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Compiled by John K. McAskill, La Salle University


This bibliography includes citations for reviews and criticism of all known theatrical films, television movies, and television drama series related to the Vietnam War. PDF files with bibliographic citations for individual films or television programs are accessible via the hypertext links in the title list below. This title list includes the original film or television program title with cross references from television series episode titles and foreign language or other title variations on the original title of the work.

For my purposes, the scope of what constitutes a “Vietnam War” film is intentionally broad. I have included in this canon any dramatic film or television program which: (1) describes events in Vietnam preceding or contributing to American involvement; (2) depicts war related events during the period of active American involvement (1961-1975); or (3) shows the continuing effects of the war in Vietnam and elsewhere since 1975. I have included full episode title coverage of television series where a major character is a Vietnam veteran. Though only a few episodes in these series may reference the Vietnam War explicitly, the development of known ‘veteran’ characters may be of interest to Vietnam War studies. For series where only selected episodes mention Vietnam, only the relevant episodes have been listed.

A complimentary “Annotated Bibliography of Vietnam War Film Criticism,” available elsewhere on this site, includes citations to general sources which discuss three or more dramatic films related to Vietnam's wars in the twentieth century. Where these sources have been cited in the specific film review and criticism bibliographies, their publication information has been abbreviated to [GB] i.e. [general bibliography]. Full citations for these works may be retrieved from the annotated general bibliography. This bibliography has been compiled over a period of fifteen years from a variety of sources. It is meant to be exhaustive, but is inevitably limited by the (chiefly American) print and online sources which have been accessible to me.


A.A. P.I. (see Magnum, P.I.)

A & E mystery movie (see Silent witness)

A Baixada dos Dinosauros (see Nudo e selvaggio)

A bout de course (see Running on empty)

A casa degli sposi Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc)

A fond la fac (see Back to school)

A l’appel du front (see Tien tuyen goi)

A la recherche de Mr. Goodbar (see Looking for Mr.Goodbar)

A l’epreuve du feu (see Courage under fire)

A nord, Hanoi (see Phia bac thu do)

A-Phu couple (see Vo chong A Phu)

A scuola con papa (see Back to school)

A-Team (1983-1986) |TV Series|

The A-Team (1/23/83) |retitled Mexican slay ride when
rebroadcast in two parts|
Mexican slay ride (see The A-Team)
The A-Team is coming! The A-Team is coming! (1/21/86) Mind games (11/26/85)
Alive at five (11/7/86) Mission of peace (3/11/86)
Bad time on the border (10/18/83) Moving targets (2/12/85)
Battle of Bel Air (1/10/84) Nice place to visit (5/10/83)
Beast from the belly of a Boeing (5/3/83) One more time (4/12/83)
Bells of St. Mary’s (12/4/84) Only church in town (10/11/83)
Bend in the river (9/25/84) Out-of-towners (3/22/83)
Beneath the surface (3/4/86) Point of no return (11/18/86)
Beverly Hills assault (4/9/85) Pros and cons (2/8/83)
Big squeeze (1/15/85) Pure-Dee poison (1/31/84)
Black day at Bad Rock (2/22/83) Quarterback sneak (10/17/86)
Blood, sweat and cheers (11/19/85) Rabbit who ate Las Vegas (3/1/83)
Body slam (11/12/85) Recipe for heavy bread (9/27/83)
Bounty (4/2/85) Road games (2/5/85)
Breakout! (12/18/84) Road to hope (10/29/85)
Bullets and bikinis (9/18/84) Say it with bullets (1/17/84)
Champ (1/22/85) The say uncle affair (10/31/86)
Children of Jamestown (1/30/83) Semi-friendly persuasion (5/8/84)
Chopping spree (2/14/84) Sheriffs of Rivertown (11/27/84)
Cowboy George (2/11/86) Showdown! (11/20/84)
Crystal skull (11/28/86) Skins (1/29/85)
Cup a’ joe (1/8/85) Small and deadly war (2/15/83)
Curtain call (5/15/84) Sound of thunder (5/13/86)
Deadly maneuvers (2/28/84) Spy who mugged me (12/2/86)
Diamonds ‘n dust (9/20/83) Steel (11/27/83)
Dishpan man (9/26/86) Taxicab wars (11/8/83)
Doctor is out (12/10/85) Theory of revolution (10/24/86)
Double heat (10/23/84) There goes the neighborhood (12/3/85)
Duke of Whispering Pines (2/25/86) There’s always a catch (11/15/83)
Family reunion (11/14/86) Till death do us part (4/19/83)
Fire (10/2/84) Timber (10/16/84)
Firing line (10/10/86) Trial by fire (10/3/86)
Grey team (12/30/86) Trouble brewing (5/7/85)
Harder than it looks (2/21/84) Trouble on wheels (10/30/84)
Heart of rock n’ roll (11/5/85) Trouble with Harry (3/25/86)
Hot styles (12/11/84) Uncle Buckle-Up (12/17/85)
In plane sight (1/3/84) Waiting for Insane Wayne (2/18/86)
Incident at Crystal Lake (5/14/85) Waste ’em (3/5/85)
Island (11/13/84) Water, water, everywhere (11/22/83)
It’s a desert out there (2/7/84) West coast turnaround (4/5/83)
Judgement day (9/24/85) Wheel of fortune (1/14/86)
Knights of the road (2/26/85) When you comin’ back Range Rider? (10/25/83)
Labor pains (11/8/83) Where is the monster when you need him? (10/1/85)
Little town with an accent (5/6/86) White ballot (12/6/83)
Maltese cow (12/13/83) Without reservations (3/8/87)
Members only (1/28/86)

A-Team is coming! (see A-Team)

A un passo dall’inferno (see To the shores of hell)

AWOL (U.S./Sweden, 1972)

A.W.O.L. (1986) (see Simon & Simon)

A.W.O.L. (2006) |Short film|

AWOL (see A.W.O.L.)

Abandoned field – free fire zone (see Canh dong hoang)

Abattoire 5 (see Slaughterhouse-Five)

Abnormal psych (see Stingray)

Abominable snowman (see Picket fences)

Above the law (1988)

Acceptable loses (see Tour of duty)

Accidental hero (see Hero)

Across the universe (USA, 2007)

Ace in the hole (see Renegade)

Aces : Iron eagle III (1992)

Acid mantra, or rebirth of a nation (1968) |Experimental film|

Acorralido (see First blood)

Act five (see Simon & Simon)

Act of piracy (1988)

Action is not missing (Philippines, 1987)

Activist (1969)

Activist (1971) (see Thaddeus: the activist)

Activist : hell no, nobody goes (see Activist (1969))

Adams ribs (see Cover up)

Addio Saigon (see Fly away home)

Adelaide (see Magnum, P.I.)

Adventurers (see Ta mao hsien chia)

Adventures in Indochina (see Aventuriers du Mekong)

Adventures of the Queen (1975) |TV|

Affair in Indochina (see Vu ap phe dong duong)

Affection (see Obich)

Affectionate land of Cu Chi (see Tinh dat Cu Chi)

After the fall of Saigon (Thailand/Hong Kong, 1988)

Afterburner (see China Beach)

Afternoon (2005) |short film|

Aftertaste (see Medium)

Against the wall (3/26/1994) |TV|

The agency (9/27/2001-5/17/2003) |TV Series|

Moo (3/28/2002) Sleeping dogs lie (2/28/2002)

Agent of Year Zero (see Pretender)

Agent Orange (see Barney Miller)

Agent 69 (1977)

The agony of d’feet (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (West Germany, 1972)

Ai xuoi Van Ly (Vietnam, 1997)

Aigle de fer (see Iron eagle)

Aigle de fer III (see Aces: Iron eagle III)

Ain’t gonna get it from me, Jack (see Simon & Simon)

Air America (1990)

Air America (10/1/1998-5/1/1999) |TV Series|

Air Force BAT 21 (see BAT 21)

Air Force one (1997)

The airline stewardesses (see The stewardesses)

Airwolf (1/22/1984-3/29/1986) |TV Series|

Airwolf (premier) (1/22/84) Hawke’s run (2/22/86)
Airwolf II (10/5/85) The horn of plenty (9/28/85)
An American dream (1/12/85) The hunted (10/24/84)
And a child shall lead (10/12/85) Inn at the end of the road (1/26/85)
And they are us (3/31/84) Jennie (11/23/85)
Annie Oakley (11/16/85) Kingdom come (11/2/85)
Birds of paradise (3/29/86) Little Wolf (2/1/86)
Bite of the jackal (2/4/84) Mad over Miami (3/24/84)
Break-in at Santa Paula (3/8/86) Mind of the machine (4/7/84)
Condemned (1/5/85) Moffett’s ghost (10/6/84)
Crossover (10/26/85) Natural born (2/23/85)
Daddy’s gone a hunt’n (1/26/84) Once a hero (11/24/84)
Dambreakers (3/16/85) One way express (1/18/84)
Day of jeopardy (1/25/86) Out of the sky (3/2/85)
Deadly circle (11/30/85) Prisoner of yesterday (2/9/85)
Desperate Monday (2/8/86) Proof through the night (2/11/84)
Discovery (1/18/86) Random target (12/8/84)
Eagles (11/9/85) Santini’s millions (2/2/85)
Echoes from the past (3/3/84) Severance pay (3/23/85)
Eruption (4/6/85) Short walk to freedom (4/13/85)
Fallen angel (11/3/84) Sins of the past (10/27/84)
Fight like a dove (3/10/84) Sweet britches (9/22/84)
Firestorm (9/29/84) Tracks (3/22/86)
Flight #093 is missing (11/17/84) To snare a wolf (4/14/84)
Fortune teller (10/19/85) The truth about Holly (10/13/84)
Girl who fell from the sky (3/15/86) Where have all the children gone? (12/14/85)
HX1 (11/10/84) Wildfire (1/11/86)
Half-pint (12/21/85)

Airwolf (second series) (1/23/1987-8/7/1987) |TV Series|

Blackjack |1| Piece of cake |6|
Code of silence |10| Poppy chain |22|
Death train |7| Puppet master |20|
Escape |2| Rogue warrior |13|
Flowers of the mountain |15| Salvage |4|
Flying home |23| Stavograd (2 parts) |8-9|
Golden one |19| Storm warning |18|
Ground zero |14| Town for hire |3|
Key |16| Welcome to paradise |24|
Malduke |21| Windows |5|
Mime troup |11| X-virus |12|
On the double |17|

Akran (1969) |Experimental film|

Alamo bay (1985)

The albatross (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Alerta! Missiles! (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Alerte a la bombe (see Skyjacked)

Alex de Renzy’s Pretty Peaches 2 (see Pretty Peaches 2)

Alex in wonderland (1970)

Ali (2001)

Alice’s restaurant (1969)

Aliens (1986)

Alive at five (see A-Team)

Alkali, Iowa (1995)

All about E.E.V. (see China Beach)

All about Everett (see Trapper John, M.D.)

All for one (see Magnum, P.I.)

All in the family (1971-1979) |TV Series|

The draft dodger (12/25/76)

All is not fair in love and war (see China Beach)

All my children (1970-1977) |TV Series|

All of me (see Trapper John, M.D.)

All roads lead to Floyd (see Magnum, P.I.)

All that shatters (see Baretta)

All the king’s men (aka)

All the king’s horses (see Trapper John, M.D.)

All thieves on deck (see Magnum, P.I.)

All your favorite games (see Simon & Simon)

Allein (see Con lai moth-minh)

Aller retour (Algeria, 1970)

Allucinazione perversa (see Jacob’s ladder)

Alluvium (see Phu sa)

Almost completely out of circulation (see Simon & Simon)

Almost home (see Magnum, P.I.)

Alone together (see Crisscross)

Alphas, arms, and ambush (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Also for tomorrow (Cho ca ngay mai)

Always good-bye (see China Beach)

Am anh (Vietnam, 1988)

Am 17. Breitengrad (see Tren vi tuyen 17)

Amant (France/Great Britain, 1992)

Amante (see Amant)

Amargo retorno (see Bus Riley’s back in town)

Amazonia, la jungle blanche (see Inferno in diretta)

Ambulances tous risques (see Mother, Jugs and Speed)

Ambush (1992)

America, America, dove vai? (see Medium cool)

Americain bien tranquille (see Quiet American)

American boyfriends (Canada, 1989)

American college (see National Lampoon’s Animal house)

American commandos (1985)

American dream (see Airwolf)

American dreams (9/29/2002- ) |TV Series|

American eagle (1989)

American eagle (1982) (see Deadly encounter)

American gangster (USA, 2007)

American graffiti (1973)

American justice (see Jackals)

American love thing (see Tom)

American nightmares (see Combat shock)

American ninja (1985)

American soldier (see Amerikanische soldat)

American wardog (see Mannigan’s force)

American warrior (see American ninja)

American way (see Riders of the storm)

Americana (1981)

Americano feo (see Ugly American)

Americano impasible (see Quiet American)

Americano tranquillo (see Quiet American)

Amerika (1987) |TV|

Amerikanische soldat (West Germany, 1970)

An den Ufern des Ben Hai (see On the banks of the Ben Hai)

An den Ufern desselben Flusses (see Chung mot dong song)

An Khe (see West wing)

Ancestral altar of an actress (see Ban tho to cua mot co dao)

Ancient echoes (see Simon & Simon)

Ancient eyes (see Stingray)

And a child shall lead them (see Airwolf)

And everything nice (see Raven)

And for loyal and devoted service (see Trapper John, M.D.)

And if they lay us down to rest (see Space : above and beyond)

And Jenny makes three (see Jenny)

And make death proud to take us (see Tour of duty)

And then there was one (see Ironside)

And they are us (see Airwolf)

Andy Warhol’s restaurant (see Nude restaurant)

Angel Hill : l’ultima missione (Italy, 1988)

The angel of destruction (1986) (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Angel of destruction (Philippines, 1994)

Angel of mercy (see Tour of duty; see also Trapper John, M.D.)

Los angeles de Charlie (see Charlie’s angels)

Angels from hell (1968)

Angkor: Cambodia express (Thailand/Italy, 1985)

Gli angli di Charlie (see Charlie’s angels)

The angriest angel (see Space : above and beyond)

Angry age (see Diga sul Pacifico)

Angry breed (1968)

Angst for the memories (see Murphy Brown)

Anh se ve (Vietnam, 1995)

Anh va em (Vietnam, 1986)

Animal house (see National Lampoon’s Animal house)

Aniolki Charliego (see Charlie’s angels)

Annee de tous les dangers (see Year of living dangerously)

Annees de plomb (see Bleierne Zeit)

Anni di piombo (see Bleierne Zeit)

Annie Oakley (see Airwolf)

Annihilators (1985)

The anniversary (2003) |Short film|

Anno del dragone (see Year of the dragon)

Anno vissuto pericolosamente (see Year of living dangerously)

The anonymous birch (Vietnam, 1995?)

Another world (5/4/1964-6/25/1999) |TV Series|

|Various episodes with Vietnam vet character1986-1989|

Any second now (see S.W.A.T.)

Anyni apokalypsi (see Apocalypse now)

Anytime, anywhere (see Stingray)

Ao lua Ha Dong (Vietnam, 2006)

ApocaLexx now (see Lexx)

Apocalypse climax (1995) |Video|

Apocalypse climax II : the final ecstasy (1995) |Video|

Apocalypse domani (see Cannibals in the street)

Apocalypse gore (see Cannibal mercenary)

Apocalypse now (1979)

Apocalypse now redux (2001)

Apocalypse Pooh (Canada, 1987) |Animated| |Short|

Apocalypse – the untold story (see (Soldier’s story)

Apokalipsis cera (see Apocalypse now)

Apostle of death (see Matt Houston)

Appel de la mer (see Bien goi)

Appel de l’ultime offensive (Tieng goi, phia truoc)

Appel du front (see Tien tuyen goi)

Apple-Calypse now (see Barnyard commandos)

Apres-midi de chien (see Dog day afternoon)

Aquila d’acciaio (see Iron eagle)

L’arbalete (France, 1984)

Arbre du souvenir sur le champ de bataille (see Lei chang xiang si shu)

Archibald the rainbow painter (1998)

Area 88 (Japan, 1985) |Animated TV series|

Arena of death (see Cage II: Arena of death)

Arma lethale (see Lethal weapon)

Arme absolue (see Firefox)

Arme fatale (see Lethal weapon)

Armed forces (see Law & order)

Armed response (1986)

Armed servicers (1974)

Armed services (see Armed servicers)

Armes pour repondre (see Armed response)

Arpointeu (S. Korea, 2004)

Arriverderci, baby (see Riptide)

Arrividerci al prossima incontro (see Den hen lai len)

Arrivederci, Vietnam (Italy, 1988)

Arrow that is not aimed (see Magnum, P.I.)

Arrowhead (1995) |Video|

Art for Arthur’s sake (see Simon & Simon)

Arthur Haley’s Hotel (see Hotel)

Arthur’s grandson (see Maude)

Article 99 (1992)

Artilleur et la milicienne (see Duon ve tran dia)

Arundinaceous cane (see Co lau)

Ascenseur pour l’echafaud (France, 1957)

Asche und Glut (see Ashes and embers)

Asesinos por naturaleza (see Natural born killers)

Ashes and embers (1982)

Ashes to ashes and none too soon (see Simon & Simon)

Asphalt warriors (see Arbalete)

Assassin (see Cover up)

Assassini nati (see Natural born killers)

Assassination team (see Wardogs)

Assassino di pietra (see Stone killer)

Assault on paradise (see Maniac!)

Assault platoon (Philippines?, 1992)

Die Asse : Der stahlernen adler (see Aces: Iron eagle III)

At the rear of the combat (see Phia sau cuoc chien)

At the tranquil moments in the jungle (see Noi nui rung yen a)

Atlantis inferno (see Predatori di Atlantide)

Atlantis interceptors (see Predatori di Atlantide)

Attache aux deux rives (see Nguoi doi bo)

Attachement a Cu Chi (see Tinh dat Cu Chi)

Attachment to Cu Chi (see Tinh dat Cu Chi)

Attack i Viet-Nam (see Yank in Viet Nam)

Attack on El Dorado (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Au dix-septieme parallele (see Tren vi tuyen 17)

Au nord de la capitale (see Phia bac thu do)

Au nord, Hanoi (see Phia bac thu do)

Au village (see Que nha)

Augenzeuge (see Eyewitness)

August star (see Sao thang tam)

August stern (see Sao thang tam)

Aunt Mildred is watching you (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Aunt who came to dinner (see Magnum, P.I.)

Aurora Borealis (see Northern exposure)

Autopsy (Spain, 1973)

Autumn (see Stingray)

Autumn warrior (see Magnum, P.I.)

Avatar (see X-Files)

Avenir (see Cho ca ngay mai)

Aventuriers de l’Atlantis (see Escape from Atlantis)

Aventuriers du Mekong (France, 1957)

Aveu avant l’aube (see Tu thu truoc binh minh)

Aviateurs vietnamiens (see Vung troi)

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Baby on the line (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Bacchanale (1970)

Back from the dead again (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Back in the world (see Miami vice)

Back to life (see Ve doi)

Back to sand village (see Ve noi gio cat)

Back to school (1986)

Back to the front (see Tien tuyen goi)

Back to the land of sand-laden wind (see Ve noi gio cat)

Back to the native village (see Duong ve que me)

Back to the sand village (see Ve noi gio cat)

Backbeat (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Backfire (1987)

Bad attitude (1990)

Bad breaks (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Bad bunch (1976)

Bad choices (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Bad time on the border (see A-Team)

Badge (see The wall)

Bagliori di guerra (see Rumor of war)

Bai ca anh giai phong (North Vietnam, 1969?-1972?)

Bai ca khong quen (Vietnam, 1981)

Bai ca ra tran (North Vietnam, 1973)

Bai U Minh (Vietnam, 1985)

Bail out (see Simon & Simon)

Ballad of a soldier (1999)

Ballad of Andy Crocker (11/18/69) |TV Pilot|

Ballade d’un combattant de la liberation (see Bai ca anh giai phong)

Une balle dans le canon (France, 1958)

Balle dans la tete (see Diexie jietou)

Bambina di Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Bamboo incident (see Hoa Binh)

Ban danh sach mat (North Vietnam, 1965?-1970?)

Ban tho to cua mot co dao (Vietnam, 1988)

Ban tinh ca trong dem (Vietnam, 1996)

Banacek (3/20/1972-3/12/1974) |TV Series|

Fly me – if you can find me (2/19/74)

Banco a Bangkok (France/Italy, 1964)

Band of the hand (1986)

Bande de flics (see Choirboys)

Bandito della 11 (see Pierrot le fou)

Bangkok (2006)

Bao gio cho den thang moi (Vietnam, 1984)

Bao tuyen (North Vietnam, 1969?-1972?)

Bare facts (see Simon & Simon)

Baretta (1/17/1975-6/1/1978) |TV Series|

All that shatters (12/7/77)

Bargain department (see Riptide)

Barn yard commandos (see Barnyard commandos)

Barnaby Jones (1/28/1973-4/3/1980) |TV Series|

Barney Miller (1/23/1975-5/20/1982) |TV Series|

Agent Orange (12/11/80)

Radical (12/7/78)

Barnyard commandos: Apple-calypse now (1990) |Animated|

Barrage contre le Pacifique (see Diga sul Pacifico)

Bart’s friend falls in love (see Simpsons)

Bart’s girlfriend (see Simpsons)

Bashing (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Basket case (see Magnum, P.I.)

Bastards (USA, 1996)

Bat 21 (1988)

Bataille silencieuse (see Tran tuyen ngan)

Battaglia in Indocina (see Yank in Indochina)

Battle of Bel Air (see A-Team)

The battle of Lily Wu (see Medical center)

Battle rats (US/Hong Kong, 1988)

Battle under the moon (see Chien truong chia nua vang trang)

Battlefield Bronx (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Battlefield that halves the moon (see Chien truong chia nua vang trang)

Battleground (see Hell on the battleground)

Battling Baker brothers (see Tour of duty)

Baum-Haus (see The war (1994))

Baum zur Erinnerung auf dem Schlachtfeld (see Lei chang xiang si shu)

Baume des Frl. Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Baxter and Boz (see Riptide)

Baywatch (4/23/1989-5/14/2001) |TV Series|

Lost and found (3/25/1996)

Out of the blue (11/3/1997)

Trading places (5/9/1994)

Be true to your school (see Riptide)

The Beach (2000)

Beach club murders (see Matt Houston)

Beach red (1967)

Beat the box (see Riptide)

Beauty knows no pain (see Magnum, P.I.)

Before your eyes: Vietnam (see Etwas wird sichtbar)

Bears and I (1974)

Beast from the belly of a Boeing (see A-Team)

The beautiful country (Norway/U.S., 2004)

Beauty and deceased (see Simon & Simon)

Beavis and Butt-head (3/8/1993-11/28/1997) |Animated TV Series|

Beds of sweet potatoes (see Luong khoai xanh)

Bees army (North Vietnam, 1964) |Animated|

Before your eyes–Vietnam (see Etwas wird sichtbar)

Beg, borrow or steal (3/20/73) |TV Pilot|

Beggars searching for the past (see People looking for the past)

Behind a fate (see Dang sau mot so phan)

Behind enemy lines (1986) (see P.O.W.: the escape)

Behind enemy lines (Philippines, 1987)

Behind enemy lines (1996)

Behind the war (see Phia sau cuoc chien)

Belfast says no (see Lightning force)

Bell Diamond (1988)

Bells of St. Mary’s (see A-Team)

Below the line (see Stingray)

Ben khong chong (Vietnam, 2000)

Bend in the river (see A-Team)

Beneath the streets (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Beneath the surface (see A-Team)

Bentornati a casa ragazzi (see Welcome home soldier boys)

Berg erwacht (see Lua rung)

Berretti verdi (see Green berets)

Besucher (see Visitors)

Betrayed (1988)

Betrayed spring (Vietnam, 1988?) |Video|

Better tomorrow III (see Ying hsiung pen se III)

Betty Grable flies again (see Simon & Simon)

Beverly Hills assault (see A-Team)

Beverly Hills nightmare (see Bone)

Beverly Hills, 90210 (10/4/1990-5/17/2000) |TV Series|

Flirting with disaster (4/13/96)

Kindness of strangers (11/25/92)

Beverly Woods social club (see Matt Houston)

Bewegliche Ziele (see Targets)

Beyond suspicion (1994)

Beyond the call (1977) (see Bionic woman)

Beyond the call (6/23/1996) |TV|

Beyond the call of duty (Philippines, 1991)

Beyond the Doors (1989, c. 1984 as Down on us)

Beyond the Sea (Germany/Great Britain/U.S., 2004

Bi mat thanh pho cam (Vietnam, 1990)

Bien goi (North Vietnam, 1967)

Bien lua (North Vietnam, 1966)

Biet dong Sai Gon (Vietnam, 1985-1986)

pt. 1. Diem hen

pt. 2. Tinh lang

pt. 3. Con giong

pt. 4. Tra lai ten cho em

Biet ly trang (Vietnam, 1995)

Biet thu Hoai Thu (Vietnam, 1988)

Big bad love (2001)

Big bang (see China Beach)

Big blow (see Magnum, P.I.)

Big bounce (1969)

Big chill (1983)

Big fat liar (2002)

Big feast (see Northern exposure)

Big fix (1978)

Big game (see Grand jeu)

Big gun (see Dragnet)

Big Lebowski (1998)

Big picture (1989)

Big ruckus in a small town (see Ruckus)

Big shave (1967)

Big squeeze (see A-Team)

Big Wave Dave’s (8/9/1993-9/13/1993) |TV Series|

Big Wednesday (1978)

Bikini murders (see Matt Houston)

Billboard Barney (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Billy el defensor (see Billy Jack)

Billy Jack (1971)

Billy Jack goes to Washington (1977)

Billy Joe Bob (see Magnim, P.I.)

Bimbo: hot blood, Part I (1984) |Video|

Bimbo 2: the homecoming (1984) |Video|

Bionic woman (1/14/1976-5/13/1978) |TV Series|

Beyond the call |formerly Kim| (3/9/77)

Birdman of Budapest (see Magnum, P.I.)

Birds of a feather (see Magnum P.I.)

Birds of paradise (see Airwolf)

Birdy (1984)

Bishop’s adopted son (see Con nuoi vi giam muc)

Bite of the jackal (see Airwolf)

Bitter fruit (see Street justice |TV Series|

Black belt (see Blackbelt)

Black box (see Visitor)

Black cactus (see Xuong rong den)

Black day at Bad Rock (see A-Team)

Black Frankenstein (see Blackenstein)

Black Gestapo (1975)

Black Gunn (1972)

Black jack (1973)

Black lagoon (see Burraku ragun)

Black on blue (see Street justice |TV Series|

Black on white (see Magnum, P.I.)

Black orchid (see Magnum, P.I.)

Black Scorpion (see Fear)

Black sheep (1996)

Black six (1974)

Black snow (1994)

Black Sunday (1977)

Black taboo (1984)

Black whirlwind (see Con loc den)

Black widow (see Cover up)

Blackbelt (1992) |Video|

Blackenstein (1973)

Blackjack (see Airwolf (second series))

Blade (see Luoi dao)

Blanc de Chine (France, 1988)

Blast (see Explosion)

Die bleierne Zeit (West Germany, 1981)

Bleus (see Stripes)

Blind alley (see Perfect strangers)

Blind fury (1989)

Blind justice (see Magnum, P.I.)

Blind luck (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Blind man’s bluff (see S.W.A.T.)

Blind vengeance (1990) |TV|

Blind witness (see Haunted)

Blinde Wut (see Blind fury)

Blinding fear (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Blockbuster (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Blood: the last vampire (Japan, 2000) |Animated|

Blood brothers (see Tour of duty)

Blood debts (Philippines/Hong Kong, 1984)

Blood fever (see Mosquito)

Blood freak (1971)

Blood money (see Killer’s edge; Matt Houston; Stingray)

Blood of ghastly horror (see Psycho-a-go-go)

Blood on the tracks (see Cold Case)

Blood sabbath (1972)

Blood sisters (1987)

Blood, sweat and cheers (see A-Team)

Blood ties (see Matt Houston)

Bloodlines (see Simon & Simon)

Bloody beach (see Raven)

Bloody home (see Long journey home)

Blue apartment building (see Cu xa mau xanh)

Blue Christmas (see Hearts afire)

Blue De ville (1986) |TV|

Blue genes (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Blue Manhattan (see Hi, Mom!)

