carefully giving credit to each source. Whenever one draws on another’s work, one must specify what has been borrowed – whether facts, opinions, or quotations – and its source. Using another person’s ideas or expressions in writing without acknowledging the source constitutes plagiarism. Derived from the Latin plagiarius (“kidnapper”), plagiarism refers to a form of intellectual theft. In short, to plagiarize is to give the impression that the author wrote or thought something that in fact was borrowed from someone else, and to do so is a violation of professional ethics. (Joseph Gibaldi, MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing. 2nd ed., New York: MLA, 1998: 151). See the library’s “Plagiarism and Copyright” page.


Style Guides

Because there is no one standard citation style at La Salle:


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