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Gabriel is the World Wide Web service of Europe’s National Libraries represented in the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL). In Gabriel you can find information about all the National Libraries of Europe, their services and the online exhibitions they offer.

Search Engines

Directories (See also Subject Directories)

Subject Directories

These Directories differ from the Directories listed above because the sites listed have all be examined and chosen by knowledgeable people. If you are searching for reliable sites on a broad subject, it is better to choose these directories.

see also Connelly Library Explorer

You can easily identify and connect to quality web sites by using La Salle University Library’s own catalog: The Connelly Explorer. The Systems Librarian has located useful Web sites and created a catalog record with a link to the actual Web site itself. The Web site is fully described and assigned standard Library of Congress Subject Headings just as is done for books. A list of these sites can be obtained by typing computer network resources as the subject heading.

Metasearch Engines

Allow you to search a number of databases at once.

The Deep Web

Archived Websites

The Wayback Machine is a front end to the Internet Archive’s collection of public web pages. The Wayback Machine provides access to this data by URLs. It is not text searchable, the user needs to know the exact URL of a particular web page.

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