Blue melody (see Gai dieu xanh)

Blue movie (1969)

Blue sky through the leave’s slots (see Troi xanh qua ke la)

Blue thunder (1983)

Blumen der Nacht (see Night flowers)

Blutiger Erdbeeren (see Strawberry statement)

Blutiger Strand (see Beach Red)

Blytingee tid (see Bleierne Zeit)

Boardinghouse (1982)

Boat people (see Touben nuhai)

Bobby Garwood story (see Last P.O.W.?)

Body shot (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Body slam (see A-Team)

Bodycounters (see Zombie brigade)

Bodyguard of lies (see Tour of duty)

Boinas verdes (see Green berets)

Bois de cousine Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Bold ones (see Whole world is watching)

Bomb squad (see Cold night into dawn)

Bombs away (see NYPD blue)

Bon voyage, Alonso (see Simon & Simon)

Bone (1972)

Bonecrunch (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Bong hoa rung Sac (Vietnam, 1995)

Booby trap (see Ten seconds to murder)

Boom (1976) |Animated|

Boom (1980) (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Borderline (1980)

Born for hell (see Ne pour l’enfer)

Born killer (1988)

Born losers (1967)

Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

Born to fight (see Nato per combattere)

Both sides now (see Dark skies)

Boucher (France, 1969)

Boundless love (see Tinh khong bien gioi)

Bounty (see A-Team)

Bounty hunter (1989)

The boxer (see Uomo dalla pelle dura)

Boy from Vietnam (see Lai Ke)

Boy Phuoc (see Em Phuoc)

Boys in Company C (Hong Kong/US, 1977)

Boyz n the hood (1991)

Boz busters (see Riptide)

Bracelet d’argent (see Chiec vong bac)

Braddock: missing in action 3 (1988)

Brain child (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Brave deed (see Mot chien cong)

Bravo Company: Tour of duty II (see Tour of duty)

Bravo enigma (see S.W.A.T.)

Break a leg, darling (see Simon & Simon)

Break-in at Santa Paula (see Airwolf)

Break loose (see Parades)

Breaker Morant (Australia, 1979)

Breakout! (see A-Team)

Breakpoint (see Matt Houston)

Breath of the dragon (see Manimal)

Breathing fire (1992)

A Breed apart (1984)

Brennpunkt L.A. (see Lethal weapon 2; Lethal weapon 3)

Breve rencontre a Paris (see Two people)

Brian, soldado de la 1a clase (see Don’t cry, it’s only thunder)

Bridge at Rach Chiec (see Cau Rach Chiec)

Brief von Hoa Xa (see La thu Hoa Xa)

Brig (1964)

Brigade anti-viol (see Don’t answer the phone)

Bright shining lie (1998)

Bring me the hand that hit me (see Stingray)

Brinque d’enfer (see Fandango)

Brooklyn rules (2007)

Brotherhood (1969)

Brotherhood (1989) (see Yi ben wu yan)

Brotherhood of death (1976)

Brothers (see Anh va em)

Brothers (see China Beach)

Brothers and relations (see Anh va em)

Brothers, fathers, sons (see Tour of duty)

Brothers in arms (see Highlander |TV Series|; also Universal soldier II : Brothers in arms)

Brothers in blood (see Sporca insegna del coraggio)

Bruder (see Anh va em)

Brushfire! (1961)

Bua deng (Laos, 1988)

Buc tranh de lai (North Vietnam, 1970)

Buckaroo Bob rides again (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Bucky Beaver goes to the movies, vol. 83 (see Love, lust and violence)

Bucky Beaver’s XXX dragon art theater double feature #101 (see Armed servicers)

Buddies (see Miami vice)

Buffalo boy (France/Belgium/Vietnam, 2004)

Buffalo fighting (North Vietnam, 1963) |Animated|

Buffalo soldiers (Great Britain/Germany, 2001)

Bug buster (1998)

Bulldog’s ghost (see The District)

Bullet (1995)

Bullet for Benny (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

A bullet in the gun barrel (see Balle dans le canon)

Bullet in the head (see Diexie jietou)

Bullets and bikinis (see A-Team)

Bullets, blood and a fistful of ca$h (2006)

Bumpy road to love (see Northern exposure)

Buoi chieu (see Afternoon)

Buoi sang dau nam ( see First Morning)

Burbs (1989)

Burden of Christmas (1998)

Burden of the beast (see Simon & Simon)

Burn, baby, burn (see Tour of duty)

Burraku ragun (Japan, 4-12/2006) |Animated TV series|

Bus is coming (1971)

Bus Riley’s back in town (1965)

Butcher (see Boucher)

Butterfly (see Matt Houston)

By its cover (see Magnum, P.I.)

By the numbers (see Hawaii Five-O)

Bye bye Vietnam (see Arrivederci, Vietnam)


C.O.D. (see Trapper John, M.D.)

C.S.A. : The Confederate States of America (2004)

CSI : crime scene investigation (10/6/2000- ) |TV Series|

Ch-ch-changes (11/18/2004)

Ca san ngua rang (North Vietnam, 1974) |Animated|

Cacciatore (see Deer hunter)

Cacciatore 2 (Italy, 1980) (re-released in 1984 in US as Last hunter)

Cactus in the snow (1972)

Cactus on sand (see Cay xuong rong tran cat)

Cactus sur le sable (see Cay xuong rong tran cat)

Cadence (1990)

Caduta del tiranno (see Ngay tan cua bao chua)

Caesura (1985)

Cage (1989)

Cage II: Arena of death (1994)

Caged (see Matt Houston)

Caged fury (Philippines, 1984)

Caged terror (see Golden apples of the sun)

Call (see China Beach)

Call from the forepart (see Tieng goi, Phiatruoc)

Call me Claus (USA, 12/2/2001) |TV|

Call me irresponsible (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Call of the front (see Tien tuyen goi; also, Tieng goi, Phiatruoc)

Call of the sea (see Bien goi)

Call to glory (8/13/1984-2/12/1985) |TV Series|

Call to remember (1997) |TV|

Calling at down (see Tieng goi luc mo sang)

Camp disciplinaire (see Line)

Campus (see Dangerously close)

Campus (see Getting straight)

Canadian bacon (1995)

Candle smoke (1998) |Short film|

Candy doctor (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Canh dong hoang (Vietnam, 1979)

Cannibal apocalypse (see Cannibals in the streets)

Cannibal ferox 2 (see Nudo e selvaggio)

Cannibal mercenary (Hong Kong/Thailand, 1983)

Cannibali in cita (see Cannibals in the streets)

Cannibals in the city (see Cannibals in the streets)

Cannibals in the streets (Italian/Spanish, 1980)

Cannon (1971-1976) |TV Series|

Killer on the hill (1/29/75)

Prisoner (12/11/74; rebroadcast 6/25/75)

Canonero del Yangtze (see Sand pebbles)

Can’t run, can’t hide (see Forever knight)

Canto di guerra (see Bai ca ra tran)

Cao ap va nuoc lu (Vietnam, 1986)

Cao nguyen F 101 (Vietnam, 1988)

Tap 1. Nhu moi

Tap 2. Hanh dong

Cao-Xa (Spain, 1971)

Caper (see Stingray)

Captain America (1/19/1979 and 11/23-24/1979) |TV|

Captain Milkshake (1970)

Captain’s Honor (see L’honneur d’un Capitaine)

Captive (1978)

Captive (1985 video release of Two, see Two)

Card of fate (see Grand jeu)

Care of the Spitfire Grill (see Spitfire Grill)

Careers (1929)

Carolina skeletons (9/30/1991) |TV|

Cartel (1990)

Cascadeur (see Stunt man)

Casa dei coniugi Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc)

A case of honor (1988)

A case of the crazies (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Case of the red faced thespian (see Magnum, P.I.)

Cash and carry (see Matt Houston)

Cash, cash (see Finders, keepers)

Castle keep (1970)

Casualties of war (1989)

The casualty (see Medical center)

Catch a fallen star (see Riptide)

Catch of the day (see Riptide)

Catch 22 (1970)

Catcher (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Catfight (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Catfish in black bean sauce (1999)

Cau chuyen lang dau (Vietnam, 1977)

Cau Rach Chiec (Vietnam, 1985)

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea (see Simon & Simon)

Cause for concern (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Cay bach dan vo danh (Vietnam, 1994)

Cay xuong rong tran cat (Vietnam, 1983)

Caza en Vietnam (see Tornado)

El cazador (see Deer hunter)

Cazadores (see Open season)

Cease fire (1985)

Celkeresztben (see In the line of fire)

Centerfold murders (see Matt Houston)

Centre en feu (see Lua trung tuyen)

Centro in fiamme (see Lua trung tuyen)

Centurions (see Lost command)

Cercle noir (see Stone killer)

Cerna kronjka (see Dog day afternoon)

C’est Simon (see Simon & Simon)

C’est un crime (see Nhu the la toi ac)

Cet ami la (see Nguoi ban ay)

Cette terre n’est pas isolees (see Mien dat khong co don)

Ceux deja rencontres (see Nhung nguoi da gap)

Ceux qui ne portant pas d’armes (see Nguoi khong mang sung)

Ceux qui ouvrent la route (see Nnung nguoi ma duong)

Ch-ch-changes (see CSI : crime scene investigation)

Chained to yesterday (see Limbo)

Chaleco de acero (see Full metal jacket)

Challenge (2/10/1970) |TV|

Challenge the wind (1990)

Champ (see A-Team)

Champs desertiques (see Canh dong huang)

Chan dung mau do (Vietnam, 1989)

Chances are (see Human target)

Change of face (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

A change of heart (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Channeler (1991)

Channeling baby (New Zealand, 1999)

Chanson inoubliee (see Bai ca khong quen)

Chant de guerre (see Bai ca ra tran)

Chant du combat (see Bai ca ra tran)

Chao chi chi hua (Hong Kong, 1993)

Chao ji ji hua (se Chao chi chi hua)

Chao ong (see China Beach)

Chaos factor (2000) |TV|

Chapel of glass (see Riptide)

Chaqueta metalica (see Full metal jacket)

Charley Varrick (1973)

Charlie Bravo (France, 1980)

Charlie et ses droles de dames (see Charlie’s angels)

Charliejevi angelcki (see Charlie’s angels)

Charlie’s angels (2001)

Charly Benson returns to the sea (1971) |Short|

Charm city (see Law & order)

Charm of the snake valley (see Zaklyatie doliny zmai)

Chase (3/24/1973) |TV|

Chato’s land (1972)

Chateau en enfer (see Castle keep)

Chay trong co cao (see Running in tall grasses)

Checkmate (see Raven)

Checkup (see Lightning force)

Cheech & Chong’s up in smoke (see Up in smoke)

Chelsea girls (1967)

Chemin du pays natal (see Duong ve que me)

Cherry (1989) |Short|

Cherry (see also China Beach)

Chez les epoux Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc)

Chi Dau (Vietnam, 1981)

Chi Nhung (North Vietnam, 1970)

Chi Tu Hau (North Vietnam, 1963)

Chi uccidera Charley Varrick (see Charley Varrick)

Chi yu fungbo (Hong Kong, 1999)

Chicago conspiracy trial (Great Britain, 1971)

Chicago Hope (9/18/1994-5/4/2000) |TV Series|

Colonel of truth (4/28/97)

Chicago 70 (Canada, 1970)

Chicos de la Compania C (see Boys of Company C)

Chiec vong bac (Vietnam, 1982)

Chien tranh & Hoa binh (2000) |Video|

Chien truong chia nua vang (Vietnam, 1990)

Chiens de guerre (see Dogs of war)

Child of conflict (see Medical center)

Child of Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Childhood (see Tuoi tho)

Childish things (1966)

Children for peace (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Children of An Lac (10/9/80) |TV|

Children of Jamestown (see A-Team)

Children of the revolution (Australia, 1996)

Chill in the forest (see Rung lan)

Chim van khuyen (see Con Chim van khuyen)

China and silk (1984) |Video|

China beach (4/26/1988-7/22/1991) |TV Series|

Afterburner (4/5/89) One giant leap (11/17/90)
All about E.E.V. (1/11/89) 100 clicks out (6/11/91)
All is not fair in love and war (1/3/90) One small step (12/1/90)
The always good-bye (6/18/91) Phoenix (3/21/90)
Big bang (9/29/90) Promised land (4/12/89)
Brothers (6/1/88) Psywars (3/1/89) Quest (6/25/91)
The call (12/8/90) Rewind (7/9/91)
Chao ong (6/8/88) Rumor of peace (2/7/90)
Cherry (2/1/89) She sells more than sea shells (10/6/90)
China Beach (4/26/88) |Premier| (2 hrs.) Skin deep (9/27/89)
China men (11/22/89) Skylark (3/14/90)
Crossing the great water (2/8/89) Somewhere over the radio (5/11/88)
Dear China Beach (10/4/89) Souvenirs (1/17/90)
Escape (10/26/90) Strange brew (4/30/90)
F.N.G. (4/16/90) Tet ’68 (1/25/89)
Fever (11/3/90) Thanks of a grateful nation (2/28/90)
Ghosts (11/8/89) Through and through (7/16/91)
The gift (4/23/90) Twilight (3/22/89)
Hello, goodbye (7/22/91) (2 hrs.) Unquiet earth (9/20/89)
Holly’s choice (1/31/90) Vets (3/15/89)
Home (4/27/88) Waiting for Beckett (5/18/88)
Hot spell (5/4/88) Warriors (2/1/90)
How to stay alive in Vietnam, pt. 1-2 (11/29-12/6/89) Where the boys are (3/8/89)
I could have danced all night … but I didn’t (12/15/90) Who’s happy now? (10/11/89)
Independence day (10/25/89) With a little help from my friends (11/15/89)
Juice (11/10/90) Women in white (1/4/89)
Limbo (12/14/88) The world, pt. 1-2 (4/26-5/3/89)
Lost and found, pt. 1-2 (11/30-12/7/88) Xmas Chn-Bch VN ’67 (12/21/88)
Night fall (1/10/90) You, babe (10/13/90)

China de Sade (1987)

China doll (see Magnum, P.I.; Matt Houston)

China gate (1957)

China-Legionar (see China Gate)

China men (see China Beach)

China O’Brien II (1989)

China white (US/Hong Kong, 1991)

Chincero (see Last movie)

Chinese connection (see S.W.A.T.)

Chinese girl (see Chinoise)

Chinese white (see Blanc de Chine)

Chinoise: ou plutot a la Chinoise (France, 1967)

Cho ca ngay mai (Vietnam, 1981)

Cho sang (South Vietnam, 196-?)

Choice or chance (see Space : above and beyond)

Choice kill (see Dangerously close)

Choirboys (1977)

Coix d’une vie (see Walk on the moon)

Chom va Sa (Vietnam, 1978)

Choose me (1984)

Chopping spree (see A-Team)

Chorknaben (see Choirboys)

The chosen few (2002)

Christmas (see Promised land)

The Christmas card (12/2/2006)|TV|

Christmas in Saigon (see 21 Jump St.)

A Christmas visitor (USA, 12/21/2002) |TV|

Chrom und heisser Leder (see Chrome and hot leather)

Chrome and hot leather (1971)

Chrome soldiers (5/6/92) |TV|

Chung cu (Vietnam, 1999)

Chung moi giong song (see Chung mot dong song)

Chung mot dong song (North Vietnam, 1959)

Chung toi muon song (Philippines/South
Vietnam, 1956?)

Chut mot dong song (see Chung mot dong song)

Chute du tyran (see Ngay tan cua bao chua)

Chuyen di cua me (Vietnam, 1990)

Chuyen ong Giong (North Vietnam, 1970) |Animated|

Chuyen xe bao tap (Vietnam, 1977)

Ciao, America! (see Greetings)

Ciel est bleu (France, 1971)

Cielo di piombo ispettore Callaghan (see Enforcer)

El cielo y la tierra (see Heaven and earth)

Cinderella liberty (1973)

La cinese (see La chinoise)

Cinq gars pour Singapour (France/Italy, 1967)

Cinq marines pour Singapore (see Cinq gars pour Singapore)

Cinque vie per l’inferno (see Five gates to hell)

Circle of death (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Circle of fear (Italy/US, 1989)

Citizen Ruth (1996)

Citizen soldier (1982)

City-Commando (see Annihilators)

City of hope (1991)

City on the edge of forever (see Star trek)

City under the fist (see Thi xa trong tam tay)

Civil wars (see Promised land)

Clara hakdosha (Israel, 1995)

Clay pigeon (1971)

Click (2003)

Cliffhanger (1993)

Close up the siege (see Dang sau mot so phan. Phan 3. Khiep kin)

Cloud nine (see Tour of duty)

Club Murder vacation (see Simon & Simon)

Co don (see San bat cuop. Tap 3. Co don)

Co gai tren song (Vietnam, 1987)

Co giao Hanh (North Vietnam, 1966)

Co giao vung cao (North Vietnam, 1969)

Co lau (Vietnam, 1993)

Co Nhip (Vietnam, 1977)

Coach (see Coach of the year)

Coach of the year (12/20/80) |TV|

Coal season (see Mua than)

Cobra (9/13/1993-5/13/1994) |TV Series|

Cobra |Pilot episode| (9/13-20)

Cobra mission (see Quattro dell’arcobaleno)

Cobra thunderbolt (Thailand, 1987)

Coccodrillo con il mal di denti (see Ca san ngua rang)

Code name: Trixie (see Crazies)

Code name Wild Geese (see Geheimecode Wildganse)

Code name: Zebra (1988)

Code of honor (see Sweet revenge)

Code of honor (1989) (see Yi ben wu yan)

Code of silence (see Airwolf (second series))

Code of vengeance (6/30/1985) |TV|

Code of vengeance II (see Dalton: code of vengeance II)

Codename Dragonfly (see Walker, Texas Ranger)

Codename Wildgeese (see Geheimecode Wildganse)

Codice d’onore (see A few good men)

Coeur de tonnerre (see Thunderheart)

Cognizance of war (see Only one left alive: cognizance of war)

Cold case (9/28/2003- ) |TV Series|

Volunteers (3/7/2004)

Who’s your daddy (10/31/2004)

Honor (11/20/2005)

Blood on the tracks (2/18/2007)

Cold night into dawn (1997)

Cold target (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

La colina de la hamburguesa (see Hamburger Hill)

Collateral damage (see Pretender)

Collapse (see Promised land)

Colli di cuoio (Italy, 1988)

Collier d’argent (see Chiec vong bac)

Colline a des yeux (see Hills have eyes)

Collines de la terreur (see Chato’s land)

Col’n Carpenter show (Australia, 1990-1991) |TV Series|

|Episode featuring a Vietnam veteran| (1990)

Colombian connection (see Delta Force 2: the Colombian connection)

Colonel of truth (see Chicago Hope)

Colors (1988)

Cols de cuir (see Colli du cuoio)

Colt (see Hostage)

Columbo : Publish or perish (1/13/1974) |TV|

Combat on the Plain of Jars (see Cuoc chien dau canh dong chum)

Combat se poursuit (see Cuoc chien dau con tiep dien)

Combat sur la Plaine des Jarres (see Cuoc chien dau canh dong chum)

Combat shock (1985)

Come and get it (Australia, 1991)

Come play with me (see Grazie, Zia)

Come together (see Cometogether)

Comeback (1983)

Cometogether (US/Italy, 1971)

Coming home (1978)

Commander Lamin (Thailand, 1987)

Commando (1985)

Commando black tigers (see Good guys wear black)

Commando chez les Viets (see China Gate)

Commando du triangle d’or (see American commandos)

Commando invasion (USA/Philippines, 1987)

Commandos i djungeln (see Yank in Viet Nam)

Commandos in Viet-Nam (see Yank in Viet Nam)

Comment j’ai gagne la guerre (see How I won the war)

Committee, The (see Session with the committee)

Company secrets (see Matt Houston)

Competition, who needs it? (see Simon & Simon)

Complots (see Conspiracy theory)

Compromis (Netherlands, 1968)

Compromise (see Compromis)

Compulsion (see Magnum, P.I.)

Computer date (see Magnun, P.I.)

Comrades-in-arms (see Dong doi)

Comrades in arms (1991) |Video|

Con air (1997)

Con bup-he nhoi bong (South Vietnam, 1965)

Con chim vanh khuyen (North Vietnam, 1962)

Con going (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 3)

Con lai moth-minh (Vietnam, 198-?)

Con loc bien (Vietnam, 1985)

Con loc den (Vietnam, 1987)

Con nuoi vi giam muc (Vietnam, 1982)

Con thu tat Nguyen (see Karma)

Concrete wilderness (see Medium cool)

Condemned (see Airwolf)

Confederate States of America (see C.S.A. : The Confederate States of America)

Confession before dawn (see Tu thu truoc binh minh)

Confession of a peeping John (see Hi, Mom!)

Confessions of Tom Harris (see Childish things)

Confessor (1973)

Confini della realta (see Twilight zone, the movie)

Conflict of interest (see Riptide)

Conflit (see Fourth war)

Confrontation (1971) |Short|

Conquest (Canada/Great Britain, 1998)

Conspiracy: the trial of the Chicago 8 (5/16/87) |TV|

Conspiracy circus–Chicago ’70 (see Chicago 70)

Conspiracy theory (1997)

Conundrum (1996) |TV|

Cool breeze (1972)

Cool hand Chance (see Human target)

Cooper (see Mission terminate)

Cooperative care (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Co-ordinates of death (see Toa do chet)

Cop who came to dinner (see Simon & Simon)

Copains d’abord (see Big chill)

Corazones de hierro (see Casualties of war)

Corpo del reato (see Physical evidence)

Corporate assets (1985)

Corpus delecti (see Simon & Simon)

Corragio della verita (see Courage under fire)

Corruption, l’ordre et la violence (see Glass house)

Cost of peace (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Countdown (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Counter punch (see Uomo dalla pelle dura)

Countermeasures (New Zealand, 1983) |TV|

Country justice (see Street justice |TV Series|)

A country practice (Australia, 1981-1993) |TV Series|

|Episode featuring a Vietnam veteran| (1989)

Country stands up (see Dat nuoc dung len)

Courage under fire (1996)

Court martial of Lieutenant William Calley (see Judgement: the court martial of Lieutenant William Calley)

Courthouse (see S.W.A.T.)

Le Couteau (see Luoi dao)

Coven of killers (see S.W.A.T.)

Cover up (9/22/84-4/6/1985) |TV Series|

Adam’s ribs (3/23/85) Million dollar face (10/6/84)
Assassin (1/25/85) Murder in Malibu (12/1/84)
Black widow (1/5/85) Murder offshore (1/12/85)
Cover up (a.k.a. Harper and Reynolds) (9/22/84) Nothing to lose (10/27/84)
Death in vogue (0/29/84) Passions (4/6/85)
Golden opportunity (11/3/84) Rules to die by (2/2/85)
Harper and Reynolds (see Cover up) Subtle seduction (12/29/84)
Harper-gate (10/13/84) Sudden exposure (10/20/84)
Healthy, wealthy and dead (2/23/85) Ugliest American (3/2/85)
Jack of spades (3/30/85) Who’s trying to kill Miss Globe? (3/9/85)
Midnight highway (12/8/84) Writer’s block (11/24/84)

Covert action (1988)

Cow days (see South Park)

Cowards (1970) (see also Love-in 1972)

Cowboy blues (see Promised land)

Cowboy George (see A-Team)

Coyote run (Canada, 1996)

Crab drum (see Crabe-Tambour)

Crabe-Tambour (France, 1977)

Crackdown (1987)

Craok platoon (see Action is not missing)

Crash (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Crazies (1973)

Crazy world of Julius Vrooder (1974)

Creature du cimetiere (see Graveyard shift)

Creepy time gal (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Crime family (2004)

Crime scene investigation (see CSI : crime scene investigation)

Crime task force (see Liberty & Bash)

Criss cross (see Crisscross; Matt Houston; S.W.A.T.)

Crisscross (1992)

Crocodile with his itching teeth (see Ca san ngua rang)

Cross fire (Philippines, 1987)

Crossfire (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Crossing the great water (see China Beach)

Crossover (see Airwolf)

Crossroads (see Night court)

Cruel horizon (Belgium, 1989)

Crushed (see Promised land)

Una cruz en el infierno (Spain, 1954)

Cry of the innocent (6/19/80) |TV|

Cry wolf (see Stingray)

Crying clown (see Matt Houston)

Crypt of dark secrets (1976)

Crystal skull (see A-Team)

Crystalline marriage (1974)

Cu xa mau xanh (Vietnam, 1980)

El cuchillo (see Luoi dao)

Cult of the cobra (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Cuoc chien dau canh dong chum (Vietnam, 1983)

Cuoc chien dau con tiep dien (North Vietnam, 1969)

Cuore di tuono (see Thunderheart)

Cuore selvaggio (see Wild at heart)

Cup a’ joe (see A-Team)

The curmudgeon (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (see Magnum, P.I.)

Curse of the Mary Aberdeen (see Riptide)

Curse of the starving class (1994)

Curtain call (see A-Team)

Custer of the west (1967)

Custer’s last stand (see Custer of the west)

Cut and run (see Inferno in diretta)

Cutter and Bone (1981)

Cutter’s way (see Cutter and Bone)

Cybele (see Dimanches de ville d’Avray)

Cyclo (see Xich lo)

Czas apokalipsy (see Apocalypse now)


D.C. cab (1983)

D.J., D.O.A. (see Simon & Simon)

Da mao xian jia (see Ta mao hsien chia)

Da mao xie jie (see Ta mao hsien chia)

Da Vinci’s war (see DaVinci’s war)

Daddy’s gone a hunt’n (see Airwolf)

Dalton (see Code of vengeance)

Dalton: code of vengeance II (5/11/86) |TV|

Damals und Heute (see Now and then)

Dambreakers (see Airwolf)

Dance of the dwarfs (1983)

Dang sau mot so phan (Vietnam, 1989-1990)

Phan 1. Mot so phan (A fate)

Phan 2. Diep vu (Spy affair)

Phan 3 Khep kin (Close up the siege)

Dangerous encounters of the first kind (see Divi leixing weixian)

Dangerous memories (see S.W.A.T.)

Dangerously close (1986)

Daniel (1983)

Daniel in the lion’s den (see Deadline)

Daniel Reeves video retrospective (see Smothering dreams)

Danielle Steel’s Message from Nam (see Message from Nam)

Danielle Steel’s Star (see Star)

Danny (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Dans la ligne de mire (see In the line of fire)

Dans les bras d’enfer (see P.O.W.: the escape)

Danse de la cigogne (see Vu khuc con co)

Dao dien khoi nguyen (Vietnam, 1988)

Dao Hai Tac (Vietnam, 1992)

The dark angel : psycho kickboxer (1997)

Dark before dawn (1988)

Dark side (see 1st and ten)

Dark side of the loon (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Dark side of the sun (see Space : above and beyond)

Dark skies (1996-1997) |TV Series|

Both sides now (3/8/97)

Strangers in the night (3/24/97)

White rabbit (2/1/97)

Dark star (1974)

Darkroom (1981-1982) |TV Series|

Siege of 31 August (12/11/81)

Dat me (Vietnam, 1980)

Dat nuoc dung len (Vietnam, 1995?)

Dau (see Chi Dau)

David Holzman’s diary (1968)

DaVinci’s war (1992)

Dawn of the dead (1979)

Day and night on the 17th parallel (see Vi tuyen 17 – ngay va dem)

Day of jeopardy (see Airwolf)

Day of reckoning (3/7/1994) |TV|

Day of return (see Ngay ve)

Day of the dead (1985)

Day of the survivalist (see Survivalist)

Day the Lord got busted (see Soul hustler)

Day they robbed America (Philippines, 1987)

Days of wine and Leo (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Dazed and confused (1993)

De beaux lendemains (see Sweet hereafter)

Dead boyz can’t fly (1992)

Dead card down (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Dead co-ordinates (see Toa do chet)

Dead letter file (see Simon & Simon)

Dead man tales (see Tour of duty)

Dead man’s channel (see Magnum, P.I.)

Dead man’s run (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Dead men don’t floss (see Riptide)

Dead of night (see Deathdream)

Dead on a dime (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Dead pigeon (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Dead presidents (1995)

Dead zone (6/16/2002- ) |TV Series|

Scars (2/16/2003)

Wheel of fortune (6/16/2002)

Deadliest game (see Lightning force)

Deadline (2000- ) |TV Series|

Daniel in the lion’s den (10/23/00)

Deadly China dolls (see Jing tian long hu bao)

Deadly circle (see Airwolf)

Deadly collection (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Deadly encounter (12/18/82) |TV|

Deadly exposure (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Deadly fashion (see Matt Houston)

Deadly game (7/10/91) |TV|

Deadly games (1979; rel. 1983)

Deadly games (1984) (see Matt Houston)

Deadly keep (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Deadly machine (see Lightning force)

Deadly maneuvers (see A-Team)

Deadly parlay (see Matt Houston)

Deadly prey (1984) (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Deadly prey (1987)

Deadly reunion (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Deadly sport (see Get Christie Love!)

Deadly three (see Enter the dragon)

Deadly tide (see S.W.A.T.)

Deadly weapons (see S.W.A.T.)

Dealers in death (see S.W.A.T.)

Dear China Beach (see China Beach)

Dear Earth (see Space : above and beyond)

Dear lovesick (see Simon & Simon)

Death and taxes (see Magnum, P.I.)

Death at the villa (see Delirea caldo)

Death before dishonor (1987)

Death carrier (see S.W.A.T.)

Death force (see Fighting mad)

Death games (see Raven)

Death grip (see Medical center)

Death house (1988) |Video|

Death in the family (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Death in vogue (see Cover up)

Death match (see Matt Houston)

Death merchant (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Death of night (see Deathdream)

Death of Sheila (see Raven)

Death of the flowers (see Magnum, P.I.)

Death ring (1992)

Death score (see S.W.A.T.)

Death stalk (see Matt Houston)

Death took no holiday (see Song do)

Death train (see Airwolf (second series))

Death trap (see Matt Houston)

Death watch (see Matt Houston)

Deathcheaters (Australia, 1976)

Deathdream (Canada, 1972)

Debt of honor (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Debt of love (see Duyen no)

Dechirure (see Killing fields)

17o |ie. Decimosettimo| parallelo, giorno e notte (see Vi tuyen 17-ngay va dem)

Deep cover (see Simon & Simon)

Deep water death (see Simon & Simon)

Deer hunter (1978)

Defiance (1980)

Defile (see Dogfight)

Deirdre (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Deja vu (see JAG; also Magnum, P.I.)

Delirio caldo (Italy, 1972)

Delirium (1972) (see Delirio caldo)

Delirium (1979)

Deliverance (1972)

Delta (1996)

Delta Force (1986)

Delta Force 2 : the Colombian connection (1990)

Dem hoang tuong (Vietnam, 1991)

Dem mien yen tinh (Vietnam, 1984)

Dem nuoc rong (Vietnam, 1980)

Dem tan hon (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi)

Demon de 11 heures (see Pierrot le fou)

Demonstrator (Australia, 1971)

Den hen lai len (North Vietnam, 1973)

Le derniere combat (Canada/USA, 1998)

Dernier corvee (see Last detail)

Dernier crime (Toi loi cuoi cung)

Dernier intervale (see Khoang cach con lai)

Derniers jours du Colonel Savath (Cambodia, 1995)

Derniers jours du tyran (Ngay tan cua bao chua)

Derniers sacrements (see Last rites)

Des fraises et du sang (see Strawberry statement)

Desaparecido en combate (see Missing in action)

Desaparecido en combate 2 (see Missing in action 2)

Desert field (see Canh dong hoang)

Deserter USA (Sweden, 1969)

Deserters (Canada, 1983)

Deshonneur d’Elizabeth Campbell (see General’s daughter)

Design for killing (see Simon & Simon)

Designe pour mourir (see Marked for death)

Designed by Chance (see Human target)

Desperate (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Desperate hours (1990)

Desperate miles (3/5/75) |TV|

Desperate Monday (see Airwolf)

Desperately seeking Dacody (see Simon & Simon)

Destiny of love (see So phan mot tinh yeu)

Destroyers (see Devastator)

Details at eleven (see Simon & Simon)

Detached mission (see Odinochnoe plavanie)

200,000 |i.e. deux cent mille| dollars en cause (see Pursuit of D.B. Cooper)

200,000 |i.e. deux cent mille| dollars en cavale (see Pursuit of D.B. Cooper)

Deux meres (Hai nguoi me)

Deux ou trois choses que je sais d’elle (France, 1967)

Deux soldats (see Hai nguoi linh)

Devastated land (see Canh dong hoang)

Devastator (1985)

Devet kruhu pekla (Czechoslovakia/Cambodia, 1989)

Dharma and Greg (9/24/1997-4/30/2002) |TV Series|

He ain’t heavy, he’s my father (11/19/1997)

Di yi lei xing wei xian (see Divi leixing weixian)

Diable en boite (see Stunt man)

Dial rat for terror (see Bone)

Diamant enholl am Mekong (see Diamants du Mekong)

Diamants du Mekong (France/West Germany/Italy, 1965)

Diamonds are for never (see Riptide)

Diamonds ‘n dust (see A-Team)

Diamonds of the Mekong (see Diamants du Mekong)

Dick (1999)

Did you see the sunrise? (see Magnum, P.I.)

Die durch die Holle gehen (see Deer hunter)

Die hard (1988)

Diem hen (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 1)

Dien Bien Phu (France/Vietnam, 1991)

Diep vu (see Dang sau mot so phan. Phan 3)

Dieu anh chua kip noi (Vietnam, 1988)

Diexie jietou (Hong Kong, 1990)

Different world (9/24/1988-7/9/1993) |TV Series|

Do the write thing (4/2/1992)

Soldier boy (4/5/1990; repeated 11/22/1990)

Diga sul Pacifico (Italy/France, 1957)

Dillinger print (see Simon & Simon)

Dimanches de ville d’Avray (France, 1962)

Dimensione inferno (see Purple hearts)

Diplomatic immunity (1991)

Dirty deeds (Australia, 2002)

Dirty dozen (US/Great Britain, 1967)

Dirty Harry (1971)

Dirty work (see Vietnam war story)

Disappearance of Harry the Hat (see Simon & Simon)

Disaster in Delgado (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Disciples of dawn (see Raven)

Discovery (see Airwolf)

Dishpan man (see A-Team)

Dislocations (see Tour of duty)

Disowned son (see Dua con bi tu choi)

Displayed termination: the interval between deaths (1988) |Video|

Distant relative (see Magnum, P.I.)

Distant thunder (Canada/US, 1988)

The District (10/7/2000- ) |TV Series|

Bulldog’s ghost (11/10/2001)

Free-fire zone (11/16/2002)

Divi leixing weixian (Hong Kong, 1980)

17e |dix septieme| parallele – jour et nuit (see Vi tuyen 17 – ngay va dem)

Do the write thing (see Different world)

Doberman gang (1972)

Doc Hoc (see Tour of duty)

Docteur Folamour (see Dr. Strangelove)

Doctor is out (see A-Team)

Dr. |i.e. Docteur| Folamour (see Dr. Strangelove)

Dr. Strangelove (1964)

Dodens drabanter (see Dogs of war)

Doctors and other strangers (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Does not compute (see Riptide)

Dog day afternoon (1975)

Dog fight (see Dogfight)

Dog soldier: shadow of the past (Japan, 1989) |Animated|

Dog soldiers (see Who’ll stop the rain)

Dog tags (Great Britain, 1985) |TV|

Dogfight (1991)

Dogs of war (Great Britain, 1980)

Doi dong sua me (Vietnam, 1986)

Doi hat rong (Vietnam, 1991)

Dolce domain (see Sweet hereafter)

Dominator (see Exterminator II)

Domino killings (see Domino principle)

Domino principle (1977)

Dong doi (Vietnam, 1988)

Dong fang tu ying (see Eastern condors)

Dong Loc junction (see Nga ba Dong Loc)

Dong mau anh hung (Vietnam, 2006)

Dong song hoa trang (Vietnam, 1989)

Dong song khong quen (Vietnam, 1989)

Donna di Saigon (see Mort en fraude)

Donna francese (see Femme francaise)

Don’t answer the phone (1980)

Don’t cry, its only thunder (1981)

Don’t eat the snow in Hawaii (see Magnum, P.I.)

Don’t play with fire (see Divi leixing weixian)

Don’t rain on my charade (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Don’t say goodbye (see Magnum, P.I.)

The doomsday machine (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Doors (1991)

Doppio bersaglio (see Double target)

Dottor Stranamore (see Dr. Strangelove)

Double bubble (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Double entry (see Simon & Simon)

Double heat (see A-Team)

Double jeopardy (see Magnum, P.I.)

Double play (see Simon & Simon)

Double target (Italy, 1987)

Double your pleasure (see Riptide)

Dove tree (China, 1987)

Douze salopards (see Dirty dozen)

Down home (4/12/1990-5/18/1991) |TV Series|

Down on us (see Beyond the Doors)

Downfall of the tyrant (see Ngay tan cua bao chua)

Downsized (see Promised land)

Dozyn ploerten (see Dirty dozen)

Dragnet (1/12/67-9/10/70) |2nd series| |TV Series|

The big gun (4/27/1967)

Internal affairs – DR20 (1/9/1969)

Juvenile – DR22 (3/27/1969)

Dragon lady (see G.I. executioner)

Dragon art theatre double feature vol. 101 (see Armed servicers)

Dragon art theatre double feature vol. 143 (see Agent 69)

Dragon art theatre double feature vol. 146 (see Fires down below)

Dragons and owls (see S.W.A.T.)

Drapeau-repere (see La con chuan)

Drawing flies (2001)

Dream a little dream (see Magnum, P.I.)

Dream of a world (Great Britain, 1969)

Dream vacation (1991)

Dreckige Dutzend (see Dirty dozen)

Dreckige Hunde (Who’ll stop the rain)

Drei engel fur Charlie (see Charlie’s angels)

Dress gray (3/9-3/10/1986) |TV|

Drive he said (1971)

Droit de tuer (see Exterminator)

Droit de tuer? (see Heaven’s prisoners)

Drossel kann sprechen (see Magpie that can speak)

Drug buster (see Snake eater II)

Dschungelratten (see Jungle rats)

Du sollst nicht toten (see Vietnam, Texas)

Du sollst nicht toten … ausser (Thou shalt not kill)

Dua con bi tu choi (Vietnam, 1980)

Dua con ke tu thu (Vietnam, 1992)

Dua con lai (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi)

Dua con va guoi linh (Vietnam, 1986)

Duane Barry (see X-Files)

Duckman (3/5/1994-6/7/1997) |Animated TV Series|

In the Nam of the father (4/24/95)

I Due para (Italy, 1966)

Due soldati (see Hai nguoi linh)

Due vite, un destino (Italy/W. Germany, 7/2/1993) |TV|

Duft der Frauen (see Scent of a woman)

Duft der gruenen Papaya (see Mui du du xanh)

Duke of Whispering Pines (see A-Team)

Dulce porvenir (see Sweet hereafter)

Dumbarton bridge (1997)

Dung fong tuk ying (see Eastern condors)

Duon ve tran dia (North Vietnam, 1966)

Duong day Con Dao (Vietnam, 1980)

Duong ve que me (North Vietnam, 1971)

Dusk to dawn (see Vietnam war story)

Dusorjaegeren (see Wanted: dead or alive)

Dust of empire (see Hon vong phu)

Dust of life (see Poussieres de vie)

Duyen no (Vietnam, 1987)


E.B.E. (see X-files)

Each one, teach one (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Eagles (see Airwolf)

Early autumn (see Mot ngay dau thu)

Early edition (9/28/1996-5/27/2000) |TV Series|

The medal (10/4/1997)

Earth to Stacey (see Simon & Simon)

Earthquake (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Eastern condors (Hong Kong, 1986)

Easy rider (1969)

Easy wheels (1989)

Ebb-tide night (Dem nuoc rong)

Echelle de Jacob (see Jacob’s ladder)

Echo of terror (see Psycho a go-go!)

Echoes (see Riptide; Stingray)

Echoes from the past (see Airwolf)

Echoes of the mind (see Magnum, P.I.)

Echoes of war (see Life flight)

Edge (1968)

The education of Max Bickford (9/23/2001-6/2/2002) |TV Series|

|Premier episode| (9/23/01)

The Eeeh team (see Equipo Aahhgg)

Effet de choc (see F/X)

Effeto mortale (see F/X)

The ego experience (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Egyenesen at (see Flatliners)

Ehepaar A Phu (see Vo chong A Phu)

Eiger sanction (1975)

Eighth part of the village (see Magnum, P.I.)

84 Charlie mopic (1989)

Ein Stuck Erde (see Hon dat)

1000 |ein tausend|

Meilen bis zur Holle (see Line)

Eine Seite des Tagebuchs (see Page of the diary)

Einmal Holle und Zuruck (see Purple hearts)

Electra glide in blue (1973)

Elegy for a tramp (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Elevator to the gallows (see Ascenseur pour l’echafaud)

Eliminator (see Project: Eliminator)

Elmo Ziller story (see Magnum, P.I.)

The elusive butterfly (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Elvis meets Nixon (8/10/97) |TV|

Em be Hanoi (North Vietnam, 1974)

Em Phuoc (North Vietnam, 1969)

Em va Michael Jackson (Vietnam, 1994)

Embajador (see Ugly American)

Emeralds are not a girl’s best friend (see Simon & Simon)

Employee Dang (2003) |Short film|

En la linea de fuego (see In the line of fire)

En passion (see Passion)

Encientro en Marrakesh (see Two people)

Enchanted forest (Cambodia, 1967)

Enchilada express (see Simon & Simon)

Endangered species (1982)

Endstation hoelle (see Skyjacked)

Enemy (see Fatal mission)

The enemy (see Space : above and beyond)

Enemy hands (see Lightning force)

Enemy territory (1987)

Enemy unseen (1989)

Enfant (see Thuoi tho)

Enfant de Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Enfant refuse (see Dua con bi tu choi)

Enfer de devoir (see Rules of engagement)

Enforcer (1976)

Enter the Black Dragon (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Enter the dragon (Hong Kong/USA, 1973)

Enter the Jaguar (see Simon & Simon)

Enter the White Dragon (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Entre ciel et terre (see Heaven and earth)

Epouse de Dau (see Chi Dau)

Epoux A Phu (see Vo chong A Phu)

Epoux Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc)

Equipo A (see A-Team)

El equipo Aahhgg (Spain, 1989)

Eria 88 (see Area 88)

Erik (Canada, 1989)

Eruption (see Airwolf)

Escape (see Airwolf (second series))

Escape (see China Beach)

Escape from Atlantis (1997) |TV|

Escape from Nam (see Matt Houston)

Escape from New York (1981)

Esencia de mujer (see Scent of a woman)

Espi … ando (Spain/Italy, 1967)

Ete pourri (see Mean season)

Eternally yours (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Ether (see Stingray)

Etoile du mois d’aout (see Sao thang tam)

Etwas wird sichtbar (West Germany, 1981)

Eurasian son (see Nguoi dan ba bi san duoi)

Evades du triangle d’or (see Comeback)

Evalidos del Mekong (see Comeback)

Events (Great Britain, 1969)

Every day, every night (Australia, 1983)

Evicted (1998)

Executeur de Hong Kong (see Forced vengeance)

Executioner, part II (1984)

Exercise in terror (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Exodus (see Supercarrier)

Expatriate (see Promised land)

Expendables (Philippines, 1989)

Experience interdite (see Flatliners)

Experts (see Sneakers)

Exploit (see Mot chien cong)

Explosion (Canada, 1970)

Exterminateur (see Search and destroy (1981))

Exterminator (1980)

Exterminator 2 (1984)

Extreme limite (see Point break)

Extreme prejudice (1987)

Eye for an eye (1981)

Eye of the eagle (Philippines, 1988)

Eye of the eagle II: inside the enemy (Philippines, 1989)

Eye of the eagle 3 (Philippines, 1990) |Video|

Eye of the tiger (1986)

Eye witness (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Eyes (see The others; see also Space : above and beyond)

Eyewitness (1981)

Eyewitness (1984) (see Matt Houston)


FBI murders (see In the line of duty : the FBI murders)

F.N.G. (1975)

F.N.G. (see also China Beach)

F.T.A. (1972)

F/X (1986)

A face in the night (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Faceless (see Predateurs de la nuit)

Facets (see Simon & Simon)

Facing the storm (see Chuyen xe bao tap)

Facteur s’en va-t-en guerre (France, 1966)

Fairy tale for 17-year-olds (see Truyen co tich cho tuoi 17)

Fait d’arme (see Mot chien cong)

Faith and begorrah (see Magnum, P.I.)

Faith of my fathers (5/30/2005) |TV Series|

Falchi della notte (see Nighthawks)

Falcon and the snowman (1985)

Fall guy (11/4/1981-5/2/1986) |TV Series|

To the finish (12/7/83)

Trial by fire (1/24/86)

Fall of the tyrant (see Ngay tan cua bao chua)

Fall of the wild (see Trapper John, M.D.)

A fall to grace (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Fallen angel (see Airwolf)

Falling into a trap (see Sa bay)

Falling into the net (North Vietnam, 1970) |Animated|

Falling into the trap (see Sa bay)

Fallout (see Lightning force)

False identity (1990)

A false start (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Familia di mi novia (see Meet the parents)

A family affair (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Family prayers (1992)

Family reunion (see A-Team)

Fandango (1985)

Fandens til krig (see Odd angry shot)

Fantje tz sosescine (see Boyz ‘n the hood)

Fantome noir (see Tao)

Far and near (see Xa va gan)

Far away place so near (see Mod squad)

The far cry (Great Britain, 1967) |Short|

Far from home (1989)

Farewell Saigon (see Hen gap lai Sai Gon)

Farthest man from home (see Space : above and beyond)

Fastningen i Ardennerva (see Castle keep)

Fat chance (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Fatal mission (1990)

Fatal vision (11/18/1984) |TV|

A fate (see Dang sau mot so phan. Phan 1. Mot so phan)

Father and son (Vietnam, 1979?)

Father Xmas (2001) |Short film|

Father’s day (see Riptide)

Faucons de la nuit (see Nighthawks)

Faut trouve le joint (see Up in smoke)

Fear (1988)

Fear for tomorrow (see Matt Houston)

Feebles (see Meet the feebles)

Feet of clay (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Female of the species (see Manimal)

Une femme francaise (France/Great Britain/Germany, 1995)

Fete patronale (see Ngay le thanh)

Feu (see Lua)

Feu dans la jungle (see Lua rung)

Feu de foret (see Lua rung)

Feu en seconde ligne (see Lua trung tuyen)

Feuer in das zweiten Linie (see Lua trung tuyen)

Fever (see China Beach)

Few good men (1993)

Fiamme de Nghe Tinh (see Ngon lua Nghe Tinh)

Field day (2004) |Short film|

Field of fire (Philippines, 1990)

Field of honor (1973) |Short|

Fiend with the electronic brain (see Psycho a go-go!)

Fierce (see Fighting mad)

Fierce childhood (see Tuoi tho du doi)

Fievre sur la ville (see Bus Riley’s back in town)

Fifth of July (5/10/83) |TV|

Fifty/fifty (1993)

Fifty miles from home (see Route 66)

Fight is still going on (see Cuoc chien dau con tieo dien)

Fight like a dove (see Airwolf)

The Fighter (2/19/1983) |TV|

Fighting back (12/7/1980) |TV|

Fighting cage (see Renegade)

Fighting chance (see Fighter)

Fighting 52nd (see Hardball)

Fighting mad (Philippines, 1977)

Fighting on the Plain of Jars (see Cuoc chien dau canh dong chum)

Filaos de la cousine Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Fille du general (see General’s daughter)

Fils du Mekong (France, 1991)

Final chapter: walking tall (1977)

Final contract (see Due vite, un destino)

The final cut (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Final ecstasy (see Apocalypse climax II)

Final mission (U.S.A./Philippines, 1984)

Final reprisal (Philippines, 1992)

The Final score (Indonesia, 1986?)

Final vows (see Matt Houston)

Final war of Ollie Winter (1/29/67) |TV|

Find me a rainbow (see Magnum, P.I.)

Finders keepers (1981) (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Finders keepers (1984)

Fire (see A-Team)

Fire and shadow (see Chung toi muon song)

Fire behind the front line (see Lua trung tuyen)

Fire in the heart (see M.A.N.T.I.S.)

Fire in the hole (see Grace under fire)

Fire in the jungle (see Lua rung)

Fire in the second line (see Lua trung tuyen)

Fire in the sky (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Fire of Krong Dzung |Zung| (see Ngon lua Krong Dzung)

Fire of Nghe Tinh (see Ngon lua Nghe Tinh)

Fire on the middle line (see Lua trung tuyen)

Fireback (1984)

Firefox (1982)

Firehawk (1992)

Fires down below (1974)

Firestorm (see Airwolf; also Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Firewalker (1986)

Firing line (1986) (see A-Team)

Firing line (USA/Philippines, 1990)

1st and ten (2/12/1984-1/23/1991) |TV Series|

Dark side (11/9/88)

First blood (1982)

First circle (see The Protectors)

1st force (1991)

First let’s kill all the lawyers (see Simon & Simon)

First love (see Moi Tinh dau)

First morning (USA, 2003)

First strike (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

First time is forever (see Stingray)

Fisherman (see Matlock)

Five ashore for Singapore (see Cinq gars pour Singapore)

Five days home (see Welcome home, soldier boys)

Five gates to hell (1959)

Fixation (see She man)

F**k (see Blue movie)

Flame in the forest (see Lua rung)

Flame of Nghe Tinh (see Ngon lua Nghe Tinh)

Flame of the brass citadel (see Ngon lua thanh dong)

Flame over Vietnam (see Cruz en el inferno)

Flamme de Krong Zung (Ngon lua Krong Dzung)

Flamme de la citadelle d’airain (Ngon lua thanh dong)

Flamme von Nghe Tinh (see Ngon lua Nghe Tinh)

Flammes de Nghe Tinh (see Ngon lua Nghe Tinh)

Flashback (1979) (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Flashback (1982) (see Magnum, P.I.)

Flashback (1990)

Flashpoint (1984)

Flatliners (1990)

Fledgling (see Con chim vanh khuyen)

Flesh and fire (Thailand/USA, 2000) |unreleased|

Flesh and the woman (see Grand jeu)

Fleshburn (1984)

Fletcher’s visionen (see Conspiracy theory)

Fliegende Auge (see Blue thunder)

Flight 802 (see Hostage)

Flight #093 is missing (see Airwolf)

Flight of the intruder (1991)

Flirting with disaster (see Beverly Hills, 90210)

Flood season (see Mua gio chuong)

Flower of god (see Hoa cua troi)

Flower of Sac forest (see Bong hoa rung Sac)

Flower of the forest (see Bong hoa rung Sac)

Flowers before the grave (see Dao dien khoi nguyen)

Flowers of the mountain (see Airwolf (second series))

Flucht ins Ungewisse (see Running on empty)

Flugtaktion New York (see Escape from New York)

Fly away home (9/18/81) |TV|

Fly me – if you can find me (see Banacek)

Fly the alibi skies (see Simon & Simon)

Flying blind (7/30/90) |TV|

Flying doctors (Australia, 1986-1991) |TV Series|

Johnnie come home (1988)

Flying home (see Airwolf (second series))

Flying killers (see Piranha II: The spawning)

Fodt 4. Juli (see Born on the fourth of July)

Foiled again (see Magnum, P.I.)

Follow your heart (4/2/1990) |TV|

Foot shooting party (1994) |Short film|

Footnote to murder (see Murder she wrote)

Footy legends (Australia, 2006)

For God and country (see Homicide: life on the street)

For ladies only (1/19/81) |TV|

For life, against war (1967) |Compilation|

For old crime’s sake (see Simon & Simon)

For the boys (1991)

For the future (see Cho ca ngay mai)

For the peace of all the world (Korea, 1999) |Short film|

For the people (see Simon & Simon)

For what it’s worth (see Tour of duty)

Force is in you (see Ramb-ohh)

Force of one (1979)

Force one (see Force of one)

Forced entry (1971)

Forced to kill (1993)

Forced vengeance (1982)

Forest of Xanu (see Rung Xanu)

Foresta Xa Nu (see Rung Xanu)

Foret de la jeune Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Foret glacide (see Rung lanh)

Foret Xa Nu (see Rung Xanu)

Forever hold your piece (see Simon & Simon)

Forever in time (see Magnum, P.I.)

Forever knight (Canada, 1992-1996) |TV Series|

Can’t run, can’t hide (11/14/94)

Forget me not (see Trapper John, M.D.)

The Forgotten (1989) |TV|

Forgotten heroes (1989)

The Forgotten man (9/14/71) |TV|

The Forgotten warrior (USA/Philippines, 1986)

Formidable childhood (see Tuoi tho du doi)

Forradt (see Betrayed)

Forrest Gump (1994)

Fort du fou (France, 1963)

Fort Figueroa (8/2/88) |TV Pilot|

Fort of the mad (see Fort du fou)

Fortunate son (see JAG)

Fortune teller (see Airwolf)

Fortunes of war (1994)

Forty (see Magnum, P.I.)

42 (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Forty years from Sand Island (see Magnum, P.I.)

Fou shi lian qu (see Fu shi lian qu)

Four days in September (see O que e isso, companheiro?)

Four-eyes (see Riptide)

Four friends (1981)

416th (8/25/79) |TV Pilot|

4th down behind bars (see Coach of the year)

Fourth Miss Hau (see Chi tu Hau)

Fourth war (1990)

Fowl play (see Simon & Simon)

Foxtrot tango alpha (see F.T.A.)

Frage der Ehre (see Few good men)

Fragging (see Vietnam war story)

Fragments (see Magnum, P.I.)

Fragole e sangue (see Strawberry statement)

Fragrance (1986) |Short film|

Frame by frame (see Conundrum)

Francia no (see Femme francaise)

Frankie Kahana show (see Riptide)

Frankie’s house (2/21 and 2/23/93) |TV|

Frantic (see Ascenseur pot l’echafaud)

Franzoesische frau (see Femme francaise)

Fratelli nella notte (see Uncommon valor)

Frau aus Bai Sao (see Chi tu Hau)

Fraudulent death (see Mort en fraude)

The Fred connection (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Free-fire zone (see The district)

Free the army (see F.T.A.)

Freedom dance (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Freedom fighters (see Mercenary fighters)

Fremder Klang (see Cadence)

French woman (see Femme francaise)

Freres et soeurs de toutes les couleurs–Vietnam (Canada, 1979) |Short film|

Friendly fire (4/22/79) |TV|

Friendly fire (1991) (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Friends and lovers (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Friends in high places (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Frog dreaming (Australia, 1985)

From Moscow to Maui (see Magnum, P.I.)

From Saigon to Dien Bien (South Vietnam, 196-?)

Front calls (see Tien tuyen goi)

Fronte chiama (see Tien tuyen goi)

Fronteggiare la tempesta (see Chuyen xe bao tap)

Front’s calling (see Tien tuyen goi)

Fu shi lian qu (Hong Kong, 1990)

Fu shih lien chu (see Fu shi lian qu)

Fuck (see Blue movie)

Fuck the army (see F.T.A.)

Fucking new guy (see F.N.G.)

Fuga dall’archipelago maledetto (Italy, 1981)

Fugindo da morte (see Run for your life)

Fugitive in Saigon (see Mort en fraude)

Fulfillment – something worth remembering (1969)

Full metal jacket (1987)

Full moon blues (see Simon & Simon)

Fulte de capital (see Quick change)

Fumee (see Khoi)

Fumo bianco (see Khoi)

Funf Tore zur Holle (see Five gates to hell)

Fuoco nella giungla (see Lua rung)

Fureur Apache (see Ulzana’s raid)

Fureur du juste (see Octagon)

Furia cieca (see Blind fury)

Furs vaterland zu sterben (see Friendly Fire)

Fury to freedom (1985)

Future imperfect (see Trapper John, M.D.)


G.I. executioner (1985)

Ga (North Vietnam, 1970)

Gabrielle (see Yesterday)

Gai dieu xanh (se Giai dieu xanh)

Gale (see Nhung don sam set)

Gale Force (2002)

Game of hearts (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Game of overturned cards (Vietnam) (see Showdown)

Games people play (see Riptide)

The gangbang girl #26 (2001) |Video|

Gao shan xia di hua huan (China, 1984) |TV|

Gap (see Joe)

Gap to be filled (see Khoang cach con lai)

Gardens of stone (1987)

Gardien de buffles (see Buffalo boy)

Gare (see Ga)

Gate, gate, paragate (see Gone, gone, forever gone)

Gathering (12/4/77) |TV|

Gattino (see Meo con)

Gay deceivers (1969)

Geboren am 4. Juli (see Born on the fourth of July)

Gefaehrliche affaere (see Revenge)

Gefahrliche Brandung (see Point break)

Gefahrliche Feinde (see Enemy unseen)

Gefahrliche Lust (see In dangerous company)

Geheimcode Leopard (see No dead heroes)

Geheimecode Wildganse (West Germany/Italy, 1985)

Geiseln mussen sterben (see Brushfire)

Gemini (see Stingray)

General in retreat (see Tuong ve huu)

General Massacre (US/Belgium, 1973)

General Warhawk’s curse (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

General’s daughter (1999)

General’s return (see Walker, Texas Ranger)

Generation von 1969 (see 1969)

Genesis (see Lightning force)

Genio ribelle (see Good Will Hunting)

Gens de la riziere (see Neak sre)

Gensyn med vennerne (see Big chill)

Gente che abbiamo incontrato (see Nhung nguoi da gap)

Georgia (see Four friends)

Georgia, Georgia (1972)

Georgia’s friends (see Four friends)

German sisters (see Bleierne Zeit)

Geschichte des Herrn Giong (see Chuyen ong Giong)

Gesetz sind wir (see Vigilante force)

Get Christy Love! (1/23/74-7/18/75) |TV Series|

Deadly sport (1/8/75)

Get Houston (see Matt Houston)

Getaway (see Promised land)

Getting even (see Poliziotta a Miami)

Getting straight (1970)

Getting to know you (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Ghetto freaks (see Sign of Aquarius)

Ghetto revenge (see Bus is coming)

Ghetto warriors (see Black Gestapo)

Ghettoblaster (1990)

Ghost of Carter Gault (see Matt Houston)

Ghost whisperer (9/23/2005 – ) |TV Series|

|Premier| (9/23/05)

Ghost writer (see Magnum, P.I.)

Ghosts (see China Beach; see also JAG)

Ghosts of Christmas past (see JAG)

Ghosts of war (see RoboCop)

Giai dieu xanh (Vietnam, 1987)

Giardini di pietra (see Gardens of stone)

Gift (see China Beach)

Gio huu chien (South Vietnam, 1967?)

Gioco del falco (see Falcon and the snowman)

Giorni di gloria … giorni d’amore (see For the boys)

Giorno degli zombi (see Day of the dead)

Giorno di festa (Ngay le thanh)

Giot le Ha Long (Vietnam/Hong Kong, 1994)

Giovane combattente (see Nguoi chien se tre)

Girl from the Huong River (see Co gai tren song)

Girl in gold boots (1968)

Girl named Sue (see Magnum, P.I.)

Girl of Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Girl of red soil (see Nguoi con gai dat do)

Girl on the river (see Co gai tren song)

Girl under glass (aka) The sex act (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Girl who came between them (4/1/90) |TV|

Girl who fell from the sky (see Airwolf)

Girl who spelled freedom (2/3/85) |TV|

Girl with green eyes (see Green eyes)

Girlfriend gets married (see Nguoi yen di lay chong)

Girls night out (see Riptide)

Girls on the road (1972)

Giungla della giovane Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Give back her name (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 4)

Give till it hurts (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Giving back her name (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 4)

Glashuset (see Glass house)

Glass house (2/4/72) |TV|

Gleaming heart (see Gleaming the cube)

Gleaming the cube (1988)

Gli amici di Georgia (see Four friends)

Glimmer man (1996)

Glory boy (1971)

Go for broker (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Go kids (see Frog dreaming)

Go tell the Spartans (1978)

God and country (see Touched by an angel)

God bless the bomb

God of killers (see Hu-yueh te ku shih)

Goddess Laksmi (see Nu than Laksmi)

God’s children (see Nhung dua con cua than linh)

Goin’ to Chicago (1989)

Going back (Canada, 2002)

Going, going, Gonzo (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Going home (see Human target; see also Magnum, P.I.)

Golden apples of the sun (Canada, 1971)

Golden lady (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Golden one (see Airwolf (second series))

Golden opportunity (see Cover up)

Golden triangle (see Primary target)

Gone, gone, forever gone (Vietnam/Switzerland, 1996)

Good day for fighting (see Custer of the west)

Good doctor (see Matt Houston)

Good evening, Vietnam (1989) |Video|

Good guys wear black (1977)

The good life (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Good morning Saigon (1988) |Video|

Good morning, Vietnam (1987)

Good, the bad, and the dead (see Tour of duty)

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Goodbye Mr. Holland (see Mr. Holland’s opus)

Gordon’s war (1973)

Grace under fire (9/29/1993-2/17/1998) |TV Series|

Fire in the hole (1/20/98)

Up on the roof (10/6/93)

Graensepatruljen (see Borderline)

Graffiti party (see Big Wednesday)

Gran torino (USA, 2008)

Grand illusion (see Simon & Simon)

Grand jeu (France/Italy, 1954)

Grande freddo (see Big chill)

Grande fuga (see P.O.W.: the escape)

Graveyard shift (1990)

Gray-Brown odyssey (see Tour of duty)

Gray matter (1972)

Grazie, Tia (see Grazie, Zia)

Grazie, Zia (Italy, 1968; US, 1969)

Great adventurers (see Ta mao hsien chia)

Great Chicago conspiracy circus (see Chicago 70)

Great Hawaiian Adventure Company (see Magnum, P.I.)

Greatest (1977)

Greatest American hero (1981-1983) |TV Series|

Handpainted Thai (1/27/82)

Greatest hits (see Up in smoke)

Green Berets (1968)

Green blizzard (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Green Christmas (see Tour of duty)

Green dragon (2001)

Green eyes (1/3/1977) |TV|

Green fortress (North Vietnam, 1966) |Animated|

Green lipstick (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Green melody (see Giai dieu xanh)

Greeter (see Stingray)

Greetings (1968)

Grey matter (see Gray matter)

Grey team (see A-Team)

Gritos del silencio (see Killing fields)

Grizzly (1976)

Grosse Coup (see Charley Varrick)

Grosse Frust (see Big chill)

Ground zero (see Airwolf (second series))

Group (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Grunen mutzen (see Green Berets)

Grunen Teufel (see Green Berets)

Grupo salvaje (see Wild bunch)

Grusse (see Greetings)

Guardians of night (see Raven)

Guava season (see Mua oi)

Guerillas without guns (see Nguoi khong mang sung)

Guerra del cittadino Joe (see Joe)

Guerra di Gordon (see Gordon’s war)

Guerriere de l’enfer (see Who’ll stop the rain?)

Guerrieri (see Kelly’s heroes)

Guerrieri dell’inferno (see Who’ll stop the rain?)

Guerrieri della giungla (see Brushfire)

Guerrieri della palude silenziosa (see Southern comfort)

Guessing game (see Simon & Simon)

Gunn la gachette (see Black Gunn)

Gunny (see Heartbreak ridge)

Guns and roses (see Wolf |TV Series|)

Guns over Suez (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Gute Will hunting (see Good Will Hunting)

Guts & glory : the rise and fall of Oliver North (4/30 and 5/2/89) |TV|

Guy X (Great Britain, 2005)

Gypsy eyes (see JAG)


HX1 (see Airwolf)

Ha Dong silk dress (see Ao lua Ha Dong)

Ha Noi, mua dong nam 1946 (Vietnam, 1997)

Ha si quan (Vietnam, 1997)

Ha-yanjeonjaeng (see Hayan chongjaeng)

Haevnens pris (see Revenge)

Hai chi em (Vietnam, 1988)

Hai Cu (Vietnam, 1985)

Hai nam nua anh ve (Vietnam, 1990)

Hai nguoi linh (North Vietnam, 1962)

Hai nguoi me (North Vietnam, 1975)

Hai Tac Island (see Dao Hai Tac)

Hail, hero! (1969)

Hair (1979)

Halbblut (see Thunderheart)

Half-breed child (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi)

Half-pint (see Airwolf)

The Halley microbe (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Hamburger hill (1987)

Hampton Alexander (1973)

The handed down sword (see Thanh guom de lai)

Hangfire (1990)

Hangmen (1987)

Hanh, a teacher (see Co giao Hanh)

Hanh dong (see Cao nguyen F 101. Tap 2)

Hanh, la maitresse d’ecole (see Co giao Hanh)

Hanh, l’istitutrice (see Co giao Hanh)

Hanh phuc qua dam may mau (Vietnam, 1996)

Hanoi : winter 1946 (see Ha Noi, mua dong nam 1946)

Hanoi Hilton (1987)

Hanoi little girl (see Em be Hanoi)

Happiness over colour cloud (see Hanh phuc qua dam may mau)

Happy birthday… everybody (see I spy)

Hard rain: the Tet 1968 (see Tour of Duty)

Hard ride (1970?, 1971?)

Hard stripe (see Tour of duty)

Hard target (1993)

Hard time : hostage hotel (11/14/1999) |TV|

Hardball (9/21/1989-6/29/1990) |TV Series|

The fighting 52nd (11/10/89)

Hardcase (see Riptide)

Hardcase and fist (1989)

Harde drenge danser ikke (see Tough guys don’t dance)

Harder than it looks (see A-Team)

Harlem nocturne (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man (1991)

Harmony and grits (see Riptide)

Harm’s way (see Simon & Simon)

Harper and Reynolds (see Cover up)

Harper-gate (see Cover up)

Harry O : such dust as dreams are made on (1973)

Harte Ziele (see Hard target)

Hassliche Amerikaner (see Ugly American)

Hatchet job (see Riptide)

Hate is enough (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Hateman (see Swift justice)

Haunted (9/24/2002 – 11/5/2002) |TV Series|

Blind witness (10/22/02)

Have a nice weekend (1975)

Have I got a girl for you (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Have you hugged your nurse today? (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Have you hugged your private investigator today? (see Simon & Simon)

Hawaii five-o (9/26/68-4/5/80) |TV Series|

By the numbers (12/12/68)

Killer bee (1/21/70)

King of the kill (1/8/69)

Not that much different (3/5/69)

To kill or be killed (1/13/71)

Hawaiian headache (see Rockford files)

Hawke’s run (see Airwolf)

Hay tha thu cho em (Vietnam, 1992)

Hayan chonjaeng (Korea/Japan, 1992)

He ain’t heavy, he’s my father (see Dharma and Greg)

He will come back in two years (see Hai nam nua anh ve)

Head (1968)

Head hunter (see Lie tou)

Head start (Australia, 3/4-2/12/2001) |TV Series|

Heading home (1994)

Heading south going north (see Vao Nam ra bac)

Heal thyself (see Magnum, P.I.)

Healthy, wealthy and dead (see Cover up)

Hear today, gone tomorrow (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Heart and Seoul (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Heart of rock n’ roll (see A-Team)

Heartbreak ridge (1987)

Hearts afire (9/14/1992-2/1/1995) |TV Series|

Blue Christmas (12/15/93)

Hearts of fire (see Goin’ to Chicago)

Heat (1987)

Heat (1993) (see Raven)

Heated vengeance (1985)

Heaven and earth (1993)

Heaven’s prisoners (1996)

Heels and toes (see Simon & Simon)

Heidi chronicles (10/15/1995) |TV|

Helden U.S.A. (see Death before dishonor)

Helden U.S.A. 2 (see Cease fire)

Helden U.S.A. 4 (see Ministry of vengeance)

Helden von Heute (see Heroes)

Hell camp (see Opposing force)

Hell master (see Hellmaster)

Hell no, nobody goes (see Activist)

Hell on earth (see Hellraiser III)

Hell on the battleground (1988)

Hellmaster (1990) |Video|

Hello, goodbye (see China Beach)

Hellraiser III : hell on earth (1992)

Hells angels in Vietnam (see Nam angels)

Hell’s chosen few (1968)

Helvedes Karl (see Great Santini)

Hemkomsten (see Coming home)

Hen gap lai Sai Gon (Vietnam, 1990)

Here is my country (see Xin nhan noi nay lam que huong)

Here’s another fine mess (see Matt Houston)

Heritage (see Matt Houston)

Hero (1992)

Hero and a half (see Hero)

Hero Giong (see Chuyen ong Giong)

Heroes (1977)

Heroes (1986) |TV| (see Hotel)

Heroes blood (see 13th mission)

Heroes de otra patria (Puerto Rico, 1998)

Heroes from another land (see Heroes de otra patria)

Heroes shed no tears (see Ying hsiung wu lei)

Heroes without a cause (see Heroes de otra patria)

Heros comme tant d’autres (see In country)

Herr der Gezeiten (see Prince of tides)

Herzflimmern (see Souffle au coeur)

Hi, Mom! (1970)

Hidden man (see Ironside)

Hidden pearl (see Ngoc trong da)

Hidden secret (see A Yank in Indochina)

High desert kill (1989) |TV|

High fashion murders (see Matt Houston)

High ground (see JAG)

High pressure and tidal wave (see Cao ap va nuoc lu)

High stakes (see Manimal)

High time (see Trapper John, M.D.)

High velocity (1977)

High voltage (1997)

Highland F 101 (see Cao nguyen F 101)

Highlander (1986)

Highlander (10/3/1992-5/1998) |TV Series|

Brothers in arms (10/8/95)

Highway to heaven (9/19/1984-8/4/1989) |TV Series|

To bind the wounds (2/9/86)

Hijack (see Lightning force)

Hill (see Tour of duty)

Hill Street blues (1981-1987) |TV Series|

Little boil blue (11/11/82)

Hills have eyes (1977)

Hinrichtung (see Ne pour l’enfer)

His law (see Snake eater III: his law)

Histoire des epoux Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc)

Histoire du village de cocotiers (see Cau chuyen lang dua)

History of Woo Viet (see Hu-yueh te ku-shih)

Hit! (1973)

Hit men (see S.W.A.T.)

Hitman (see American commandos)

Ho Chi Minh Trail (see Police story)

Ho sparato a Andy Warhol (see I shot Andy Warhol)

Hoa ban so (Vietnam, 1994)

Hoa binh (France, 1970)

Hoa binh (2000) (see Chien tranh & Hoa binh)

Hoa cua troi (Vietnam, 1995)

Hoai Thu villa (see Biet thu Hoai Thu)

Hoang Hoa Tham (Vietnam, 1987)

Pt. 1. Thu linh ao nau = Leader in a brown shirt

Pt. 2. Lua chay duong chan troi = Horizon in flames

Hoang hon nhiet doi (Vietnam, 1991)

Hoi chuong mau da cam (Vietnam, 1983)

Hoi duiong mau da cam (see Hoi chuong mau da cam)

Hola, Mama (see Hi, Mom)

Holle von Dien Bien Phu (see Jump into hell)

Hollow point (1995)

Holly’s choice (see China Beach)

Hollywood Knights (1980)

Hollywood shuffle (1987)

Hollywood strangler (see Don’t answer the phone)

Holmes is where the heart is (see Magnum, P.I.)

Holt Harry raus (see Let’s get Harry)

Holtpoint (see Point break)

Holy day (see Ngay le thanh)

Holy ghosts (see Vanishing son |TV Series|)

Holy Lola (France, 2004)

Holy war (1969)

Home (see China Beach)

Home (see Vietnam war story)

Home for Christmas (see Riptide)

Home free (see Visitors)

Home free all (1983)

Home from the sea (see Magnum, P.I.)

Home of the brave (1993) |Video|

Home to roost (see Midnight caller)

Homecoming (see Promised land; also, Street justice |TV Series|)

Homer (1970)

Homer’s barbershop quartet (see Simpsons)

Homefront (2005) |Short film|

Homicide: life on the street (1/31/1993- ) |TV Series|

For God and country (2/9/96, rebr. 5/24/96; with Law & order)

Saigon rose (11/21/97)

Same coin (1/29/99)

Wanted dead or alive (11/13-11/20/98)

Homme de feu (see Man on fire)

Homme sans merci (see No mercy man)

Hommes d’honneur (see A few good men)

Hon dat (Vietnam, 1983)

Hon nhan khong gia thu (Vietnam, 1997)

Hon vong phu (France/Vietnam, 1983)

Honden van die oorlog (see Dogs of war)

Honeymoon murders (see Matt Houston)

Honkon no yoru (Japan, 1961)

L’honneur d’un Capitaine (France, 1982)

Honor (see Tribeca)

Honor (2005) (see Cold case)

Honor and trust (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Honor betrayed (see Fear)

Honor guard (see Wolf lake)

Horde sauvage (see Wild bunch)

Horizon in flames (see Hoang Hoa Tham)

Horizonless (see Khong co duong chan troi)

Horn of plenty (see Airwolf)

Horror of the highlands (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Hostage (South Africa, 1987)

Hostage (TV program) (see Promised land)

Hostage hotel (see Hard time : hostage hotel)

Hostile visit (see Space : above and beyond)

Hot ice (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Hot line (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Hot shot (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Hot shots! part deux (1993)

Hot spell (see China Beach)

Hot styles (see A-Team)

Hotel (9/21/1983-5/5/1988) |TV Series|

Heroes (2/26/86)

Hotel dick (see Magnum, P.I.)

Hottest ticket in town (see Simon & Simon)

Hour of truce (see Gio huu chien)

House (1985)

House of guavas (see Mua oi)

Housegeist (see Boardinghouse)

Housewife (see Bone)

Houston is dead (see Matt Houston)

How I long for October (see Bao gio cho den thang moi)

How I won the war (Great Britain, 1967)

How sleep the brave (Great Britain, 1981)

How to stay alive in Vietnam (see China Beach)

Hu yue de gu shi (see Hu-yueh te ku shih)

Hu yueh te ku-shih (Hong Kong (for China), 1981)

The human stain (2003)

Human target (7/20/1992-8/29/1992) |TV Series|

Chances are (8/29/92)

* Cool hand Chance (8/15/92)

Designed by Chance (8/1/92)

Going home (8/22/92)

Mirror image (8/8/92)

Pilot episode (7/20/92)

* Second chance (7/25/92)

Hundstage (see Dog day afternoon)

Hunted (see Airwolf; Matt Houston; Star trek: the next generation)

Hunter of the apocalypse (see Cacciatore 2)

Hunter’s crossing (1985)

Hunting head (see Lie tou)

Huyen thoai ve nguoi me (Vietnam, 1987)


I ain’t goin to march no more (see Streets of San Francisco)

I am what I am (see Tour of duty)

I could have danced all night … but I didn’t (see China Beach)

I do? (see Magnum, P.I.)

I do, I don’t (see Trapper John, M.D.)

I do not belong to the human world (see Sixth sense)

I feel it coming (1969)

I heard it was murder (see Simon & Simon)

I love Lisa (see Simpsons)

I miss you so (1967)

I never wanted to go to France, anyway (see Magnum, P.I.)

I only have ice for you (see Trapper John, M.D.)

I pen wu yen (see Yi ben wu yan)

I shall return (see Anh se ve)

I shot Andy Warhol (1996)

I spy (9/15/1965-9/9/1968) |TV Series|

Happy birthday… everybody (2/26/68)

Tatia (11/17/65)

War lord (2/1/67)

I, the jury (1982)

I thought the war was over (see Simon & Simon)

I was not born for imprisonment (see San bat cuop. Tap 1. Toi sinh ra khong phai de ngoi tu)

I will come back (see Anh se ve)

I will forget you (see Na ije neoreul ijeuri)

I wish it would rain (see Tour of duty)

I witness (see Magnum, P.I.)

Ice (1970)

Ice (1992) (see Lightning force)

Ich, der Richter (see I, the jury)

If… (Great Britain, 1968)

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (see Riptide)

If you can’t stand the heat (see Trapper John, M.D.)

I’ll come back in two years (see Hai nam nua anh ve)

Illegitimate marruage (see Hon nhan khong gia thu)

Illusion (see Manimal)

Ils etaient cinq (France, 1952)

I’m gonna get you sucka (1988)

Immeuble (see Chung cu)

Impossibilita di essere normale (see Getting straight)

Impure thoughts (1986)

In cerca di Mr. Goodbar (see Looking for Mr. Goodbar)

In chase of robbers (see San bat cuop)

In country (1989)

In dangerous company (1988)

In der gewalt des Jenseits (see Jacob’s ladder)

In gold we trust (Thailand, 1990)

In love and war (3/16/1987) |TV|

In plane sight (see A-Team)

In Saigon, some may live (see Some may live)

In search of the land (see Nguoi di tim dat)

In search of the past (see Nguoi di tim di vang)

In the bush (1999) |Video|

In the city of Angels (see Moses : Fallen. In the city of angels)

In the eyes of the beholder (see Trapper John, M.D.)

In the heat of the night (3/6/1988-5/16/1995) |TV Series|

My name is Hank (12/19/89) (rebr. 12/24/91)

In the lake of the woods (3/5/1996) |TV|

In the line of duty : the FBI murders (11/27/1988) |TV|

In the line of fire (1993)

In the Nam of the father (see Duckman)

In the region of sand and wind (see Ve noi gio cat)

In the suburb (see Ngoai o)

In the valley of elah (2007)

In their prime (see Tamen zheng nianqing)

Incident at Crystal Lake (see A-Team)

Incredible hulk (3/10/1978-5/19/1982) |TV Series|

Veteran (10/30/81)

Independence day (1996)

Independence day (TV program) (see China Beach; Promised land)

Independent (2000)

Indomable Will Hunting (see Good Will Hunting)

Induction (2005) |Short film|

Infernal death (see Trampa infernal)

Infernal trap (see Trampa infernal)

Inferno e a Dien Bien Phu (see Jump into hell)

Indian runner (1991)

Indijanski tekac (see Indian runner)

Indochine (France, 1992)

Inferno in diretta (Italy, 1984)

Inhabited city (see Thanh pho co nguoi)

Initiation (1968)

Inn at the end of the road (see Airwolf)

Innere Bloss (see Outside in)

Innocence … a broad (see Magnum, P.I.)

Innocent blood (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Inquisition (see Lightning force)

Inside moves (1980)

Inside the enemy (see Eye of the eagle II: inside the enemy)

Insiders (see Nguoi trong cuoc)

Inspecteur Harry (see Dirty Harry)

Inspecteur ne renonce jamais (see Enforcer)

Institurice des hautes cretes (see Co giao vung cao)

Institurice Hanh (see Co giao Hanh)

Internal affairs (11/6 and 11/7/1988) |TV|

Internal affairs (1990)

Internal affairs – DR 20 (see Dragnet)

Interval between deaths (see Displayed termination: the interval between deaths)

Intimate strangers (1/1/1986) |TV|

Intolerance (see Promised land)

Intrusion Cambodia (Philippines, 1981)

Invasion of the flesh hunters (see Cannibals in the streets)

The Invisible Circus (2001)

Invocation of my demon brother (1969)

Io la giuria (see I, the jury)

Io sono perversa (see Big bounce)

Ipotesi di complotto (see Conspiracy theory)

Iron eagle (1986)

Iron eagle II (Canada/Israel, 1988)

Iron eagle III (see Aces: Iron eagle III)

Iron eagle IV (Canada, 1995)

Iron man (see Marvel superheroes)

The iron mask (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Iron triangle (1989)

Ironside (9/14/1967-1/16/1975) |TV Series|

And then there was one (1/20/72)

The hidden man (11/29/73)

No game for amateurs (9/24/70)

Is someone crazy in here or is it me? (see Raven)

Is there a doctor in the big house? (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Island (see A-Team)

It only hurts when I love (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Italian ice (see Magnum, P.I.)

It’s a desert out there (see A-Team)

It’s a vial sort of business (see Riptide)

It’s a wise surgeon (see Trapper John, M.D.)

It’s about time (see Trapper John, M.D.)

It’s only a game (see Simon & Simon)



J. “Digger” Doyle (see Magnum, P.I.)

JFK (1991)

JFK – un caso ancora aperta (see JFK)

Jack le magnifique (see Saint Jack)

Jack of spades (see Cover up)

Jackals (1986)

Jacknife (1989)

The jackpot pays off (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Jacob’s ladder (1990)

Jacob’s ladder (1996) (see Touched by an angel)

Jade jungle (see Armed response)

JAG (9/23/1995-4/29/2005) |TV Series|

Deja vu (10/21/95) Miracles (2/6/01)
Fortunate son (3/18/03) People v. Rabb (11/25/97)
Ghost ship (9/23/97) The prisoner (5/8/96)
Ghosts (2/14/97) A separate peace (11/21-28/00)
Ghosts of Christmas past (12/14/99) Survivors (4/17/96)
Gypsy eyes (9/22/98) To Russia with love (5/19/98)
High ground (4/3/96) Unknown Soldier (4/15/05)
King of the fleas (10/21/97) We the people (1/3/97)
The Martin Baker fan club (10/20/98) Wilderness of mirrors (5/4/99)

Jagd auf linke Bruder (see Gordon’s war)

Jager der Apocalypse II – Zuruck ins Inferno (see American commandos)

Janitor (see Eyewitness)

Jardins de pierre (see Gardens of stone)

Jarhead (2005)

Jason’s lyric (1994)

Jaws of death (see Mako : the jaws of death)

J’aurai ta peau (see I, the jury)

Jennie (see Airwolf)

Jenny (1970)

Jerker (1991) |Video|

Jessica Novak (1981-1982) |TV Series|

Man on the street (11/26/81)

Jeu du faucon (see Falcon and the snowman)

Jeune combattant (see Nguoi chien si tre)

Jeune communiste (see Nguoi cong sau gre thoi)

Jeune femme de Bai-Sao (see Chi tu hau)

Jeune Nhip (see Co Nhip)

Jing tian long hu bao (Hong Kong, 1990)

Joe (1970)

Joey’s here (see Matt Houston)

John Doe (see Simon & Simon)

Johnnie come home (see Flyring doctors)

Johnny cogio su fusil (see Johnny got his gun)

Johnny Firecloud (1974)

Johnny got his gun (1971)

Johnny Vik (1977)

John’s other life (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Jororo farewell (see Magnum, P.I.)

Jororo kill (see Magnum, P.I.)

Jour des morts-vivants (see Day of the dead)

Jour du debut d’automne (see Mot ngay dau thu)

Journal intime de David Holzman (see David Holzman’s diary)

Journey (see Raven)

Journey from the fall (2005)

Journey through Rosebud (1972)

Jud (1971)

Judge is needed for the trial (see Phien toa can chanh an)

Judgement (1995) |TV| |Short film|

Judgement : the court martial of Lieutenant William Calley (1/12/75) |TV|

Judgement call (see Simon & Simon)

Judgement day (1985) (see A-Team)

Judgement day (1986) (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Judgements are needed (see Phien toa can chanh an)

Juice (see China Beach)

Jump into hell (1955)

Junge frau von Bai Sao (see Chi Tu Hau)

Junge Kampfer (see Nguoi chien si tre)

Junge Soldat (see Nguoi chien se tre)

Jungen von Tong, die Madchen aus Bat (see Youth from Tong, the girl from Bat)

Jungle assault (1988)

Jungle commando (China Gate)

Jungle fire (see Lua rung)

Jungle force (see Eye of the eagle)

Jungle heat (Hong Kong, 1984)

Jungle heat (1988) |Video| (see Dance of the dwarfs)

Jungle named after Miss Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Jungle of young Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Jungle of Xanu (see Rung Xanu)

Jungle patrol (see Jungle assault)

Jungle rats (1987)

Jungle war (see S.W.A.T.)

Junglebrigaden (see Cacciatore 2)

Junior le terrible (see Problem child)

Just a little inconvenience (10/2/77) |TV|

Just around the corner (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Just say no (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Justice sauvage (see Walking tall)

Juvenile – DR22 (see Dragnet)

Juznjaska uteha (see Southern comfort)


K.I.A. (see Eye of the eagle II)

K.I.’I.’s don’t lie (see Magnum, P.I.)

Kalla ogat (see Medium cool)

Kam Li (see Without a trace)

Kamp Krusty (see Simpsons)

Kampf geht weiter (see Cuoc chien dau con tiep dien)

Kampfratten (see Battle rats)

Kampuchea express (see Angkor: Cambodia express)

Kanonenboot am Yangtse-Kiang (see Sand pebbles)

Kao shan hsia ti hua huan (see Gao shan xia di hua huan)

Kapu (see Magnum, P.I.)

Karate kid (1984)

Karate kid, part II (1986)

Karate kid, part III (1989)

Karma (Switzerland/Vietnam, 1986)

Karma love story (see Manh tinh nghiet nga)

Kaskader (see Stunt man)

Kasteel in de hel (see Castle keep)

Katherine (10/5/75) |TV|

Katherine : portrait of a radical (see Katherine)

Keep off the grass (1968)

Keine Gnade (see Cutter and Bone)

Keine Gnade fur Ulzana (see Ulzana’s raid)

Kelly’s heroes (US/Yugoslavia, 1970)

Kent State (2/8/81) |TV|

Key (see Airwolf (second series))

Khep kin (see Dang sau mot so phan. Phan 3)

Khoang cach con lai (Vietnam, 1981)

Khoanh khac yen lang cua chien tranh (Vietnam, 1983)

Khoi (North Vietnam, 1967)

Khong co duong chan troi (Vietnam, 1989)

Khong noi an nap (North Vietnam, 1971)

Khuong noi ap nap (see Khong noi an nap)

Kickboxer (1989)

Kid stuff (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Kidnapping (see Matt Houston)

Kieu chinh (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi)

Kill Alex kill (1976)

Kill Charley Varrick (see Charley Varrick)

Kill crazy (1990)

Kill Dan Tanna! (see Vega$)

Kill devil (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Kill for peace (1968?)

Kill John Doe (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Kill squad (1982)

Kill S.W.A.T. (see S.W.A.T.)

Kill zone (1985)

Kill zone (Phillipines, 1991)

Killed in action (see Eye of the eagle II)

Killeerbrigade (see Package)

Killer bee (see Hawaii Five-O)

Killer-Brigade (see Package)

Killer grizzly (see Grizzly)

Killer instinct (see Behind enemy lines)

Killer on the hill (see Cannon)

Killerinstinkt (see Behind enemy lines)

Killer’s edge (1990) |Video|

Killing beach (see Turtle beach)

Killing fields (1984)

Killing ground (see S.W.A.T.)

Killing isn’t everything (see Matt Houston)

The killing seasons (1996) |Short film|

Killing time (see Matt Houston)

Kim (see Bionic woman)

Kim Dong (North Vietnam, 1964)

Kin (1998)

Die Kinder (Great Britain, 1990) |TV Series| (PBS, 3/28/91-)

Kindness of strangers (see Beverly Hills, 90210)

King of the fleas (see JAG)

King of the hill (see Hawaii five-o)

King of the hill (1/14/97- ) |Animated TV Series|

Unfortunate son (3/10/02)

King of the road (1981) (see Trapper John, M.D.)

King of the road (1996) (see Promised land)

Kingdom come (see Airwolf)

King’s ransom (see Devastator)

Kiss the sabre (see Magnum, P.I.)

Kissinger and Nixon (12/10/95) |TV|

Kitten (see Meo con)

Klatwa doliny wezy (see Zaklyatie doliny zmei)

Kleine Katze (see Meo con)

Kleine Kim Dong (see Kim Dong)

The knife (see Luoi dao)

Knights of the road (see A-Team)

Kojak (10/24/73-4/1/78) |TV Series|

Queen of the gypsies (1/19/75)

Kommando Bravo (see Southern comfort)

Kommando in Vietnam (see Yank in Vietnam)

Kommando Tiger Shark (see Tigershark)

Komputerkemek (see Sneakers)

Kona winds (see Magnum, P.I.)

The Konichi (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Koordinaty smerti (see Toa do chet)

Kopfgeld (see Ransom)

Kosa (see Hair)

Kovat kundit eivet tanssi (see Tough guys don’t dance)

Kreuzung Dong Loc (see Nga ba Dong Loc)

Krieg der Bosse (see Due vite, un destino)

Krima-Kerime : Noah’s ark (Neth./Germany/Turkey, 1995)

Krug and company (see Last house on the left)

Kstaze przyplywow (see Prince of tides)

Ky niem vung ven (Vietnam, 1977)

Ky uc Dien Bien (Vietnam, 2004)


L.A. (see Magnum, P.I.)

LBJ : the early years (2/1/87) |TV|

L.I.E. (2000)

La con chuan (North Vietnam, 1965)

La ou le vent tourbillonne (see Vung gio xoay)

Labor pains (see A-Team)

Lac cam (Vietnam, 1994)

The “lac cam” musical instrument (see Lac cam)

Ladies in waiting (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Lady blue (4/15/1985-1/25/1996) |TV Series|

|Murders of Vietnamese refugees in Chicago| (10/17/85)

Lady from yesterday (1985) |TV|

Lady killer (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer; also Riptide)

Lady killers (see Ladykillers)

Lady of the tropics (1939)

Ladykillers (2004)

Lagoon of death (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Lai Ke (Hong Kong, 1978)

Lake of the woods (see In the lake of the woods)

Laksmi goddess (see Nu than Laksmi)

Lamp in the dream (see Ngon den trong mo)

Land of plenty (US/Germany, 2004)

Land of the black cactus (see Xuong rong den)

Landmark standard (see La con chuan)

Land ’s end (9/20/1995-5/18/1996)|TV Series|

What are friends for? (11/13/95)

Lang Noi (North Vietnam, 1964)

Lang ven (Vietnam, 1979)

Lang Vu Dai ngay ay (Vietnam, 1982)

Lange Kalifornier (see Special delivery)

Lange Tod des Stuntman Cameron (see Stunt man)

El largo viaje (see Ai xuoi Van Ly)

Last breath (see Tsui hou i kou chi)

Last castle (2001)

Last crime (see Toi loi cuoi cung)

Last days of Colonel Savath (see Derniers jours du Colonel Savath)

Last days of paradise (see There goes my baby)

Last detail (1974)

Last flight out (5/22/90) |TV|

The last full measure (2004) |Short film|

Last harangue (see Simon & Simon)

Last hero (see McClain’s law)

Last hit (3/31/93) |TV|

Last house on the left (1972)

Last hunter (see Cacciatore 2)

Last laugh (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Last message from Saigon (see Operation CIA)

Last mission (see Final mission)

Last movie (1971)

Last Nazi (see Lightning force)

Last outpost (see Vietnam war story)

The Last P.O.W.? The Bobby Garwood story (1991 |first aired6/28/93|) |TV|

Last page (see Magnum, P.I.)

Last platoon (see Angel Hill : l’ultima missione)

Last rites (1988)

Last samurai (1995)

Last soldier (see Vietnam war story)

Last stand (see MacGyver)

Last stand at Lang Mei (see Eye of the eagle 3)

Last supper (see Outer limits)

Last testament of Richard M. Nixon (see Secret honor)

Last time I saw Michael (see Simon & Simon)

Last warning (see Loi canh cao cuoi cung)

Last warriors (see Predatori di Atlantide)

Last year in Vietnam (1967) |Short|

Late Liz (1972)

Latino (1985)

Latwy szmal (see Quick change)

Laura (see Magnum, P.I.)

Law & order (9/13/1990- ) |TV Series|

Armed forces (10/3/01)

Charm city (2/7/96, with Homicide: life on the street)

White rabbit (10/19/94)

Le thi Hong Gam (Vietnam, 1980)

Leaden times (see Bleierne Zeit)

Leader in brown |or brown shirt| (see Hoang Hoa Tham)

Leap of faith (see Promised land)

Least dangerous game (see Simon & Simon)

Leather jackets (1990)

Leathernecks (see Colli di cuoio)

Left alone (see Con lai moth-minh)

Legacy (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Legacy from a friend (see Magnum, P.I.)

Legacy of Garwood Huddle (see Magnum, P.I.)

Legend of a mother (see Huyen thoai ve nguoi me)

Legend of Lady Blue (1987)

Legend of the lawman (see Part 2 walking tall)

Legend of the lost art (see Magnum, P.I.)

Legione dei condannati (see Rogues regiment)

Lehrerin Hanh (see Co giao Hanh)

Lei chang xizn si shu (China, 1989)

Lei ting sao xue (Hong Kong, 1992)

Lenh truy na (Vietnam, 1991)

Less than the eye can see (see Stingray)

Lessons in fear (see S.W.A.T.)

Lest we forget (see Magnum, P.I.)

Let me hear the music (see Magnum, P.I.)

Let that be your last battlefield (see Star trek)

Let the blood run free (Australia, 1990-1994) |TV Series|

|Episode featuring Vietnam veteran character| (1990)

Let the punishment fit the crime (see Magnum, P.I.)

Lethal innocence (11/13/91) |TV|

Lethal panther (see Jing tian long hu bao)

Lethal weapon (1987)

Lethal weapon 2 (1989)

Lethal weapon 3 (1992)

Lethal weapon 4 (1998)

Lets get Harry (1986)

Letter to a duchess (see Magnum, P.I.)

Lettera aperta a un giornale della sera (Italy, 1970)

Lettres de Stalingrad (France, 1969)

Letzte schlacht (see Go tell the Spartans)

Letzten Amerikaner (see Southern comfort)

Lev farligt (see Year of living dangerously)

Level of necessity (see Space : above and beyond)

Lexx (Canada/Great Britain, 4/18/1997-4/26/2002) |TV Series|

ApocaLexx now (3/29/02)

Little blue planet (7/13/01)

Liberty & Bash (1990)

Licencia para matar (see Eiger sanction)

Licensed to kill (see Trapper John, M.D.)

LIE (see L.I.E.)

Lie tou (Hong Kong, 1982)

Liebe und Entfernung (see Tinh yeu va khoang cach|

Liebhaber (see Amant)

Life, death and Dr. Christmas (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Life, death and Vinnie Duncan (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Life flight : the movie (1987)

Lift to the scaffold (see Ascenseur pour l’echafaud)

Light in dream (see Ngon den trong mo)

Light in the dream (see Ngon den trong mo)

Lightning force (9/22/91-5/30/92) |TV Series|

Belfast says no (10/6/91) Last Nazi (10/27/91)
Checkup (5/2/92) Lightning strikes back (3/1/92)
Deadliest game (1/5/92) M.I.A. (2/16-23/92)
Deadly machine (11/17/91) Master (4/18-25/92)
Enemy hands (5/9-16/92) Paranoid (2/9/92)
Fallout (11/3-10/91) Recipe for death (10/20/91)
Genesis (9/22-29/91) Setting sun (2/2/92)
Hijack (5/23/92) Smart bullet (10/13/91)
Ice (5/30/92) Wisefellas (11/24/91)
Inquisition (1/12/92)

Lightning strikes back (see Lightning force)

Ligne de demarcation (see Borderline)

Like father, like son (see Simon & Simon)

Like this it means father, like this bitter, like this tiger (see Route 66)

Lila (see Acid mantra)

Limbo (1972)

Limbo (1987) (see Magnum, P.I.)

Limbo (1988) (see China Beach)

Limited engagement (see Magnum, P.I.)

Limousine (1984)

Line (1980; re-edited release of Parades, 1972)

Line from Con Dao (see Duong day Con Dao)

Line of fire: the Morris Dees story (1/21/91) |TV|

Linea mortale (see Flatliners)

Linh from Vietnam (see Overture: Linh from Vietnam)

Lisa the beauty queen (see Simpsons)

Lisa’s sax (see Simpsons)

Lisa’s substitute (see Simpsons)

List (see Simon & Simon)

Lista segreta (see Ban danh sach mat)

Liste secrete (see Ban danh sach mat)

Little Big Man (1970)

Little bit of luck … a little bit of grief (see Magnum, P.I.)

Little blue planet (see Lexx)

Little boil blue (see Hill Street blues)

Little boy blue (1998)

Little cat (see Meo con)

Little fish (Australia, 2005)

Little games (see Magnum, P.I.)

Little girl lost (see Promised land)

Little girl who (see Magnum, P.I.)

Little girl of Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Little Kim Dong (see Kim Dong)

A little knife music (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Little Miss murder (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Little town with an accent (see A-Team)

Little Wolf (see Airwolf)

Live for life (see Vivre pour vivre)

Lively set (1964)

Lives they left behind (see Lei chang xian si shu)

Living in fear (see Song trong so hai)

Living in Missouri (2002)

Living with Uncle Ray (2006)

Loaded weapon 1 (see National Lampoon’s loaded weapon 1)

Lock ‘n’ load (1991)

Loi canh cao cuoi cung (Vietnam, 1986)

Loi des seigneurs (see Lords of discipline)

Loi the (Vietnam, 1996)

Loi thi tham cua chien tranh (Vietnam, 1997)

Loin et proche (Xa va gan)

Lone wolf McQuade (1983)

Lonely at the top (see Tour of duty)

Loner (see Rajin’ cajun; see also, Ruckus)

Lonesome cowboy blues (see Tour of duty)

Long ago and far away (see Trapper John MD)

Long distance daddy (see Riptide)

Long goodbye (see Lie tou)

Long Island Expressway (see L.I.E.)

Long journey (see Ai xuoi Van Ly)

Long journey home (1987) |TV|

Long road home (Canada, 1989)

Long way home (Australia, 1985) |TV|

Long zheng hu dou (see Enter the dragon)

Longing for the landscape (see Thuong nho dong que)

Look (see Magnum, P.I.)

Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977)

Looking for people in a picture (see Tim nguoi trong anh)

Loose change (2/26, 2/27 and 2/28/78) |TV|

Lords of discipline (1983)

Losers (1970)

Lost and found (see Baywatch; also China Beach)

Lost and found (see Big fat liar)

The lost city of Acra (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Lost command (1966)

Lost flight (1970)

Lost heroes (see Vietnam war story)

Lost idol (see Thong sam)

Lost platoon (1989)

Lotta continua (see Cuoc chien dau con tiep dien)

The lottery (2004) |Short film|

Lotus lady (1930)

Lou Grant (1977-1982) |TV Series|

Vet (1/15/79)

Loup de la cote ouest (France/Portugal, 2002)

Love and death in Saigon (see Ying hsiung pen se III)

Love and distance (see Tinh yeu va khoang cach)

Love and marriage (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Love and/or marriage (see Simon & Simon)

Love behind jail bars (see Moi tinh sau song sat)

Love boat (9/24/1977-5/24/1986) |TV Series|

One if by land (9/24/77)

Love, Cristy (see Simon & Simon)

Love-for-sale boat (see Magnum, P.I.)

Love in silence (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 2)

Love-ins (1967)

Love-in 1972 (1972)

Love is a three-way street (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Love is forever (see Comeback)

Love it/leave it (1972-73) |Short|

Love, lust and violence (1975)

Love maniac (see Psycho-a-go-go!)

Love that lies (see Magnum, P.I.)

Love thy neighbor (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Love you to death (see Matt Houston)

Lovec jelenu (see Deer hunter)

Lovec no jelene (see Deer hunter)

Lover (see Amant)

Lover gets married to another (see Nguoi yeu di lay chong)

Loving (6/27/1983-11/1995) |TV Series|

Loyalties (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Lua (North Vietnam, 1968)

Lua chay duong chan troi (see Hoang Hoa Tham)

Lua Rung (North Vietnam, 1966)

Lua trung tuyen (North Vietnam, 1961)

Luc couple (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc)

Luck (see Tour of duty)

Luck trier (Vietnam, 1989)

Ludzie honoru (see A few good men)

Lugen haben kurze Beine (see Big fat liar)

Lulu (Canada, 1996)

Lumiere eteinte (see Chi dau)

Lunatic frog women (Taiwan, 1989)

Luoi dao (Vietnam, 1995)

Luong khoai xanh (North Vietnam, 1970)

Lupo solitario (see Indian runner)

Luther Gillis: File #521 (see Magnum, P.I.)

Luther Gillis: File #001 (see Magnum, P.I.)

Lutte continue (see Cuoc chien dau con tiep dien)

Lutte politique (see Nguyen Van Troy)

Ly Dai Long (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi)

Lyndon Johnson (4/8/1987) |TV|

Lyon ’s roar (see Renegade)


M. Butterfly (1993)

M.I.A. (see Lightning force)

M.I.A., April 1, 1969 (see Quantum leap)

MacGyver (9/29/1985-4/25/1992) |TV Series|

Last stand (11/17/85)
Road not taken (11/10/86)

Second chance (10/16/89)

Mac’s back (see Magnum, P.I.)

Mac’s dilemma (see Night court)

Mad Buck Gibson (see Magnum, P.I.)

Mad dogs and Englishmen (see Magnum, P.I.)

Mad over Miami (see Airwolf)

Madcaps, il fronte della violenza (see Angels from hell)

Madchen Nhip (see Co Nhip)

Madchen von Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Made in Sweden (Sweden, 1969)

Made in the U.S.A. (see Touched by and angel)

Made in USA (France, 1966)

Madman’s fort (see Fort du fou)

Madre patria (see Que nha)

Mafia girls (1975) (see Love, lust and violence)

Magic gate (see Promised land)

Magnificent seven (1960)

Magnum force (1973)

Magnum P.I. (12/11/1980-5/1/1988) |TV Series|

A.A. P.I. (10/22/88) Little bit of luck … a little bit of grief (4/3/86)
Adelaide (2/19/91) Little games (1/3/85)
All for one (1/31-2/7/85) Little girl who (11/5/86)
All roads lead to Floyd (3/12/81) The look (12/8/83)
All thieves and deck (1/30/86) The love-for-sale boat (2/14/85)
Almost home (12/9/82) Love that lies (11/18/87)
Arrow that is not aimed (1/27/83) Luther Gillis: File #521 (10/6/83)
Aunt who came to dinner (3/18/87) Luther Gillis: File #001 (12/16/84)
Autumn warrior (12/17/86) Mac’s back (10/11/84)
Basket case (2/3/83) Mad Buck Gibson (11/26/81)
Beauty knows no pain (4/9/91) Mad dogs and Englishmen (1/23/86)
Big blow (4/7/83) Magnum, P.I. (12/11/80) |Pilot|
Billy Joe Bob (10/8/81) Man from Marseilles (3/14/85)
Birdman of Budapest (2/10/83) Memories are forever (11/5/81)
Black on white (10/28/82) Mentor (see Death of the flowers)
Black orchid (4/2/81) Missing in action (2/5/81)
Blind justice (11/8/84) Missing melody (12/3/86)
By its cover (3/31/83) Mr. White Death (11/18/82)
Case of the red faced thespian (1/19/84) Mixed doubles (12/2/82)
China doll (12/18/80) Ms. Jones (3/7/85)
Compulsion (1/24/85) Murder by night (1/14/87)
Computer date (1/14/82) Murder 101 (11/15/84)
Curse of the King Kamehameha Club (2/19/81) Never again, never again (1/22/81)
Dead man’s channel (10/15/81) No more Mr. Nice Guy (1/26/84)
Death and taxes (10/29/86) No need to know (1/8/81)
Death of the flowers (a.k.a. Mentor) (12/10/86) Novel connection (11/19/86)
Deja vu (9/26/85) Of sound mind (1/6/83)
Did you see the sunrise? (9/30/82) |Reunion| Old acquaintance (10/3/85)
Distant relative (10/20/83) On face value (3/15/84)
Don’t eat the snow in Hawaii (see Magnum, P.I.) On the fly (1/21/87)
Don’t say goodbye (3/26/81) One more summer (2/11/82)
Double jeopardy (2/25/82) One picture is worth … (10/8/86)
Dream a little dream (3/29/84) Operation: Silent Night (12/15/83)
Echoes of the mind (9/27-10/4/84) Out of sync (3/11/87)
Eighth part of the village (10/14/82) Paniolo (11/7/85)
Elmo Ziller story (3/18/82) Paper war (11/12/86)
Faith and begorrah (4/28/83) Paradise blues (2/9/84)
Find me a rainbow (3/13/86) Past tense (10/21/82)
Flashback (11/4/82) People vs. Orville Wright (4/1/87)
Foiled again (11/11/82) Photo play (4/10/86)
Forever in time (11/11/87) Pleasure principle (10/14/87)
Forty (2/11/87) A pretty good dancing chicken (4/4/85)
Forty years from Sand Island (2/24/83) Professor Jonathan Higgins (1/10/85)
Fragments (11/1/84) Rapture (12/12/85)
From Moscow to Maui (10/29/81) Rembrandt’s girl (2/2/84)
Ghost writer (12/24/81) Resolutions (4/1/88)
Girl named Sue (1/13/88) Return of Luther Gillis (2/16/84)
Going home (10/31/85) Round and round (10/24/85)
Great Hawaiian Adventure Company (1/27/88) Sense of justice (12/1/83)
Heal thyself (12/16/82) Sixth position (12/17/81)
Holmes is where the heart is (3/8/84) Skin deep (1/15/81)
Home from the sea (9/29/83) Smaller than life (10/13/83)
Hotel dick (10/17/85) Solo flight (2/4/87)
I do? (2/17/83) Squeeze play (11/17/83)
I never wanted to go to France, anyway (1/2/86) Straight amd narrow (10/15/86)
I witness (4/3/84) Summer school (1/9/85)
Infinity and jelly doughnuts (10/7/87) Taking of Dick McWilliams (12/3/81)
Innocence … a broad (10/28/87) Texas lightning (2/18/82)
Italian ice (2/4/82) Thank heaven for little girls and big ones, too (12/25/80)
J. “Digger” Doyle (4/16/81) Thicker than blood (2/26/81)
Jororo farewell (1/5/84) This island isn’t big enough (2/13/86)
Jororo kill (1/7/82) Three minus two (4/1/82)
K.I.’I.’s don’t lie (10/7/82) Tigers fan (11/4/87)
Kapu (11/26/86) Torah, torah, torah (3/28/85)
Kiss of the sabre (12/13/84) Tran Quoc Jones (11/29/84)
Kona winds (10/10/85) Transitions (2/17/88)
L.A. (10/1/86) Treasure of Kalaniopu’u (11/14/85)
Last page (3/4/82) Tropical madness (11/12/81)
Laura (2/25/87) Try to remember (1/20/82)
Legacy from a friend (3/10/83) Two birds of a feather (3/17/83)
Legacy of Garwood Huddle (10/18/84) Ugliest dog in Hawaii (1/29/81)
Legend of the lost art (2/10/88) Under world (10/25/84)
Lest we forget (2/12/81) Unfinished business (1/20/88)
Let me hear the music (2/21/85) Wave goodbye (11/19/81)
Let the punishment fit the crime (2/23/84) Way of the stalking horse (2/20/86)
Letter to a duchess (11/10/83) Who is Don Luis and why is he doing these terrible things to me? (3/20/86)
Limbo (4/15/87) Woman on the beach (10/22/81)
Limited engagement (11/3/83)

Magpie that can speak (North Vietnam, 1967) |Animated|

Main droite du diable (see Betrayed)

Maitre de guerre (see Heartbreak ridge)

Major Dad (9/17/1989-4/9/1993) |TV Series|

Major Payne (1995)

Make and break (see Tell me lies)

Make love not war (West Germany, 1968)

Make love not war, or, Brown rice (see Acid mantra)

Mako : the jaws of death (1976)

Mal par le mal (see Band of the hand)

Malduke (see Airwolf (second series))

Malone (1987)

Maltese cow (see A-Team)

Man called Hawk (1/28/1989-4/1/1989) |TV Series|

Man called Rainbo (1988) |Video|

Man from Marseilles (see Magnum, P.I.)

Man on fire (Italy/France, 1987)

Man on the street (see Jessica Novak)

Man who came to kill a rat (see Bone)

Man who looks for the past (see Nguoi di tim di vang)

Man with the synthetic brain (see Psycho-a-go-go!)

Man without surname (see Nguoi khong mang ho)

Mando perdido (see Lost command)

Manh tinh nghiet nga (Vietnam, 1991)

Maniac! (1977)

Manimal (9/30-12/17/1983) |TV Series|

Breath of the dragon (12/17) Manimal |pilot| (9/30)
Female of the species (10/28) Night of the beast (12/10)
High stakes (11/4) Night of the scorpion (10/21)
Illusion (10/14) Scrinshao (12/3)

Mann der aus dem Dschungel kam (see Search and destroy (1981))

Mann greift zur Waffe (see Clay pigeon)

Mann mit der Stahlkralle (see Rolling thunder)

Mann nimmt Rache (see Spyder)

Mann ohne Gesicht (see Rogue’s regiment)

Manna from heaven (see Simon & Simon)

Mannigan’s force (1987)

Mannix (9/9/1967-8/27/1975) |TV Series|

|Episode with 3 Vietnam veteran drug smugglers| (1/19/75)

Manovre med doden (see Southern comfort)

M.A.N.T.I.S (1/24/1994-3/3/1995) |TV Series|

Fire in the heart (10/21/94)

Many Americans series (see Overture: Linh from Vietnam)

March to the front (see Bai ca ra tran)

Marianne and Julianne (see Bleierne Zeit)

Marilyn (see Matt Houston)

Marine battleground (US/Korea, 1966)

Marine whirlwind (see Con loc bien)

Marked for death (1990)

Marked for murder (1/17/1993) |TV|

Marlowe, come home (see Simon & Simon)

Married couple A Phu (see Vo chong A Phu)

The Martin Baker fan club (see JAG)

Marvel superheroes (9/2/1966- ) |Animated TV Series|

Iron man

Mas alla del valor (see Uncommon valor)

Masculin-feminin (France/Sweden, 1966)

M*A*S*H (1969)

Masquerade (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Massacre (see Slaughter)

Massacre a la tronconneuse 2 (see Texas chainsaw massacre 2)

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (see Nudo e selvaggio)

Massacreure de Brooklyn (see Defiance)

Master (see Lightning force)

Masterblaster (1987)

Masters of menace (1990)

Mastini della guerra (see Dogs of war)

Matadero 5 (see Slaughterhouse 5)

Matchmaker (see Simon & Simon)

Matieres chimiques (see Hoi chuong mau da cam)

Matlock (3/3/1986-5/7/1995) |TV Series|

The fisherman (3/29/88)

Matt Houston (9/26/1982-3/29/1985) |TV Series|

Apostle of death (10/19/84) Hunted (4/24/83)
Beach club murders (2/1/85) Joey’s here (12/5/82)
Beverly Woods social club (3/13/83) Kidnapping (11/28/82)
Bikini murders (2/3/84) Killing isn’t everything (10/24/82)
Blood money (11/30/84) Killing time (2/22/85)
Blood ties (3/2/84) Love you to death (9/23/83)
Breakpoint (1/11/85) Marilyn (10/21/83)
Butterfly (11/18/83) Matt Houston (premier) (9/26/82)
Caged (10/26/84) Monster (1/6/84)
Cash and carry (3/23/84) Needle in a haystack (10/7/83)
Centerfold murders (9/30/83) New Orleans nightmare (2/8/85)
China doll (11/4/83) Nightmare man (1/4/85)
Company secrets (2/15/85) Novel way to die (4/17/83)
Criss-cross (1/27/84) On the run (3/30/84)
Crying clown (11/25/83) Outsider (12/2/83)
Deadly fashion (10/17/82) Purrfect crime (1/9/83)
Deadly games (12/1/84) Recipe for murder (11/7/82)
Deadly parlay (4/10/83) Return to Nam (11/2/84)
Death match (2/24/84) Rock and the hard place (1/2/83)
Death stalk (11/23/84) Secret admirer (3/9/84)
Death trap (1/18/85) Shark bait (11/21/82)
Death watch (12?/15/85) Showgirl murders (3/20/83)
Escape from Nam (11/9/84) Stolen (12/21/84)
Eyewitness (10/12/84) Stop the presses (10/3/82)
Fear for tomorrow (4/3/83) Target: Miss World (12/23/83)
Final vows (3/29/85) Vanished (9/28/84)
Get Houston (2/20/83) Visitors (2/27/83)
Ghost of Carter Gaul (10/28/83) Waltz of death (1/13/84)
Good doctor (12/12/82) Wanted man (9/21/84)
Here’s another fine mess (3/6/83) Who would kill Ramona? (10/31/82)
Heritage (9/9/83) Whose party is this anyway? (1/23/83)
High fashion murders (11/16/84) Woman in white (9/16/83)
Honeymoon murders (1/25/85) Yacht club murders (1/16/83)
Houston is dead (1/20/84)

Mattatoio 5 (see Slaughterhouse-Five)

Matter of policy (see Riptide)

Matters of the heart (12/30/1990) |TV|

Maude (1972-1978) |TV Series|

Arthur’s grandson (3/4/78)

May divorce be with you (see Trapper John, M.D.)

May the road rise up (see Simon & Simon)

Maybe baby (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Mayhem (see Nato per combattere)

McBain (1991)

McClain’s law (11/20/1981-8/24/1982) |TV Series|

Last hero (3/20/82)

Me vang nha (Vietnam, 1979)

Mean green love machine (see Riptide)

Mean Johnny Barrows (1976)

Mean mother (Italy, 1973)

Mean season (1985)

Mean streets (1973)

Med koldt bly (see I, the jury)

Medal (see Early edition)

Medal of honor rag (1983) |Video|

Medical center(USA, 9/24/1969 – 3/15/1976)|TV Series|


The battle of Lily Wu (10/22/1969) Death grip (11/4/1970)
The casualty (10/22/1973)
Child of conflict (2/2/1976)

Medicine man (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Medium (1/13/2005 – )|TV Series|

Aftertaste (3/3/2008)

Medium cool (1969)

Medstar (see Trauma center)

Meer von Feuer (see Bien lua)

Meet the Feebles (New Zealand, 1989)

Meet the parents (2000)

Meeting place (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 1)

Meget god mann (see A few good men)

Mein Dorf, mein Land (see Duong ve que me)

Meine Braut, ihr Vater, und Ich (see Meet the parents)

Mellem venner (see Four friends)

Melody at night (see Ban tinh ca trong dem)

Members only (see A-Team)

Membre de la famille (see Part of the family)

Meme fleuve baigne nos rives (see Chung mot dong song)

Memorial day (11/27/1983) |TV|

Memories are forever (see Magnum, P.I.)

Memories from the border areas (see Ky niem vung ven)

Memories of Dien Bien Phu (see Ky uc Dien Bien)

Memories of the peripheral zone (see Ky niem vung ven)

Memory of Dien Bien (see Ky uc Dien Bien)

Men at work (1990)

The men who stare at goats (2009)

Mentor (see Magnum, P.I.)

Meo con (North Vietnam, 1965) |Animated|

Mephisto’s magic (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Mercenary fighters (1986)

Merchants of war (Great Britain, 1989)

Mercoledi da leoni (see Big Wednesday)

Merry adventures of Robert Hood (see Simon & Simon)

Message from Nam (10/17 and 10/19/1993) |TV|

Il messagero (see Messenger)

The messenger (USA/Italy, 1987)

Mexican slay ride (see A-Team)

Mexican staring frog of southern Sri Lanka (see South Park)

Mi-automne (see Hoa binh)

Mia patria e que (see Xin nhan noi nay lam que huong)

Miami cops (see Poliziotta a Miami)

Miami vice (9/16/1984-6/28/1989) |TV Series|

Back in the world (12/6/85) Savage (2/6/87)
Buddies (11/1/85) Smuggler’s blues (2/1/85)

Michael Jackson and I (see Em va Michael Jackson)

Mickey Spillane’s
Mike Hammer (4/9/83-5/13/87; 5/21/89) |TV Series|

Blinding fear (4/29/87) Lady killer (3/25/87)
Body shot (2/4/87) Last laugh (3/18/87)
Bonecrunch (11/3/84) Little Miss murder (1/7/87)
Bullet for Benny (12/8/84) Mike gets married (4/15/87)
Catfight (10/20/84) Mike’s baby (10/18/86)
Cold target (12/1/84) Mistress for the prosecution (11/12/86)
Dead card down (11/10/84) More than murder (1/26/84)
Dead man’s run (12/29/84) Murder in the cards (12/3/86)
Dead on a dime (3/10/84) Murder me, murder you (4/9/83) |Premier, 2hrs|
Dead pigeon (10/4/86) Murder takes all (5/21/89) |2 hrs.|
Deadly collection (2/25/87) Negative image (3/31/84)
Deadly prey (11/10/84) Perfect twenty (4/7/84)
Deadly reunion (1/12/85) Requiem for Billy (12/10/86)
A death in the family (11/24/84) Return of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (4/18/86) |2 hrs.|
Deirdre (9/27/86) Satan, cyanide and murder (4/14/84)
Elegy for a tramp (1/28/87) Seven dead eyes (2/11/84)
A face in the night (5/13/87) Sex trap (3/24/84)
Firestorm (1/5/85) Shots in the dark (3/13/84)
Golden lady (10/11/86) To kill a friend (11/5/86)
Green blizzard (3/4/87) Too young to die (10/6/84)
Green lipstick (5/6/87) Torch song (9/29/84)
Harlem nocturne (11/26/86) Twenty-four carat dead (1/28/84)
Hot ice (2/4/84) Vickie’s son (2/18/84)
Kill devil (10/13/84) Warpath (10/27/84)
Kill John Doe (1/21/87) Who killed Sister Lorna? (2/11/87)

Middle of the night (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Midnight caller (10/25/1988-5/10/1991) |TV Series|

Home to roost (1990? rebr. 6/21/91)

Take back the streets ( / /89)

Midnight highway (see Cover up)

Mien dat khong co don (Vietnam, 1982)

Mike & Pat (see Simon & Simon)

Mike gets married (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Mike Smith and the Oakland 7 (see Activist)

Mike’s baby (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer) 1997

|i.e. Mil diecinueve voventa siete|… rescate en Nueva York (see Escape from New York)

Milestones (1975)

|i.e. Mille novecento novantasette|: Fuga da New York (see Escape from New York)

Million dollar face (see Cover up)

Million dollar mystery (1987)

Mime troup (see Airwolf (second series))

Mind control (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Mind games (see A-Team)

Mind of the machine (see Airwolf)

Mindstorm (US/Canada, 9/22/2001) |TV|

Mine (see Vietnam war story)

Ministry of vengeance (1989)

Mio scopo e la vendetta (see Search and destroy)

Miracles (see JAG)

Mirage (1984) (see Riptide)

Mirage (1986) (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Mirror image (see Human target; see also Promised land)

Mirror, mirror (1991)

Miss Hanh, a teacher (see Co giao Hanh)

Miss Nhip (see Co Nhip)

Miss Nhung (see Chi Nhung)

Miss Tham’s forest (see Rung o Tham)

Missing (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Missing Brendan (2003)

Missing in action (1981) (see Magnum, P.I.)

Missing in action (1984)

Missing in action (Philippines, 1987)

Missing in action 2: the beginning (1985)

Missing in action 3 (see Braddock)

Missing in America (2005)

Missing melody (see Magnum, P.I.)

Mission finale (see Final mission)

Mission kill (1987)

Mission of peace (see A-Team)

Mission sans retour (see Mission terminate)

Mission terminate (1987)

Mission war flame (US/Hong Kong, 1986)

Missionaries downfall (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Missione in oriente (see Ugly American)

Mississippi delta (see Heaven’s prisoners)

Mister Freedom (France, 1970)

Mr. Holland’s opus (1995)

Mr. Majestyk (1974)

Mr. Muscles (see Promised land)

Mr. P.’s dancing sushi bar (1998)

Mr. Reliable: a true story (Australia, 1996)

Mr. Salvage (see American commandos)

Mr. Singapore (see Saint Jack)

Mr. White Death (see Magnum, P.I.)

Mistress (1992)

Mistress for the prosecution (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Mrs. |i.e. Mistress| Simon and Mrs. Simon (see Simon & Simon)

Mrs. |i.e. Mistress| Tu Hau (see Chi Tu Hau)

Mitch (see Chrome and hot leather)

Mitch Snyder story (see Samaritan: the Mitch Snyder story)

Mitten im Feuer (see Bat 21)

Mixed doubles (see Magnum, P.I.)

Mobile home of the brave (see Simon & Simon)

Mod squad (9/24/1968-3/1/1973) |TV Series|

A far away place so near (11/17/70) Short course in war (1/5/71)
Peace now, Arly Blau (4/8/69) When Smitty comes marching home (10/22/68)

Model shop (1969)

Modern problems (1981)

Moffett’s ghost (see Airwolf)

Moi tinh dau (Vietnam, 1977)

Moi tinh sau song sat (Vietnam, 1991)

Moment de la verite II (see Karate kid part II)

Moment de la verite III (see Karate kid part III)

Moment 22 (see Catch 22)

Momento (see Vat ky niem)

Momento de uccidere (see Time to kill)

Mon beau-pere et moi (see Meet the parents)

Mon village, mon pays (see Duong ve que me)

Money plays (1996, aired 1997) |TV|

Monsoon season (see Mua gio chuong)

Monster (see Matt Houston)

Monster island (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Montaigne s’eveille (see Lua rung)

Moo (see The agency)

Moon in Scorpio (1988)

Moonlight mile (2002)

Moonlighting becomes you (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Mooster’s revenge (see Promised land)

Moottoripyorajengi (see Ride the hot wind)

Morderisches Team (see Welcome home, soldier boys)

More American graffiti (1979)

More than murder (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Morris Dees story (see Line of fire: the Morris Dees story)

Mort en fraude (France, 1957)

Mort ou vif (see Wanted: dead or alive)

Mort vivant (see Deathdream)

Moses : Fallen. In the city of angels (2005)

Moses Wine, detective (see Big fix)

Mosquito (1994)

Most wanted (see Simon & Simon)

Mot chien cong (North Vietnam, 1967)

Mot ngay dau thu (North Vietnam, 1962)

Mot so phan (see Dang sau mot so phan. Phan 1)

Mot thoi da song (Vietnam, 1988)

Motel (see Promised land)

Moth (1967)

Mother heart (see Trai tim nguoi me)

Mother is not home (see Me vang nha)

Mother, Juggs and Speed (8/17/1978) |TV pilot|

Mother, Jugs and Speed (1976)

Mother load (aka) If it ain’t broke (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Motherland (North Vietnam, 1973) (see Que nha)

Motherland (Vietnam, 1980) (see Dat me)

Mother’s day (aka) Mother dearest (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Mothers, fathers and lovers (see Tom)

Mother’s trip (see Chuyen di cua me)

Mother’s two sons (see Doi dong sua me)

Motor psycho (1965)

Motorcykelganget (see Ride the hot wind)

Mountain awakes (see Lua rung)

Mountain warriors (Hong Kong, 1990)

Mourir a Belfast (see Outsider)

Moving (1988)

Moving targets (see A-Team)

Ms. Jones (see Magnum, P.I.)

Mua gio chuong (Vietnam, 1978)

Mua len trau (see Buffalo boy)

Mua oi (Vietnam, 2000)

Mua than (North Vietnam, 1970)

Mucchio di bastardi (see Losers)

Mucchio selvaggio (see Wild bunch)

Los muchachos de la Compania C (see The boys in Company C)

El muelle de las viudas (see Ben khong chon)

Mui du du xanh (France, 1993)

Murder between the lines (see Simon & Simon)

Murder by fire (see S.W.A.T.)

Murder by illusion (see F/X)

Murder by night (see Magnum, P.I.)

Murder in black and white (1/7/1990) |TV|

Murder in Malibu (see Cover up)

Murder in the cards (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Murder in the ring (see Uomo dalla pelle dura)

Murder me, murder you (see Mickey Spillane’a Mike Hammer)

Murder offshore (see Cover up)

Murder once removed (10/29/1971) |TV|

Murder 101 (see Magnum, P.I.)

Murder she wrote (9/1984-5/1996) |TV Series|

Footnote to murder (3/10/85)

Murder takes all (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Murmur of the heart (see Souffle au couer)

Murmuring heart (see Souffle au coeur)

Murphy Brown (11/14/1988-5/18/1998) |TV Series|

Angst for the memories|Martin Sheen episode| (9/27/93)

Music box (1989)

The music within (2006)

Mut zur Wahrheit (see Courage under fire)

Mutiny (see Space : above and beyond)

Mutti ist nicht zu Hause (see Me vang nha)

My brother has bad dreams (1972)

My brother’s keeper (see Spenser: for hire)

My brother’s keeper (see Street justice |TV Series|)

My brother’s wife (12/17/1989) |TV|

My country is here (see Xin nhan noi nay lam que huong)

My father, my son (5/22/1988) |TV|

My friends need killing (1976)

My husband is missing (12/5/1978) |TV|

My love is far away (see Nim-eun-meon-go-sae)

My name is Hank (see In the heat of the night)

My native village (see Que me)

My old man’s place (see Glory boy)

My science project (1985)


NBC Sunday mystery movie (see Columbo: Publish or perish)

NCIS (USA, 9/23/2003- ) |TV SERIES|

Silent night (12/16/08)

NYC: tornado terror (6/14/2008) |TV|

NYPD blue (9/21/1993-3/1/2005) |TV Series|

Bombs away (3/1/95)

A sudden fish (2/15/94)

Na ije neoreul ijeuri (South Korea, 1992)

Nacht der Entscheidung (see White nights)

Nacht im ruhigen Gebiet (see
Dem mien yen tinh)

Nacido el 4 de julio (see Born on the fourth of July)

Nah und Fern (see Xa va gan)

Naked massacre (see Ne pour l’enfer)

Nam (1988) (see Platoon leader)

The Nam (2000) |Video| (see Nineteen : college girls. Vol. 36)

Nam: not another mistake (see Cross fire)

Nam angels (1970) (see The Losers)

Nam angels (1989)

Nam, tour of duty (see Tour of duty)

Nameless (see Timebomb)

Nancy, ein eiskaltes Playgirl (see Big bounce)

Nash Bridges (3/29/1996-5/4/2001) |TV Series|

Revelations (11/7/97)

Skin trade (1/7/00)

Nashville (1975)

National Lampoon’s animal house (1978)

National Lampoon’s loaded weapon 1 (1993)

Native land ( Vietnam, 1973) (see Que nha)

Native land ( Vietnam, 1980) (see Dat me)

Nato il quatro luglio (see Born on the Fourth of July)

Nato per combattere (Italy, 1989)

Natural born (see Airwolf)

Natural born killers (1994)

Natural causes ( Australia, 9/22/1985) |TV|

Natural causes (1994)

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (see NCIS)

Navrat domiu (see Coming home)

Ne manquez pas le rendezvous (Den hen lai len)

Ne pour l’enfer (West Germany/Italy/France/Canada, 1975)

Ne un 4 juillet (see Born on the fourth of July)

Neak sre (France/Switzerland/Germany, 1994)

Near and far (see Xa va gan)

Necessary end (see Tour of duty)

Needle in a haystack (see Matt Houston)

Negative image (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Nel centro del mitino (see In the line of fire)

Neniwa (see Stingray)

Neon maniacs (1985)

Nessun refugio, in nessun larogo (see Khuong noi an nap)

Neuf cercles de l’enfer (see Devet kruhu pekla)

Neuf de Catonsville (see Trial of the Catonsville 9)

Never again, never again (see Magnum, P.I.)

Never no more (see Space : above and beyond)

New cop in town (see Simon & Simon)

New healers (3/27/1972) |TV Pilot|

New Mike Hammer (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

New Orleans nightmare (see Matt Houston)

New York 1997 (see Escape from New York)

Nga ba Dong Loc ( Vietnam, 1997)

Ngaio (Vietnam, 1989?)

Ngay le Thanh ( Vietnam, 1976)

Ngay ve ( Vietnam, 1986)

Nghe Tinh’s fire (see Ngon lua Nghe Tinh)

Nghia khi tay thanh ( Vietnam, 199-?) |TV|

Ngoai o ( Vietnam, 1987)

Ngoc trong da ( Vietnam, 1991)

Ngoi sao tren bien (North Vietnam, 1973)

Ngon den trong mo ( Vietnam, 1987)

Ngon lua Krong Dzung ( Vietnam, 1980)

Ngon lua Nghe Tinh (North Vietnam, 1965)

Ngon lua thanh dong ( Vietnam, 1981)

Nguoc dong ( Vietnam, 1990)

Nguoi ban ay ( Vietnam, 1979)

Nguoi chien si tre (North Vietnam, 1965)

Nguoi con gai dat do ( Vietnam, 1995)

Nguoi cong sau gre tuoi (North Vietnam, 1971)

Nguoi dan ba bi san duoi (Vietnam, 1989-1990)

pt. 1. Dem tan hon (Nuptual night; or Wedding night) (1989)

pt. 2. Dua con la (Half-breed child; or Eurasian son) (1990)

pt. 3. Ly Dai Long (Rebel leader Ly Dai Long) (1990)

pt. 4. Kieu Chinh (Son of the millionaire) (1990)

Nguoi dan ba khong con ( Vietnam, 1996)

Nguoi dan ba mang ao tu si (see San bat cuop. Tap 2.)

Nguoi di tim dat ( Vietnam, 1984)

Nguoi di tim di vang ( Vietnam, 1994)

Nguoi doi bo (North Vietnam, 1972)

Nguoi khong mang ho ( Vietnam, 1989)

Nguoi khong mang sung ( Vietnam, 1982)

Nguoi mang mat danh K213 ( Vietnam, 1985)

Nguoi sot la cua rung cuoi ( Vietnam, 1991)

Nguoi trong cuoc ( Vietnam, 1988)

Nguoi yen di lay chong (see Nguoi yeu di lay chong)

Nguoi yeu di lay chong ( Vietnam, 1995)

Nguyen Van Troy (North Vietnam, 1967)

Nha que (Vietnam, 1989?)

Nhiem vu hoa hong ( Vietnam, 1988)

Nhip (see Co Nhip)

Nhu moi (see Cao nguyen F 101. Tap. 1)

Nhu the la toi ac (Vietnam, 1979)

Nhung, a young girl of Saigon (see Chi Nhung)

Nhung dem tran tro ( Vietnam, 1986)

Nhung dua con cua than linh ( Vietnam, 1992)

Nhung manh con rung (see Nhung manh doi rung)

Nhung manh doi rung ( Vietnam, 1987)

Nhung ngay thang dep ( Vietnam, 1996)

Nhung nguoi da gap ( Vietnam, 1979)

Nhung, une jeune fille de Saigon (see Chi Nhung)

Nice place to visit (see A-Team)

Nicht auflegen (see Phone Booth)

Nicht noch ein teenie film (see Not another teen movie)

Nico (see Above the law)

Niel Lynne ( Australia, 1984)

Nieve que quema (see Who’ll stop the rain)

The night Andy came home (see Deathdream)

The night at the 14th parallel (see Noch na 14-y paralleli)

Night angels (see Night flowers)

Night brings Charlie (1990)

Night court (1/4/1984-5/31/1992) |TV Series|

Crossroads (11/2/90)

Mac’s dilemma (11/12/87)

Take my wife please (12/13/84)

Night fall (see China Beach)

Night flowers (1979)

Night in Hong Kong (see Honkon)

Night in a quiet region (see Dem mien yen tinh)

Night in the quiet countryside (see Dem mien yen tinh)

Night maneuvers (see Stingray)

Night of Anubis (see Night of the living dead)

Night of fantasy (see Dem hoang tuong)

Night of the beast (see Manimal)

Night of the flesh eaters (see Night of the living dead)

Night of the flowing tide (see Dem nuoc rong)

Night of the living dead (1968)

Night of the scorpion (see Manimal)

Night of the voodoo moon (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Night swarm (see Mosquito)

Night walk (see Deathdream)

Night wars (1988)

Nightcrawlers (see Twilight zone (1985))

Nightflowers (see Night flowers)

Nightforce (1987)

Nighthawks (1981)

Nightmare (see Tour of duty)

Nightmare man (see Matt Houston)

Nightmaster (see Watch the shadows dance)

Nightswarm (see Mosquito)

Nim-eun-meon-go-sae (South Korea, 2008)

La nina de Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Nine circles of hell (see Devet kruhu pekla)

Nineteen : college girls. Vol. 36 (2000) |Video|

|Pt. 4| The Nam

1946 winter in Hanoi (see Ha Noi, mua dong nam 1946)

1969 (1988)

The ninja dog (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Ninja USA (198-?)

Ninth configuration (1980)

Ninth Street (1999)

Nixon (1995)

No country for old men (2007)

No dead heroes (1987)

No drums, no bugles (1971)

No game for amateurs (see Ironside)

No hiding place (see Khuong noi an nap)

No mercy man (1973)

No more excuses (1968)

No more Mr. Nice Guy (see Magnum, P.I.)

No need to know (see Magnum, P.I.)

No place to hide (1973)

No refuge, nowhere (see Khuong noi an nap)

No rest for the wicked (1998)

No retreat, no surrender II (Hong Kong, 1989)

No safe haven (1987)

No trouble ( Australia, 1987)

No where to run (see Tour of duty)

No worries (Australia/Great Britain, 1993)

Noah’s ark (see Krima-kerime : Noah’s ark)

Noch na 14-y paralleli (Soviet Union, 1971)

Noch-nicht-sprechbare (see Dieu anh chua kip noi)

La noche de los muertos vivientes (see Night of the living dead)

Nocturnal love song (see Ban tinh ca trong dem)

Noi binh yen chim hot ( Vietnam, 1986)

Noi gio (North Vietnam, 1966)

Noi nui rung yen a ( Vietnam, 1990)

Nom de code: cies sauvages (see Geheimecode Wildganse)

Non-commissioned officer (see Ha si quan)

Non-essential personnel (see Tour of duty)

Northern exposure (7/12/1990-7/26/1995) |TV Series|

Aurora Borealis (8/30/90)

The big feast (3/22/93)

Bumpy road to love (9/23/91)

Northern lights (3/1/93)

Northern lights (see Northern exposure)

Northfield cemetery massacre (see Northville cemetery massacre)

Northville cemetary massacre (1976)

Norwood (1970)

Nostalgia for countryland (see Thuong nho dong que)

Nostalgia for the countryside (see Thuong nho dong que)

Nostalgia por el terruno (see Thuong nho dong que)

Nostalgic (1996) |Short film|

Not a lonely land (see Mien dat khong co don)

Not another mistake (see Cross fire)

Not another teen movie (2001)

Not for honor and glory (see Lost command)

Not that much different (see Hawaii Five-O)

Notes from the underground (see Tour of duty)

Nothing to lose (see Cover up)

Nous nous revenons comme promis (see Den hen lai len)

Nous vivons sur la meme riviere (see Chung mot dong song)

Novel connection (see Magnum, P.I.)

Novel way to die (see Matt Houston)

November men (1993)

Now and forever (Canada, 2002)

Now and then (1995)

Nowhere to hide ( Canada, 1987)

Nu than Laksmi ( Vietnam, 1989)

Nuclear countdown (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Nude on the run (see Run swinger run!)

Nude restaurant (1967)

Nudo e selvaggio (Italy/ Brazil, 1985)

Nuit de la maree haute (see Dem nuoc rong)

#1 with a bullet (see Riptide)

Nuptual night (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi)

Nurses (9/14/1991-5/7/1994) |TV Series|

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O.C. and Stiggs (1987)

O.K. (West Germany, 1970)

O que e isso, companheiro? ( Brazil, 1997)

OSS 117 minaccia Bangkok (see Banco a Bangkok)

Oath (see Loi the)

Obich (Bulgaria, 1972)

The object of my affection (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Objectif verite (see Medium cool)

Objet souvenir (Vat ky niem)

Obsession (see Am anh; also Street justice |TV Series|)

Obsessions (see Am anh)

Occhio selvaggio ( Italy, 1967)

Ocean de feu (see Bien lua)

Ocean of fire (see Bien lua)

Octagon (1980)

October won’t return (see Bao gio cho den thang muoi)

Odd angry shot ( Australia, 1979)

Odd man out (see Tour of duty)

Oddo (1967)

Odeur de la payaye verte (see Mui du du xanh)

Odinochnoe plavanie (Soviet Union, 1986)

Odinochnoye plavaniye (see Odinochnoe plavanie)

Odinotchnoye plavaniye (see Odinochnoe plavanie)

Odore della papaya verde (see Mui du du xanh)

Oeil du temoin (see Eyewitness)

Oeil pour oeil (Lone Wolf McQuade)

Of cats, crushes and creeps (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Of sound mind (see Magnum, P.I.)

Off limits (1988)

Off limits (1988) |Video|

Off sides (see Pigs vs. Freaks)

Officer and a gentleman (1981)

Officer Luca, you’re dead (see S.W.A.T.)

Officier et gentleman (see Officer and a gentleman)

Oil bets are off (see Riptide)

Ojenvidnet (see Eyewitness)

Okamzik zablesku (see Flashpoint)

Old acquaintance (see Magnum, P.I.)

Old boyfriends (1978)

Old ghost walks the earth (see Vietnam war story)

Old man liver (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Old man’s place (see Glory boy)

Ombre blanche (see Glimmer man)

Ombres sur Angkor (see Shadow over Angkor)

Omega glory (see Star trek)

Omega one (see S.W.A.T.)

Omega syndrome (1987)

On face value (see Magnum, P.I.)

On loan ( Australia, 1985) |TV|

On my honor (see Street justice |TV Series|)

On the back side of war (see Phia sau cuoc chien)

On the double (see Airwolf (second series))

On the fly (see Magnum, P.I.)

On the road to the native village (see Duong ve que me)

On the run (see Matt Houston)

On the same river (see Chung mot dong song)

On the 17th parallel (see Tren vi tuyen 17)

On the way to the native village (see Duong ve que me)

Once a cop (see Chao chi chi hua)

Once a hero (see Airwolf)

Once upon a time in Vietnam (see How sleep the brave)

The one and only (see Trapper John, M.D.)

One breath (see X-Files)

187 (1997)

One for my baby ( see Trapper John, M.D.)

One giant leap (see China Beach)

100 clicks out (see China Beach)

One hundred eighty seven (see 187 |one eight seven|)

One if by land (see Love boat)

One man out (see Erik)

One more summer (see Magnum, P.I.)

One more time (see A-Team)

One picture is worth (see Magnum, P.I.)

One plus one (Great Britain, 1969)

One small step (see China Beach)

One way express (see Airwolf)

One way ticket to the end of the line (see Singray)

Ones we have met (see Nhung nguoi da gap)

Only church in town (see A-Team)

Only one left alive: a cognizance of war ( Vietnam, 1990) |TV|

Only one person remains alive (see Only one left alive)

Only survivor from laughing jungle (see Nguoi sot lai cua rung cuoi)

Ooorlogs verleden (see Ride the hot wind)

Open letter to an evening newspaper (see Lettera aperta a un giornale della sera)

Open season (Spain?, 1974)

Operation CIA (1965)

Operation crepuscule (see Package)

Operation dance sensation (Germany, 2003)

Operation Dragon (see Enter the dragon)

Operation Dumbo drop (1995)

Operation Nam (see Quattro dell’arcobaleno)

Operation: Silent Night (see Magnum, P.I.)

Operation Stranglehold (see Delta Force 2)

Operation “Three Roses” (see Phuong an “Ba bong hong”)

Operation war zone (1988)

Operation X-70 ( Belgium, 1971) |Animated|

Operazione Mogador (see Password : uccidete agente Gordon)

Opposing force (1987)

Opposites attack (see Simon & Simon)

Orange blossom (see Singray)

Orange colored bells (see Hoi chuong mau da cam)

Orange-farbene Totenglocke (see Hoi chuong mau da cam)

Orange grove (see Riptide)

Orange peel (see Hoi chuong mau da cam)

Ordeal (see S.W.A.T.)

Ordinary heroes (10/19/1986) |TV|

Ore disparate (see Desperate hours)

Oriole (see Con chim vanh khuyen)

Oro di Ulisse (see Ulee’s gold)

The others (2/5/2000-6/10/2000) |TV Series|

Eyes (2/19/00)

Otroliga resan (see Chuyen xe bao tap)

Our city (see Ngaio)

Our fair city (see Simon & Simon)

Our generation (see American dreams)

Our skies (see Vung troi)

Our winning season (1978)

Out of reach (USA/Poland, 2004)

Out of sync (see Magnum, P.I.)

Out of the blue (see Baywatch)

Out of the sky (see Airwolf)

Out-of-town Brown (see Simon & Simon)

Out-of-towners (see A-Team)

Outer limits (3/26/1995-1/18/2002) |TV Series|

Last supper (1/31/97)

Time to time (8/11/01)

Outlaw force (1987)

Outpost Indochina (see Fort du fou)

Outrage (see Promised land)

Outside in (1972)

Outsider ( Netherlands, 1979)

Outsider (1983) (see Matt Houston)

Overture: Linh from Vietnam (1981)

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P.O.W. (1973)

P.O.W. – Prisoner of war (see In love and war)

P.O.W.: the escape (1986)

POW deathcamp (Philippines?, 1989)

Paar A Phu (see Vo chong A Phu)

Package (1989)

The Pagoda Club (see Trapper John, M.D. )

The painting (2001)

Pal Joey (see Picket fences)

Paladin of the lost hour (see Twilight zone (1985))

Panic in Bangkok for agent OSS 117 (see Banco a Bangkok)

Paniolo (see Magnum, P.I.)

Panther (1995)

Paper war (see Magnum, P.I.)

Par for the course (see Promised land)

Parades (1972; see also, The line)

Paradise blues (see Magnum, P.I.)

Paradise lost (see Tour of duty)

Parallele 17, jour et nuit (see Vi tuyen 17 – ngay va dem)

Paranoias letales (see Conspiracy theory)

Paranoid (see Lightning force)

Pardon me (see Hay tha thu cho em)

Parenthood (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Parents (1988)

Pariahs of glory (see Parias de la gloire)

Parias de la gloire ( France, 1964)

Park is mine (10/6/1985) |Cable TV|

Part 2 walking tall (1975)

Partners in crime (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Party is over (see More American graffiti)

Pass (see Vietnam war story)

Passion ( Sweden, 1969)

Passion of Anna (see Passion)

Passions (see Cover up)

Passport pour l’enfer (see Touben nuhai)

Password : kill agent Gordon (see Password : uccidete agente Gordon)

Password : uccidete agente Gordon ( Italy/Spain, 1966)

Past sins (see Pensacola : wings of gold)

Past tense (see Magnum, P.I.)

Paste imperfect (aka)

Past imperfect ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Path to war (5/18/2002) |TV|

Patriot (1986)

Patrouille de choc ( France, 1956)

La patrulla (see Go tell the Spartans)

Patrulla de los immorales (see Choirboys)

Patton (1970)

Pay or play (see Big fat liar)

Payback (1988)

Payback (1990) (see Tour of duty)

Peace (see Hoa binh)

Peace now, Arly Blau (see Mod squad)

Peaceful bomb (see Tien bom hoa binh)

Peaceful land where the birds sing (see Noi binh yen chim hot)

Peaches (Australia, 2004)

Pearly (see Space : above and beyond)

Peasant (see Nha que)

Peasants in distress ( Cambodia, 1994)

Peloton (see Platoon)

Pencil holder (see The wall)

Pensacola : wings of gold (9/15/1997-5/20/2000) |TV Series|

Acceptable casualties (11/24/97)

Aces (11/27/99)

Past sins (2/28/98)

Pensionnat vert (see Cu xa mau xanh)

The Pentagon papers (3/9/2003)

People from either river bank (see Nguoi doi bo)

People looking for the past ( see Nguoi di tim di vang )

People v. Rabb (see JAG)

People vs. Orville Wright (see Magnum, P.I.)

People we met (see Nhung nguoi da gap)

Pequeno circulo de amigos (see Small circle of friends)

Pequeno Gran Hombre (see Little Big Man)

Perdidos no Vale dos Dinossauros (see Nudo e selvaggio)

Perdoname (see Hay tha thu cho em)

Perfect strangers (1984)

Perfect twenty (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Peripheral village (see Lang ven)

Permission d’aimer (see Cinderella liberty)

Personal effects (see Promise of love)

Peter Pan is alive and well (see Riptide)

Peter Pan syndrome ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Petit circle d’amis (see Small circle of friends)

Petit Kim Dong (see Kim Dong)

Petit Phuoc (see Em Phuoc)

Petite fille de Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Petulia (Great Britain, 1968)

Phantom-Kommando (see Commando)

Phantom of the roller coaster (see Wonder woman)

Phantom raiders (Philippines/US, 1988)

Phantom soldiers (198-?)

Phantom war (see Ying lun yuet jin)

Phia bac thanh pho Ha Noi (see Phia bac thu do)

Phia bac thu do ( Vietnam, 1977)

Phia sau cuoc chien ( Vietnam, 1990)

Phien toa cau chanh an ( Vietnam, 1987)

Pho tuong ( Vietnam, 1982)

Phoenix (see China Beach)

Phoenix Arizona (see Smoke signals)

Phone booth (2002)

Photo finished (see Simon & Simon)

Photo play (see Magnum, P.I.)

Phu sa ( Vietnam, 1988)

Phuoc, a boy (see Em Phuoc)

Phuong ( Vietnam, 1981)

Phuong an “Ba bong hong” ( Vietnam, 1981)

Physical assault (see Prisoners)

Physical evidence (1989)

Piccione d’argilla (see Clay pigeon)

Piccola peste (see Problem child)

Piccolo grande uomo (see Little Big Man)

Piccolo Kim Dong (see Kim Dong)

Picket fences (9/18/1992-6/26/1996) |TV Series|

Abominable snowman (1/28/94)

Frank the Potato Man (10/23/94)

Pal Joey (10/6/95)

Picture left behind (see Buc tranh de lai)

Piece of cake (see Airwolf (second series))

A piece of the action ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Pieces of forest life (see Nhung manh doi rung)

Piege a pedales (see Gay deceivers)

Piege de cristal (see Die hard)

Piege en haute mer (see Under siege)

Pierrot le fou (France/Italy, 1965)

Pigeon d’argile (see Clay pigeon)

Pigs vs. freaks (1984) |TV|

Pine wood of Sister Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Piranha (1978)

Piranha 2 – les tueurs volants (see Piranha II: The spawning)

Piranha II: Flying killers (see Piranha II: The spawning)

Piranha II: The spawning ( Italy, 1981)

Pirate and the princess (see Riptide)

Pirate peril (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Pirate’s key (see Simon & Simon)

Pirates of Silicon Valley (6/20/1999) |TV|

Piste Ho Chi Minh sur mer (see Ngoi sao tren bien)

Platoon (1986)

Platoon: more than a company of men (1988) |Video|

Platoon leader (1988)

Platoon ohne Ruckkehr (see Expendables)

Platoon 317 (see 317eme |ie. trois cent dix septieme| section)

Play it again, Simon (see Simon & Simon)

Play your hunch ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Playback (see Raven; Stingray)

Player (see The wall)

Playing hardball (see Riptide)

Playing with fire (see Divi leixing weixian)

Play’s the thing (see Riptide)

Please forgive me (see Hay tha thu cho em)

Pleasure principle (see Magnum, P.I.)

Plus beau jour de notre vie (see Trial of the Catonsville 9)

Point break (1991)

Point of no return (see A-Team)

Poisoned harvest (see Raven)

Police story (10/2/1973-4/28/1980) |TV Series|

The Ho Chi Minh Trail (11/6/1973)

Police story 3, part 2 (see Chao chi chi hua)

Police story 4: Project S (see Chao chi chi hua)

Police story V (see Chao chi chi hua)

Political myth (see Secret honor)

Poliziotta a Miami ( Italy, 1988)

Polly want an explanation (see Riptide)

Pontiac moon (1994)

Poor white trash II (1976)

Poppy chain (see Airwolf (second series))

Popular forces (see Tour of duty)

Porklips now (1980)

Port Alamo (see Alamo Bay)

Porta della Cina (see China gate)

Portes disparus (see Missing in action)

Portrait left behind (see Buc tranh de lai)

Portrait qui lui tient a coeur (see Buc tranh de lai)

Postman (1997)

Postman goes to war (see Facteur s’en va t’en guerre)

Poupee (see Con bup-he nhoi bong)

Pour demain aussi (see Cho ca ngay mai)

Pour l’avenir (see Cho ca ngay mai)

Poussiere d’empire (see Hon vong phu)

Poussieres de la vie (France/Algeria, 1994)

Powerplay (see Fourth war)

Powwow highway (US/Great Britain, 1988)

Predateurs de la nuit ( France, 1988)

Predator (1987)

Predatori di Atlantide ( Italy, 1983)

President’s target (1989)

Presidio (1988)

Pressure cooker (see S.W.A.T.)

Pretender (9/19/1996-5/13/2000) |TV Series|

Agent of Year Zero (3/11/00)

Collateral damage (1/3/98)

Pretty good dancing chicken (see Magnum, P.I.)

Pretty Peaches 2 (1987)

Prey (see Raven)

Primary target ( Philippines, 1988)

Prime time ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

El primer amor (see Moi tinh dau)

Primo amore (see Moi tinh dao)

Prince des marees (see Prince of tides)

Prince Jack (1983)

Prince of Pennsylvania (1988)

Prince of tides (1991)

Principal and the pauper (see Simpsons)

Principe delle maree (see Prince of tides)

Principio dei domino (see Domino principle)

Pris au piege (see Dance of the dwarfs)

Prism (1971)

Prisoner (see JAG)

Prisoner of war (see Riptide)

Prisoner of war – P.O.W. (see In love and war)

Prisoner of yesterday (see Airwolf)

Prisoners (1975)

Private butthead (see Wonder years)

Private duty nurses (1971)

Private film #24 (see Arrowhead)

Private film #26 (see Apocalypse climax)

Private little war (see Star trek)

Private war (1988)

Problem child (1990)

Prodezza (Mot chien cong)

Prodigy (see Promised land)

Professeur Holland (see Mr. Holland’s opus)

Professionals (1966)

Professione pericolo (see Stunt man)

Professor Jonathan Higgins (see Magnum, P.I.)

Profiler (9/21/1996-7/1/2000) |TV Series|

Shoot to kill (3/7/98)

Profumo della papaya verde (see Mui du du xanh)

Project 4-12 (see Tremors)

Project: eliminator (1991)

Project S (see Chao chi chi hua)

Project Shadowchaser 3000 (see Natural causes (1994))

Projet des trois roses (see Phuong an ba bong long)

Prologue ( Canada, 1969)

Promise (see Promised land; also, Vietnam war story)

Promise of love (11/11/1980) |TV|

Promise without a word (see Yi ben wu yan)

Promised land (9/15/1996-5/20/1999) |TV Series|

Christmas (12/17/96) Mooster’s revenge (10/23/97)
Civil wars (5/6/97) Motel (10/1/96)
Collapse (2/11/97) * Outrage (3/18/97)
Cowboy blues (4/29/97) Par for the course (10/9/97)
Crushed (10/16/97) Prodigy (9/24/96)
Downsized (3/4/97) * Promise (10/2/97)
Expatriate (9/17/96) * Promised land (9/15/96)
Getaway (1/7/97) Premier, |Touched by an angel special|
Homecoming (11/26/96) * Purple heart (1/29/98)
Hostage (10/8/96) Road home: pt. 2 (9/25/97)
Independence day (1/14/97) Running scared (2/4/97)
Intolerance (4/5/97) Secret (11/19/96)
King of the road (12/3/96) St. Russell (10/30/97)
Leap of faith (10/29/96) Stealing home (5/13-20/97)
Little girl lost (11/12/96) Take back the night (11/6/97)
Magic gate (10/15/96) To everything a season (11/20/97)
Mirror image (1/21/97) Winner (11/20/97)
Mr. Muscles (11/13/97)

Promised land (see also China Beach; Tour of duty)

Promises, promises (see Trapper John, M.D. )

Proof through the night (see Airwolf)

Pros and cons (see A-Team)

Protector (1985)

Protectors (Great Britain, 9/29/1972-3/15/1974) |TV Series|

First circle (3/23/1973)

Protectors (1992) (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Proud men (10/1/1987) |TV|

Psyched out (see Simon & Simon)

Psycho a go-go! (1965)

Psycho kickboxer (see Dark angel : psycho kickboxer)

Psywars (see China Beach)

Publish or perish (see Columbo: Publish or perish)

Puerto Vallarta squeeze (2004)

Pulp fiction (1994)

Punishment park (1971)

Punto zero (see Vanishing point)

Puppet master (see Airwolf (second series))

Pure-Dee poison (see A-Team)

Purple haze (1982)

Purple heart (see Promised land)

Purple hearts (1984)

Purple storm (see Chi yu fungbo)

Purrfect crime (see Matt Houston)

Pursued woman (see Nguoi dan ba bi san duoi)

Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981)

Pushin’ too hard (see Tour of duty)

Pussy cat (see Meo con)


Quand maman est absente (see Me vang nha)

Quando la mamma non c’e (see Me vang nha)

Quantum leap (5/26/1989-5/5/1993) |TV Series|

The beast within (3/16/93)

The leap home, part II, Vietnam, April 7, 1970 (10/5/90)

M.I.A., April 1, 1969 (5/9/90)

44 |i.e. Quaranta quattro per l’ispettore Callaghan (see Magnum force)

Quarantine (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Quarta signorina Hau (see Chi tu Hau)

Quarterback sneak (10/17/1986) (see A-Team)

Quarterback sneak (12/10/1986) (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Quatre amis (see Four friends)

Quattro dell’arcobaleno ( Italy, 1985)

Que me ( South Vietnam, 196-?)

Que nha (North Vietnam, 1973)

Queen of the gypsies (see Kojak)

Quel pomeriggio di un giorno da cani (see Dog day afternoon)

Quest (see China Beach; see also Frog dreaming)

Quick change (1990)

The quiet American (1957)

The quiet American (Australia/US, 2002)

Quiet fire (1991)

Quiet little town (see Thi tran yen tinh)

Quiet moment in the war (see Khoanh khac yen lang cua chien)

Quiet morning (North Vietnam, 1969) |Animated|

Quiet town (see Thi tran yen tinh)

Quietfire (see Quiet fire)

Quincy (10/3/1976-9/5/1983) |TV Series|

Shadow of death (2/24/82)

Quint is out (see Simon & Simon)

Quixote (1965) |Experimental|


R & R (1988) (see Vietnam war story)

R & R (1994) |Video|

R & R (1996) (see Space : above and beyond)

RFK (8/25/2002) |TV|

R.P.M. (1970)

R-Point (see Arpointeu)

Ra choi (Australia, 2005)

Rabbit who ate Las Vegas (see A-Team)

Rachel Gunn, RN (6/28/1992-4/9/1992) |TV Series|

Rach Chiec bridge (see Cau Rach Chiec)

Radical (see Barney Miller)

The radical (1975) (see Katherine)

Raedsler i dybet (see Piranha)

Rag doll (see Con bup-he nhoi bong)

Rage (1997)

Ragezza di Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Ragin’ Cajun (1991)

Raging thunder (see No retreat, no surrender II)

Raid (see Tour of duty)

Raid contre les Viets (China Gate)

Raid on Las Vegas (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Raiders of Atlantis (see Predatori di Atlantide)

Raiders of the doomed kingdom (see After the fall of Saigon)

Raiders of the lost sub (see Riptide)

Railway station (see Ga)

The rain makers (2005)

Rain on the leaves (see Giot mua tren la)

Rainbo (see A man called Rainbo)

Raise the Yamato (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Raketbase III (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Rambo (1982) (see First blood)

Rambo (2008)

Rambo (4/14/1986-12/18/1986) |Animated TV Series|

Alphas, arms, and ambush (pt. 1-2) (11/24-11/25) Mind control (11/5)
The angel of destruction (4/15) Mirage (11/27)
Attack on El Dorado (11/12) Monster island (12/9)
Battlefield Bronx (4/16) Night of the voodoo moon (10/22)
Beneath the streets (9/22) The ninja dog (11/13)
Blind luck (11/28) Pirate peril (10/15)
Blockbuster (11/17) Quarterback sneak (12/10)
Change of face (12/17) Raid on Las Vegas (9/24)
Children for peace (11/3) Raise the Yamato (4/17)
Crash (11/26) Rambo and the white rhino (10/14)
Cult of the cobra (9/23) Reign of the boy king (10/13)
Deadly keep (9/19) Return of the Count (10/21)
Death merchant (10/20) Robot raid (11/21)
Disaster in Delgado (10/8) S.A.V.A.G.E. island (9/17)
The doomsday machine (10/7) S.A.V.A.G.E. rustlers (11/4)
Enter the Black Dragon (10/10) S.A.V.A.G.E. space (12/15)
Enter the White Dragon (11/10) Sepulcher of power (12/11)
Exercise in terror (10/6) Skyjacked gold (11/11)
Fire in the sky (10/9) Snow kill (10/24)
First strike (4/14) Subterranean holdup (9/15)
Freedom dance (10/29) Supertrooper (11/18)
General Warhawk’s curse (9/18) Swamp monster (10/28)
Guns over Suez (9/26) The taking of Tierra Libre (4/18)
The Halley microbe (10/17) Target, supertanker (11/7)
Horror of the highlands (12/18) Terror beneath the sea (10/27)
The iron mask (10/31) Texas inferno (10/30)
Just say no (12/8) Trouble in Tibet (9/16)
The Konichi (11/20) Turbo’s dilemma (12/1)
Lagoon of death (10/23) The twin within (12/12)
The lost city of Acra (9/25) Vote of terror (11/6)
Masquerade (12/2) Warhawk’s fortress (11/19)
Mephisto’s magic (10/16) When S.A.V.A.G.E. stole Santa (11/14)

Rambo : First blood (see First blood)

Rambo : First blood part II (1985)

Rambo and the white rhino (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Rambo III (1988)

Rambo IV (2008) (see Rambo)

Ramb-ohh: the force is in you (1986) |Video|

Ramb-ohh, part 2: the sex platoon (1987?) |Video|

Rambone the destroyer (198-?) |Video|

Ramuntcho ( France, 1958)

Rancon (see Ransom)

Random target (see Airwolf)

Ransom (1977) (see Maniac!)

The ransom (1982) ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Ransom (1996)

Rapina… mittente sconosciuto (see Special delivery)

Rapsodie en jaune (see Rhapsodie en jaune)

Rapture (see Magnum, P.I.)

Raspberry heaven (2003)

Ravager (1970)

Raven (6/24/92-4/17/93) |TV Series|

And everything nice (7/22/92) Playback (1/9/93)
Bloody beach (1/3/93) Poisoned harvest (4/17/93)
Checkmate (3/27/93) Prey (9/26/92)
Death games (3/6/93) Raven (5/24/92)
Death of Sheila (10/3/92) Reunion (7/8/92)
Disciples of dawn (3/13/93) Rip-off (1/30/93)
Guardians of night (4/10/93) Something in the closet (3/20/93)
Heat (1/23/93) Unseen enemy (7/1/92)
Is someone crazy in here or is it me? (7/29/92) Wipe-out (4/3/93)
Journey (1/16/93)

Ray Butts (see Space : above and beyond)

Razza violenta ( Italy, 1983)

Reach of love (see My Husband is missing)

Rebel (1980) (revision of No place to hide (1975))

The rebel (see Dong mau anh hung)

Rebel leader Ly Dai Long (see Nguoi dan ba bi san duoi)

Recipe for death (see Lightning force)

Recipe for disaster (see Simon & Simon)

Recipe for heavy bread (see A-Team)

Recipe for murder (see Matt Houston)

Recon game (see Open season)

Red “ban” flowers (see Hoa ban do)

Red bauhina flowers (see Hoa ban do)

Red dog blues (see Simon & Simon)

Red dust (1932)

Red flag: the ultimate game (10/3/1981) |TV|

Red light (see Somewhere I’ll find you)

Red lotus (see Bua deng)

Red portrait (see Chan dung mau do)

Red Rock west (1993)

Red shield (see Lei ting sao xue)

Red shoes (see Subway stories)

Red spider (4/21/1988) |TV|

Red, white, and busted (see Outside in)

Redwood curtain (4/23/1995) |TV|

Reencuentro (see Big chill)

Refaire sa vie (see Lam lai quoc doi)

Region of storms (see Vung gio xoay)

Regione di cicloni (see Vung gio xoay)

Reglas de combate (see Rules of engagement)

Reglas de compromiso (see Rules of engagement)

Regole d’onore (see Rules of engagement)

El regreso (see Coming home)

Regulator (see Born losers)

Reign of the boy king (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Reisfeld (see Neak sre)

Relentless (9/14/1977) |TV|

Rembrandt’s girl (see Magnum, P.I.)

Remember me (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Remembrance of things past (see St. Elsewhere)

Renaissance man (1994)

Rendez-vous chez Max (see Inside moves)

Rendez-vous des quais ( France, 1953)

Renegade (9/19/1992-4/4/1997) |TV Series|

Ace in the hole (2/6/95) ?

Fighting cage (5/10-17/93)

Lyon’s roar (1/1/93)

Requiem for Billy (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Requiem for Icarus (see Riptide)

The rescue (see Out of reach)

Rescue (1988)

Rescue dawn (2006)

Rescue me (1993)

Research and destroy ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Reseau Poulo Condor – terre ferme (see Duong day Con Dao)

Resolutions (see Magnum, P.I.)

Rest of the distance (see Khoang cach con lai)

Restaurante de Alicia (see Alive’s restaurant)

Resting place (4/1986) |TV|

Restless nights (see Nhung dem tran tro)

Retired general (see Tuong ve huu)

Retour (see Coming home)

Retour a Danang (see Touben nuhai)

Retour a Sam Sao (see Tro ve Sam Sao)

Retour au front (see Tien tuyen goi)

Retour au pays des vents et du sable (see Ve noi gio cat)

Retour au village maternel (see Duong ve que me)

Retour de l’exil (see Long road home)

Retour du Chinois (see Protector)

Retour vers l’enfer (see Uncommon valor)

Retreat (1972) |Short|

Return day (see Ngay ve)

Return of Luther Gillis (see Magnum, P.I.)

Return of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Return of Superfly (1990)

Return of the Count (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Return of the Secaucus seven (1980)

Return to Danang (see Touben nuhai)

Return to Nam (see Matt Houston)

Return to sand and wind (see Ve noi gio cat)

Return to the native village (see Duong ve que me)

Returning home (4/29/1975) |TV|

Reunion (see Magnum, P.I.)

Reunion (see Raven)

Reunion at Alcatraz (see Simon & Simon)

Revans (see Revenge)

Revelations (see Nash Bridges)

Revenge (1990)

Revenge is my destiny (1971) |TV|

Revenge of Johnny Firecloud (see Johnny Firecloud)

Revenge of the kickfighter (see Mission terminate)

Revenger (1989)

Revolution #9 1/2 (see Simon & Simon)

Revolutionary (1970)

Revolutions per minute (see R.P.M.)

Rewind (see China Beach)

Rhapsodie en jaune ( France, 1985) |TV|

Rice people (see Neak sre)

Ricercati : ufficialmente morte (see Extreme prejudice)

Richiamo del mare (see Bien goi)

Ricordi delle zone di confine (see Ky niem vung ven)

Ride in a pink car ( Canada, 1973)

Ride the hot wind (1971)

Riders of the storm (Great Britain, 1986)

Rifarsi una vita (see Lam lai quoc doi)

Rigogolo (see Con chim vanh khuyen)

Rio vengeance (see Motor psycho)

Rip-off (see Raven)

Ripped off (see Uomo dalla pelle dura)

Riptide (1/3/1984-8/22/1986) |TV Series|

Arriverderci, baby (5/7/85) Lady killer (1/7/86)
Bargain department (11/5/85) Long distance daddy (3/27/84)
Baxter and Boz (1/22/85) Matter of policy (1/14/86)
Be true to your school (11/27/84) Mean green love machine (2/7/84)
Beat the box (11/13/84) Mirage (10/30/84)
Boz busters (2/5/85) #1 with a bullet (3/20/84)
Catch a fallen star (12/18/84) Oil bets are off (2/12/85)
Catch of the day (10/23/84) Orange grove (10/16/84)
Chapel of glass (4/11/86) Peter Pan is alive and well (12/11/84)
Conflict of interest (1/10/84) Pirate and the princess (3/7/86)
Curse of the Mary Aberdeen (1/29/85) Playing hardball (3/14/86)
Dead men don’t floss (4/4/86) Play’s the thing (3/21/86)
Diamonds are for never (2/21/84) Polly want an explanation (3/5/85)
Does not compute (10/29/85) Prisoner of war (1/15/85)
Double your pleasure (4/3/84) Raiders of the lost sub (3/15/84)
Echoes (8/22/86) Requiem for Icarus (12/10/85)
Father’s day (11/20/84) Robin and Marian (12/3/85)
Four-eyes (3/6/84) Smiles we left behind (2/25/86)
Frankie Kahana show (2/11/86) Somebody’s killing the great geeks of America (1/17/84)
Fuzzy vision (3/19/85) Something fishy (5/22/84)
Games people play (1/8/85) Still goin’ steady (11/19/85)
Girls night out (2/19/85) Thirty-six hours to dawn (10/22/85)
Hardcase (2/28/84) Twisted cross (3/12/85)
Harmony and grits (5/14/85) Wedding bell blues (1/21/86)
Hatchet job (1/31/84) Where the girls are (10/2/84)
Home for Christmas (12/17/85) Who really watches the sunshine? (11/12/85)
If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (4/18/86) Wipe out (10/1/85)
It’s a vial sort of business (12/2/84)

Rise and fall of Oliver North (see Guts & glory)

Risfolket (see Neak sre)

Rising storm (see Noi gio)

Ritorno al fronte (see Tien tuyen goi)

Ritorno dall’inferno (see Comeback)

River of stars (see Space : above and beyond)

River of three junks (see Riviere des trios jonques)

Riverbend (1989)

Riviere des trois jonques ( France, 1957)

Rivoluzionario (see Revolutionary)

Road games (see A-Team)

Road home (see Promised land)

Road less traveled (see Twilight zone (1985))

Road to Black Bayou (see Walker, Texas ranger)

Road to hope (see A-Team)

Road to Long Binh (see Tour of duty)

Roadrunner (see Tour of duty)

Roar of the Vietnamese (see Yue qing)

Robbery ( Australia, 2/19/1986) |TV|

Robert Kennedy and his times (1/27, 28 and 29, 1985) |TV|

Robin and Marian (see Riptide)

RoboCop (3/18/1994-11/26/1994) |TV Series|

Ghosts of war (4/22/94)

Robot raid (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

The Rock (1996)

Rock and the hard place (see Matt Houston)

Rockford files (3/27/1974-7/25/1980) |TV Series|

Hawaiian headache (11/23/79)

Rogue warrior (see Airwolf (second series))

Rogue’s regiment (1948)

Roketbas 3 … dar helvetet borjade (see Teilight’s last gleaming)

Rolling thunder (1977)

Romance 68 (see Tinh khuc 68)

Rombo di tuono (see Missing in action)

Romper stomper ( Australia, 1992)

Rookies (2/17/75) |TV Series| (see S.W.A.T.)

Room 3502 (see Simon & Simon)

Room with a view (see St. Elsewhere)

Rose duty (see Nhiem vu hoa hong)

Rough rider rides again (see Simon & Simon)

Round and round (see Magnum, P.I.)

Route de la violence (see White line fever)

Route 66 (10/7/1960-9/18/1964) |TV Series|

Fifty miles from home (3/2/63)

Like this it means father,
like this bitter, like this tiger (1/17/64)

What a shining young man was our gallant lieutenant (4/26/63)

Route 666 (2001)

Ruckkehr zu Sand und Wind (see Ve noi gio cat)

Ruckus (USA, 1981)

Ruckus in madoc country (see Ruckus)

Rude awakening (1989)

Rues de feu (see Streets of fire)

Ruf des Meeres (see Bien goi)

Rules of engagement (2000)

Rules – Sekunden der Entscheidung (see Rules of engagement)

Rules to die by (see Cover up)

Rumor of peace (see China Beach)

Rumor of war (9/24-9/25/1980) |TV|

Run and kill (see Wu shu))

Run for your life (1987)

Run swinger run! (1967)

Runaway (2/1989) |TV|

Rung lanh ( Vietnam, 1982)

Rung o Tham (North Vietnam, 1967)

Rung Xanu (North Vietnam, 1969)

Running against time (11/21/1990) |TV|

Running from the guns ( Australia, 1987)

Running in tall grasses (2004) |short film|

Running man (see S.W.A.T.)

Running on empty (1988)

Running scared (see Promised land)

Rushmore (1999)

Russ Meyer’s Vixen (see Vixen)

Russians and ruses ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Russkies (1987)


S.T.A.B. (Hong Kong/Thailand, 1976)

S.W.A.T. (see S.W.A.T. |as a word|)

Sa bay ( Vietnam, 1990)

Sabre de mademoiselle l’amiral (see Thanh guom co do doc)

Sabre of the young lady admiral (see Thanh guom co do doc)

Sadie (1980)

Sadisten von Satans (see Satan’s sadists)

Saigon (1947?, 1948?)

Saigon (1988; see Off limits)

Saigon (1989; see Tour of duty)

Saigon : year of the cat (Great Britain, 1983) |TV|

Saigon baby (Great Britain, 1995)

Saigon commandos (1988)

Saigon commandos (Vietnam, 1985-1986) (see Biet dong Sai Gon)

Saigon, l’enfer pour deux flics (see Off limits)

Saigon pink cats ( Australia, 1985) |Short|

Saigon rose (see Homicide: life on the streets)

Sailor and Lula (see Wild at heart)

Saint Clara (see Clara hakdosha)

Saint de Manhattan (see Saint of Fort Washington)

St. Elsewhere (10/26/1982-5/25/1988) |TV Series|

Rememberance of things past (9/18/85)

A room with a view (10/8/86)

Saint Jack (1979)

Saint John’s day (see Ngay le thanh)

Saint of Fort Washington (1993)

Saint Russell (see Promised land)

Saison des goyaves (see Mua oi)

Saison du charbon (Mua than)

Salaud de flic (see Dirty Harry)

Salvador (1985)

Salvage (see Airwolf (second series))

Salvate la tigre (see Save the tiger)

Sam and Sarah (see Uneasy silence)

Samaritan: the Mitch Snyder story (1986) |TV|

Same coin (see Homicide: life on the street)

Same river washes both our shores (see Chung mot dong song)

San bat cuop (Vietnam, 1988-1989)

Tap 1. Toi sinh ra khong phai de ngoi tu (1988) = I was not born for imprisonment

Tap 2. Nguoi dan ba mang ao tu si (1988) = The woman in monk’s dress

Tap 3. Co don (1989) = Solitude

Sanction (see Eiger sanction)

Sanctuary (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Sand pebbles (1966)

Sandman (see Marked for murder)

Sangre en Indo-China (see 317e |i.e. Trois cent dix septieme| section)

Sans cache, ni refuge (see Khong noi an nap)

Sans retour (see Southern comfort)

Santa Barbara (7/30/1984-1/15/1993) |TV Series|

Santini’s millions (see Airwolf)

Sao thang tam ( Vietnam, 1976)

Sapore di morte (see Poliziotta a Miami)

Satan, cyanide and murder (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Satan’s sadists (1969)

Sauvez le tigre (see Save the tiger)

Savage (see Miami vice)

Savage apocalypse (see Cannibals in the street)

Savage attack (see Sporca insegna del coraggio)

Savage dawn (1985)

Savage eye (see Occhio selvaggio)

S.A.V.A.G.E. island (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Savage justice (1988)

S.A.V.A.G.E. rustlers (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

S.A.V.A.G.E. space (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Save the tiger (1973)

Saxman (see Revenger)

Say it with bullets (see A-Team)

Say uncle affair (see A-Team)

Scars (see Dead zone)

Scent of a woman (1992)

Scent of the green papaya (see Mui du du xanh)

Scharfschutze (see Sniper)

Schlachter (see Boucher)

Schlaeger von Brooklyn (see Defiance)

Schmuggler von Saigon (see Saigon)

School mistress Hanh (see Co giao Hanh)

School nurse (see Trapper John, M.D.)

School’s out (see Substitute 2 : school’s out)

Schwarze Sonntag (see Black Sunday)

Schwimmend nach Kambodscha (see Swimming to Cambodia)

Sciabola della signorina ammiraglia (see Thanh guom co do doc)

Scomodo testimone (see Eyewitness)

Scoring (see Yesterday)

Screwface (see Marked for death)

Scricciolo (see Con chim vanh khuyen)

Scrinshao (see Manimal)

Scrubs (10/2/2001 – 5/6/2009) |TV Series|

Scum of the earth (1974) (see Poor white trash II)

Sea of fire (see Bien lua)

Sea wall (see Diga sul Pacifico)

Sealed with a kiss (see Tour of duty)

Search and destroy (1981)

Search and destroy (1988)

Season of guavas (see Mua oi)

Season of the hunted (2003)

Season of the north wind (see Mua gio chuong)

The second best man (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Second chance (see Human target)

Second finest man who ever lived (see Stingray)

Second sight ( see Trapper John, M.D.)

Second story Simon (see Simon & Simon)

Second swell (see Simon & Simon)

Secret (see Promised land)

Secret admirer (see Matt Houston)

The secret force (1995)

Secret honor (1984)

Secret list (see Ban danh sach mat)

Secret of the chrome eagle (see Simon & Simon)

Secret of the forbidden town (see Bi mat thanh pho cam)

Secret revenge (see Run for your life)

Seduction of John Hearn (see When love kills: the seduction of John Hearn)

Seductress (see Teacher)

See you again in Sai Gon (see Hen gap lai Sai Gon)

See you at the next meeting (see Den hen lai len)

Sehnsucht nach der Landschaft (see Thuong nho dong que)

Self defense (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Self-diagnosis (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Semi-friendly persuasion (see A-Team)

Semper fi (4/1/2001) |TV|

Send in the clowns (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Sender (Great Britain, 1982)

Sense of duty (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Sense of justice (see Magnum, P.I.)

Senza tregua (see Hard target)

Separate peace (see JAG)

Separate vocations (see Simpsons)

Separated (see Vietnam war story)

Sept mercenaires (see Magnificent seven)

Sepulcher of power (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Sergeant Stryker’s war (see Thou shalt not kill…except)

Serin (see Con chim vanh khuyen)

A session with the committee (1968)

Settima alba (see Seventh dawn)

Setting sun (see Lightning force)

Seven dead eyes (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Seventeenth parallel, day and night (see Vi tuyen 17-ngay va dem)

Seventh dawn (1964)

The ‘70s (4/30-5/1/2000) |TV|

Severance pay (see Airwolf)

Sex academy (see Not another teen movie)

Sex crime of the century (see Last house on the left)

Sex platoon (see Ramb-ohh, part 2)

Sex trap (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Sgt. Stryker’s war (see Thou shalt not kill…except)

Shade of orange (1992) |Short film|

Shadow force (see Shadowforce)

Shadow of death (see Quincy)

Shadow of evil (see Banco a Bangkok)

Shadow of Sam Penny (see Simon & Simon)

Shadow over Angkor ( Cambodia, 1969)

Shadowforce (1993)

Shadows (see Simon & Simon)

Shadows (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Shame (see Skammen)

Shark bait (see Matt Houston)

Shark killers (see Mako : the jaws of death)

The shattered image ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

She man (1967)

She sells more than sea shells (see China Beach)

Shepherd (1984)

Sheriffs of Rivertown (see A-Team)

She’s my little fortune nookie (1997) |Video|

Shock waves (see Trauma center)

Shooter (9/11/1988) |TV|

Shopping for fangs (Canada/US, 1997)

Short course in war (see Mod squad)

Short odds ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Short timer (see Tour of duty)

Short walk to freedom (see Airwolf)

Shots in the dark (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Show yourself (see The closer)

Showdown (1991)

Showdown! (US |TV|) (see A-Team)

Showdown ( Vietnam) (see Loi canh cao cuoi cung; Van bai lat ngua)

Showgirl murders (see Matt Houston)

Si alza il vento (see Noi gio)

Si volvemos a vernos ( Spain, 1968)

Siaget vid Little Big Horn (see Custer of the west)

Sidekicks (1993)

Sie furchten weder Tod nach Teufel (see Lost command)

Sie kehren Heim (see Coming home)

Siege of firebase Gloria ( Australia, 1989)

Siege of 31 August (see Darkroom)

Sign of Aquarius (1970)

Significant obsession (see Simon & Simon)

Signori della truffa (see Sneakers)

Signorina Nhung (see Chi Nhung)

Silence (1981) |Video short|

Silence en pleine guerre (see Khoanh khac yen lang cua chien tranh)

A silent night (Vietnam, 2004) |Short film|

Silent night (see NCIS)

Silent night, deadly night (see S.W.A.T.)

Silent witness (Great Britain/U.S., 2/21/1996-9/27/2004) |TV Series|

Sins of the fathers (3/27-28/96; first aired in the U.S. 10/22/96)

Silo III (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Silver bracelet (see Chiec vong bac)

Simon & Simon (11/24/1981-12/31/1988) |TV Series|

A.W.O.L. (10/2/86) The list (2/17/83)
Act five (4/3/86) Love and/or marriage (10/3/85)
Ain’t gonna get it from me, Jack (11/5/88) Love, Cristy (12/1/81)
All your favorite games (12/22/83) Manna from heaven (10/25/84)
Almost completely out of circulation (11/22/84) Marlowe, come home (2/28/85)
Ancient echoes (2/19/87) Matchmaker (3/9/82)
Art for Arthur’s sake (10/28/82) May the road rise up (4/7/88)
Ashes to ashes and none too soon (1/19/82) Merry adventures of Robert Hood (10/29/88)
Bail out (10/20/83) Mike & Pat (10/14/82)
Bare facts (11/17/83) Mrs. Simon & Mrs. Simon (12/4/86)
Beauty and deceased (10/8/88) Mobile home of the brave (1/30/86)
Betty Grable flies again (12/8/83) Most wanted (9/ /87)
Bloodlines (1/19/84) Murder between the lines (1/6/83)
Bon voyage, Alonso (12/15/83) New cop in town (12/3/87)
Break a leg, darling (11/15/84) Opposites attack (1/29/87)
Burden of the beast (10/10/85) Our fair city (11/29/84)
Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea (11/10/83) Out-of-town Brown (3/28/85)
C’est Simon (9/27/84) Photo finished ( / /88?)
Club Murder vacation (1/27/83) Pirate’s key (1/20/83)
Competition, who needs it? (9/25/86) Play it again, Simon (12/17/88)
Cop who came to dinner (10/16/86) Psyched out (1/13/83)
Corpus delecti (3/22/84) Quint is out (12/5/85)
D.J., D.O.A. (10/6/83) Recipe for disaster (12/22/81)
Dead letter file (1/5/82) Red dog blues (3/24/83)
Dear lovesick (1/12/84) Reunion at Alcatraz (11/14/85)
Deep cover (12/6/84) Revolution #9 1/2 (12/13/84)
Deep water death (1/8/87) Room 3502 (3/10/83)
Design for killing (2/10/83) Rough rider rides again (11/18/82)
Desperately seeking Dacody (12/10/87) Second story Simon (2/26/87)
Details at eleven (11/24/81) Second swell (1/14/88)
Dillinger print (3/8/84) Secret of the chrome eagle (3/3/83)
Disappearance of Harry the Hat (3/29/84) Shadow of Sam Penny (11/3/83)
Double entry (3/2/82) Shadows (1/7/88)
Double play (2/16/84) Significant obsession (2/13/86)
Earth to Stacey (2/9/82) Simon & Simon and associates (10/15/88)
Emeralds are not a girl’s best friend (10/7/82) Simon & Simon, Jr. (11/19/88)
Enchilada express (10/24/85) Simon says ‘Good-bye’ ( / /88?)
Enter the Jaguar (1/17/85) Simon without Simon (1/24 and 1/31/85)
Facets (12/26/85) Skeleton who came out of the closet (3/31/83)
First let’s kill all the lawyers (12/31/88) Skull of Nostradamus (10/31/85)
Fly the alibi skies (10/27/83) Slither (2/7/85)
For old crime’s sake (1/15/87) Something for Sarah (1/23/86)
For the people (2/20/86) Something special (3/31/88)
Forever hold your piece (1/21/88) Sometimes dreams come true (12/2/82)
Fowl play (12/15/82) Still Phil after all these years (10/9/86)
Full moon blues (3/6/86) Sunrise at Camp Apollo (1/2/86)
Grand illusion (9/29/83) Tanks for the memories (3/16/82)
Guessing game (10/21/82) Ten thousand dollar deductible (11/4/82)
Harm’s way (3/1/84) Thin air (12/30/82)
Have you hugged your private investigator today? (11/7/85) The third eye (10/17/85)
Heels and toes (2/2/84) Ties that bind (3/3/88)
Hottest ticket in town (1/12/82) Tonsilitis (12/18/86)
I heard it was murder (10/12/83) Too much of a good thing (12/1/83)
I thought the war was over (3/5/87) Trapdoors (12/8/81)
It’s only a game (2/3/83) Under the knife (2/23/84)
John Doe (1/5/84) Walk a mile in my hat (12/12/85)
Judgement call (2/5/87) What’s in a gnome? (2/24/83) |Phantom of playland|
Last harangue (4/10/86) Who killed the sixties? (11/8/84)
Last time I saw Michael (12/9/82) Wrong stuff (2/9/84)
Least dangerous game (12/29/81) Yes Virginia, there is a Liberace (12/20/84)
Like father, like son (11/13/86) You, too, can be a detective (12/17/87)

Simon & Simon and associates (see Simon & Simon)

Simon & Simon, Jr. (see Simon & Simon)

Simon says ‘Good-bye’ (see Simon & Simon)

Simon without Simon (see Simon & Simon)

Simon’s choice (see V.R.5)

Simple men (1992)

Simply FOBulous (2005)

The Simpsons (12/17/1989- ) |Animated TV Series|

Bart’s friend falls in love |8F22| ( / / ) Lisa’s substitute |7F19| (4/25/91)
Bart’s girlfriend |2F04| (11/6/94) The principal and the pauper |4F23| (9/28/97)
Homer’s barbershop quartet |9F21| (9/30/93) Separate vocations |8F15| (2/27/92)
I love Lisa |9F13| (3/11/93) |Snowstorm| (12/17/00)
Kamp Krusty |8F24| ( / / ) Sweet Seymour Skinner’s baadasssss song |1F18| (4/27/94)
Lisa the beauty queen |9F02| (10/15/92) Team Homer |3F10| (1/6/96)
Lisa’s sax |3G02| (10/19/97)

Singapore, Singapore (see Cinq gars pour Singapore)

Sinja strella (see Blue thunder)

Sinh ngay 4 thang 7 (see Born on the fourth of July)

Sins of the fathers (see Silent witness; also, Tour of duty)

Sins of the past (see Airwolf)

Sista utposten (see Go tell the Spartans)

Sister Dau (see Chi Dau)

Sister Tham’s pine wood (see Rung o Tham)

Sitting ducks (see Tour of duty)

Six hommes pour sauvez Harry (see Let’s get Harry)

6:00 |i.e. Six o’clock| follies (4/24, 4/26, 8/2 and 9/13/1980) |TV Series|

Sixth position (see Magnum, P.I.)

Sixth Sense (1/15/1972-12/13/1972) |TV Series|

I do not belong to the human world (1/15/72)

The ‘60’s (2/7-2/8/1999) |TV|

‘68 (1987)

Skaev eftermiddag (see Dog day afternoon)

Skammen ( Sweden, 1968)

Skeleton who came out of the closet (see Simon & Simon)

Skidoo (1968)

Skin deep (see China Beach)

Skin art (1993)

Skin deep (see Magnum, P.I.)

Skin trade (see Nash Bridges)

Skins (2002)

Skins (see A-Team)

Skull of Nostradamus (see Simon & Simon)

Sky is blue (see Ciel est bleu)

Sky terror (see Skyjacked)

Skyjacked (1972)

Skyjacked gold (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Skylark (see China Beach)

Sladki poslej (see Sweet hereafter)

Slash (see Blood sisters)

Slate, Wyn & me ( Australia, 1987)

Slaughter (1972)

Slaughterers (see Cannibals in the street)

Slaughterhouse five (1972)

Slaughter’s big rip-off (1973)

Sleeping dogs (see Tour of duty)

Sleeping dogs lie (see The agency)

Sleepless (see X files)

Sliders (3/22/1995-2/4/2000) |TV Series|

Summer of love (4/19/95)

Slim chance ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Slither (see Simon & Simon)

Slow bullet (1988)

A slug in the heater (see Balle dans le canon)

Small and deadly war (see A-Team)

Small circle of friends (1980)

Small soldiers (1998)

Smaller than life (see Magnum, P.I.)

Smart bullet (see Lightning force)

Smashing up (see Si volvemos a vernos)

Smell of the green papaya (see Mui du du xanh)

Smerige klabak (see Dirty Harry)

Smrtonosno orozje 4 (see Lethal weapon 4)

Smiles we left behind (see Riptide)

Smoke signals (1998)

Smothering dreams (1981) |Video| (reissued in 1989 as part of Daniel Reeves video retrospective)

Smuggler’s blues (see Miami vice)

Snajper (see Sniper)

Snake eater ( Canada, 1989)

Snake eater II: the drug buster ( Canada, 1991)

Snake eater III: his law ( Canada, 1991)

Sneakers (1992)

Sniper (1992)

Sniper 2 (2002) |TV|

Sniper 3 (2004) |Video|

Snow kill (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

So cool (see Liberty & Bash)

So little, gone (see Trapper John, M.D.)

So phan mot tinh yeu ( Vietnam, 1996)

Sohn des Mandingo (see Slaughter’s big rip-off)

Soldado azul (see Soldier blue)

Soldado de la 1a clase (see Don’t cry, it’s only thunder)

Soldado razo (see Ballad of a soldier)

Soldat blue (see Soldier blue)

Soldat qui declara le paix (see Tribes)

Soldier and a son (Dua con va guoi linh)

Soldier blue (1970)

Soldier boy (see Different world)

Soldier boyz (1995)

Soldier on the hill (see S.W.A.T.)

Soldier warriors ( Philippines, 1986)

Soldiers (see Tour of duty)

Soldiers of change (2006 DVD release) (see The painting)

Soldier’s fortune (1991) |Video|

Soldiers of fortune (see Soldier’s fortune)

Soldier’s revenge (1986)

Soldier’s story ( Canada, 1981)

Soldier’s sweetheart (1998)

Soldier’s wife (see I feel it coming)

Sole a mezzanotte (see White nights)

Sole survivor (see S.W.A.T.)

Soleil de nuit (see White nights)

Solitude (see San bat cuop. Tap 3. Co don)

Solo flight (see Magnum, P.I.)

Solo voyage (see Odinochnoe plavanie)

Solo voyage : the revenge (see Odinochnoe plavanie)

Solomon King (1974)

Some kind of hero (1982)

Some may live (Great Britain, 1967) |TV|

Somebody’s killing the great geeks of America (see Riptide)

Something becomes evident (see Etwas wird sichtbar)

Something fishy (see Riptide)

Something for Sarah (see Simon & Simon)

Something in the closet (see Raven)

Something in the shadows (see Walker, Texas Ranger)

Something special (see Simon & Simon)

Something worth remembering (see Fulfillment – something worth remembering)

Sometimes dreams come true (see Simon & Simon)

Sometimes you gotta sing the blues (see Stingray)

Somewhere I’ll find you (1942)

Somewhere over the radio (see China Beach)

Son and the soldier (see Dua con va guoi linh)

Son of greetings (see Hi, Mom!)

Son of mortal enemy (see Dua con ke tu thu)

Son of rambow (Great Britain, 2007)

Son of the Mekong (see Fils du Mekong)

Son of the millionaire (see Nguoi dan ba bi san duoi)

Song of the dead (2005) |Video|

Song of the stork (see Vu khuc con co)

Song on a mountain slope (North Vietnam, 1967) |Animated|

Song trong so hai (Vietnam, 2005)

Song XXIII (see 23rd Psalm branch)

Songkhram ron rak ( Thailand, 1988)

Sons (1988)

Sons of cousin Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Sotto tiro (see Under fire)

Souffle au coeur (France/West Germany/Italy, 1971)

Soul hustler (1973)

Sound of thunder (see A-Team)

South Park (8/13/1997- ) |Animated TV Series|

Cow days (9/30/1998)

The Mexican staring frog of southern Sri Lanka (6/10/1998)

South sea blood letter (Hong Kong, 1984)

South Side story (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Southern comfort (1981)

Souvenir de la zone peripherique (Ky niem vung ven)

Souvenir d’un disparu (see Vat ky niem)

Souvenirs (see China Beach)

Souvenirs des zones lisieres (see Ky niem vung ven)

Soviet (see Odinochnoe plavanie)

Space : above and beyond (9/24/1995-6/2/1996) |TV Series|

And if they lay us down to rest (5/26/96) Pearly (3/24/96)
The angriest angel (2/11/96) |Pilot| (9/24/95)
Choice or chance (11/26/95) R & R (4/12/96)
Dark side of the sun (10/8/95) Ray Butts (10/22/95)
Dear Earth (3/3/96) River of stars (12/17/95)
The enemy (11/12/95) Stardust (4/19/96)
Eyes (11/5/95) Stay with the dead (12/3/95)
Farthest man from home (10/1/95) Sugar dirt (4/20/96)
Hostile visit (11/19/95) Tell our moms we done our best (6/2/96)
Level of necessity (1/14/96) Toy soldiers (2/18/96)
Mutiny (10/15/95) Who monitors the birds? (1/17/96)
Never no more (2/4/96)

Spawning (see Piranha II)

Spearfield’s daughter (Canada, 5/25, 5/27/1986) |TV|

Special bulletin (3/20/1983) |TV|

Special delivery (1976)

Special delivery (1984) (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Special Weapons and Tactics (see S.W.A.T.)

Spenser: for hire (9/20/1985-5/7/1988) |TV Series|

My brother’s keeper (3/14/87)

Spider and the fly (5/14/1994) |TV|

Spirit chasers (see Frog dreaming)

Spitfire grill (1996)

Splash (1984)

Spoils of war (4/9/1994) |TV|

Spook (Canada, 2003)

La sporca insegna del coraggio (Italy, 1986)

Sporca guerra (see White ghost)

Sporting club (1971)

Sposi a Phu (se Vo chong a Phu)

Spur des Schlitzers (see Poliziotta a Miami)

Spy affair (see Dang sau mot so phan. Phan 2. Diep vu)

Spy game (2001)

The spy who bugged me (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Spy who mugged me (see A-Team)

Spyder (Philippines?, 1989)

Squeeze play (see Magnum, P.I.)

STAB (see S.T.A.B.)

St. Elsewhere (see Saint Elsewhere)

St. Russell (see Promised land)

Stahlerne Adler (see Iron eagle)

Stahlerne Adler II (see Iron eagle II)

Stahljustiz (see Steel justice)

Stall voll susser Bubie (see Gay deceivers)

Stanley (1973)

Star (1993) |TV|

Star in the month of August (see Sao thang tam)

Star to the sea (see Ngoi sao tren bien)

Star spangled banner (1971)

Star trek (9/8/1966-9/9/1969) |TV Series|

City on the edge of forever (4/6/67)

Let that be your last battlefield (1/10/69)

Omega glory (3/1/68)

Private little war (2/2/68)

Star trek : the next generation (9/28/1987-5/23/1994) |TV Series|

The hunted (1/8/90)

Stardust (see Space : above and beyond)

Stark (Australia, 8/11-8/12/1993) |TV|

Starman (9/16/1986-5/2/1987) |TV Series|

Starscape (4/4-11/87)

Starscape (see Starman)

Starsky and Hutch (1975-1979) |TV Series|

Starsky vs. Hutch (5/18/79)

State uniti in America (see Some kind of hero)

Statue (see Pho tuong)

Stavograd (see Airwolf (second series))

Stay with the dead (see Space : above and beyond)

Steal this movie (2000)

Stealing home (see Promised land)

Steel (see A-Team)

Steele justice (1987)

Steinere garten (see Gardens of stone)

Stella del mese d’agosto (see Sao thang tam)

Step too slow (1981) |TV|

Stephen King’s graveyard shift (see Graveyard shift)

Steven Kahler’s Click a Vietnam war flick (see Click)

Steven Kahler’s Woodstock and Paco a Vietnam War flick (see Woodstock and Paco)

The stewardesses (1969)

The stewardesses : special edition (1981) (see The stewardesses)

Stick it in your ear (1970)

Sticks and bones (8/17/1973) |TV|

Stigma (1972)

Still goin’ steady (see Riptide)

Still Phil after all these years (see Simon & Simon)

Stille moment im Krieg (see Khoanh khac yen lang cua chien tranh)

Stingray (7/14/1985-5/8/1987) |TV Series|

Abnormal psych (4/15/86) Gemini (1/16/87)
Ancient eyes (3/11/86) Greeter (1/9/87)
Anytime, anywhere (4/17/87) Less than the eye can see (5/6/86)
Autumn (2/27/87) Neniwa (3/6/87)
Below the line (4/1/86) Night maneuvers (3/27/87)
Blood money (4/10/87) One way ticket to the end of the line (5/8/87)
Bring me the hand that hit me (1/30/87) Orange blossom (4/29/86)
Caper (5/1/87) Playback (1/23/87)
Cry wolf (4/3/87) Second finest man who ever lived (3/20/87)
Echoes (2/6/87) Sometimes you gotta sing the blues (4/8/86)
Ether (3/25/86) Stingray |pilot| (7/14/85)
First time is forever (2/20/87) That terrible swift sword (5/13/86)

Stirb langsam (see Die hard)

Stolen (see Matt Houston)

Stone ( Australia, 1974)

Stone killer (1973)

Stop the presses (see Matt Houston)

Storia di Giong (see Chuyen ong Giong)

Storm in U Minh (see Bai U Minh)

Storm warning (see Airwolf (second series))

Stormy journey by car (see Chuyen xe bao tap)

Story of hero Giong (see Chuyen ong Giong)

Story of the coconut village (see Cau chuyen lang dau)

Story of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial (see To heal a nation: the story of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial)

Story of Wu Viet (see Hu-yueh te ku-shih)

Storyville (1992)

Stosstrupp Gold (see Kelly’s heroes)

Strade di fuoco (see Streets of fire)

Straffparken (see Punishment park)

Straight and narrow (1981) ( see Trapper John, M.D.)

Straight and narrow (1986) (see Magnum, P.I.)

Stranded in Dinosaur Valley (see Nudo e selvaggio)

Strange bedfellows (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Strange brew (see China Beach)

Stranger on my land (1988) |TV|

Strangers in the homeland (3/21/1976) |TV|

Strangers in the night (see Dark skies)

Stranglehold: Delta Force II (see Delta Force 2 : the Colombian connection)

Strasse der Gewalt (see White line fever)

Straw dogs (1971)

Strawberry fields (1997)

Strawberry statement (1970)

Stray monkey (North Vietnam, 1973) |Animated|

Streamers (1983)

Street hunter (1990)

Street justice (9/22/1991- ) |TV Series|

Back from the dead again (11/8/92) Homecoming (1/5/92)
Backbeat (2/9/92) Honor and trust (2/7/93)
Bad choices (6/7/92) Innocent blood (11/15/92)
Bashing (11/24/91) Kid stuff (10/6/91)
Bitter fruit (1/17/93) Legacy (9/22/91)
Black on blue (1/10/93) Loyalties (9/28/91)
Catcher (5/3/92) Missing (5/10/92)
Circle of death (10/4/92) My brother’s keeper (5/16/93)
Cost of peace (2/21/93) Obsession (1/31/93)
Countdown (2/28/93) On my honor (2/14/93)
Country justice (11/1/92) Parenthood (1/12/92)
Crossfire (10/11/92) Partners in crime (1/19/92)
Death warmed over (9/27/92) Protectors (2/2/92)
Debt of honor (5/31/92) Remember me (1/3/93)
Desperate (5/23/93) Sanctuary (10/27/91)
Each one, teach one (10/25/92) Self defense (11/17/91)
Eye witness (3/1/92) Sense of duty (1/24/93)
Feet of clay (10/18/92) Shadows (10/20/91)
Friendly fire (11/10/91) