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To find articles in periodicals, you need to use a periodical index. Most indexes are available electronically and are commonly referred to as databases. The library subscribes to many of these databases.

A periodical index contains records which describe the articles which appear in periodicals. In some cases, these records, which are called citations, have the full text of the article attached. In other cases, only the citation (and frequently an abstract) are available. In these cases, you need to refer to the library catalog to see if the Connelly Library carries the periodical either in print or in online form.

A quick way to find out if we subscribe to a periodical is to look for Article Locator@La Salle or this icon Article Locator. This service can help you locate whether we subscribe to a periodical in any format. It will show up only in databases to which the Library subscribes. Click here to find out more about Article Locator.

A good place to start general research for periodical articles is by using ProQuest which covers most topics to some extent. ProQuest also has the full text of many citations available. If the full text is not available on ProQuest, check the Connelly Library Catalog to see if the periodical is available in print.

Frequently, you will need to use a specialized subject periodical index to get the in-depth coverage of periodical literature required for a research paper. If you look at the LibGuides page, you will find links to these indexes divided by topic. Be aware that most of these indexes do not have the full text available. You will need to use the catalog to locate the print or online versions of the periodical.

Newspaper Articles

New York Times: We have the entire run of the New York Times (1851-present) available electronically. It can be searched in two different databases, both using the ProQuest software:

New York Times Historical: 1851-1999: This database offers fully searchable full-text and full-image articles for The New York Times dating back to the 1851and covering up to 1999. The file will continue to grow as recent years are added. The database includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue–cover to cover–in downloadable PDF® files.

New York Times Current: The last five years of the full text of the New York Times is available from ProQuest. In addition the New York Times is available from 1980 onwards on Lexis Nexis Academic.

Other full text ProQuest Newspapers:

Wall Street Journal: the full text of the Wall Street Journal 1984-current can be found only through ProQuest.

Washington Post: the full 1987-currnet can be found on ProQuest

Christian Science Monitor: the full text is available 1988-current on ProQuest

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe has the full text of many newspapers from around the world, including the New York Times from 1980 to the present; however, it does not cover the Wall Street Journal, although it does include citations and abstracts for these papers. See below for instructions on searching these two titles.

To search many different newspapers at once in Lexis-Nexis, access the database and search under News. Then select the type of newspaper you are looking for: General News, U.S. News (which searches by region), World News (in English), and Foreign Language News.

To search a particular title in Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, choose their source list and type in the desired title. Then choose Search this Title” and put in the terms you wish to search.

The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News are available through Newsbank: America’s Newspapers. This database is a Fully searchable database covering 581 United States newspapers, including the fulltext of both the Philadelphia Inquirer (1981-current) and the Philadelphia Daily News (1978- current)

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