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The Connelly Library provides a variety of instructional services to La Salle University undergraduate and graduate students. Instruction may include any of the following:

Classroom instruction should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance to ensure the use of the Library classroom and allow time for dialogue between faculty and teaching librarians.

To find out more or to schedule a session, please contact Bernetta R. Doane at 215.951.1287 or


Print Reserve

Information for Faculty: Print Reserve

Any library book from the regular circulating collection may be placed on reserve. Any personal copy of a book may be placed on reserve. Reference books and Journals are generally not placed on reserve. Professors may bring in photocopies of specific articles to be placed on reserve and need to bring in as many copies of the article(s) that they would like to make available to their students. The Connelly Library provides access to photocopying equipment but does not provide photocopying services. Material may be placed on reserve anytime during the year. To place an item on reserve please read the information below and complete the reserve form for print material.

Print Reserve Book Form

DVD Reserve Form

For information related to guidelines involved with photocopying please refer to: Copyright Clearance Center

U.S. Code

United States Copyright Office


Electronic Reserve (Information for Faculty)


Processing Time
In the beginning of a semester, material should be submitted two weeks in advance. Processing time depends upon the amount of material we receive. We will make every effort to process all electronic reserve material within one week if submitted during the academic semester.
Login Information/ Passwords
The username and password is the same as the myLaSalle login.
Electronic Reserve materials are available to La Salle University students during the semester a course is taught. At the end of the Semester, all Copyright-protected materials will be removed from electronic reserve.
How to Find E-Reserve Material
E-reserves link directly to the reading from the library catalog and may also be made available for your Blackboard course.

  • Library Electronic Reserve documents appear in the library catalog the same way a traditional reserve item will but will include a hyperlink to an online secure document. Electronic reserve items may be looked up by professor or course.
  • Documents may also be made available in your Canvas course. Please see the “Electronic Reserve through Canvas” section below.


Information for Faculty: Electronic Reserve Copyright Guidelines

Please review the following before submitting an items to be placed on electronic reserve. Materials processed for Electronic Reserve must fall within the guidelines for Fair Use according to Title 17 of the United States Code.

Copyright permission is required for the following:

Copyright permission is NOT required for the following:


Where and How to Submit Electronic Reserve Material

The document that you would like to have placed on electronic reserve should be submitted to the Connelly Library Circulation Desk along with the appropriate form for processing. Material submitted with an incomplete form will not be processed.

Please follow the following general guidelines:


Electronic Reserve in Canvas

If you have used Electronic Reserve in the past or if you are new to Electronic Reserve you have the option to have us add your items to the library catalog (Library Electronic Reserve), Canvas (Canvas Electronic Reserve), or both.

All files authenticate using a myLaSalle login. If you use Library Electronic Reserve (through the library catalog), students will still be prompted to enter their credentials before viewing content. Canvas Electronic Reserve requires no additional authentication once the student is logged in to your class.

How it Works:

  1. Fill Out the Electronic Reserve form found here:
  2. Remember to check the box indicating that the items listed should also be placed on Canvas.
  3. Either print out the form and bring it to the Circulation Desk or hit the “Submit this Form” button at the bottom of the form.
  4. Log in to Canvas with your mylasalle portal credentials.
  5. Head to the course into which you’d like the reserves placed and click on People in the course navigation menu.
  6. Click on the + People button and enter Christopher Kibler’s email address.
  7. Choose Designer as the role and click on Next.
  8. Click on Add Users to allow Christopher access to the course to add the reserve files.

You will then need to direct students to the files, as they can access them in a number of ways. Depending on your course design, you may want to provide links to the files in Modules, Pages, or Files. If you’d like assistance determining which method best suits your course, please contact any member of the Instructional Design team.

We are also able to copy any documents to Canvas Electronic Reserve that you currently have on Library Electronic Reserve.


Placing AV Items on Reserve (DVD and VHS)

To place a film on reserve for your class, contact John Mackin in the Circulation Department at 215.951.1292 or e-mail


Scheduling a Classroom

Audiovisual Classroom

The Audio Visual Classroom (Room 021) is located on the lower level of Connelly Library. The room can accommodate approximately 30 students and is equipped with a projector that is hooked up to a DVD player, VCR, and PC. Any faculty needing the room should contact Bernetta Doane at 215-951-1287 or The primary use of the AV Classroom is for Bibliographic Instruction and the librarians have priority for booking the classroom. Our policy is that any reservation is considered tentative until 2 weeks prior to the date scheduled. If the reference librarians need the classroom for Bibliographic Instruction, we will contact you to reschedule your time. Within 2 weeks of your scheduled time, you will not be bumped from your reservation. Our policy does not allow for wholesale booking of the classroom for an entire semester.

Special Collections Reading Room

The Special Collections Reading Room is located on the second floor of Connelly Library. The room can accommodate approximately 15 students and is equipped with a projector that is hooked up to a DVD player, VCR, and Laser Disc player. With limited exceptions for special circumstances (e.g. a class that will be working with materials from one of the Special Collections), our policy does not allow for wholesale booking of the classroom for an entire semester. Questions about Special Collections can be directed to John Baky at 215-951-1285 or

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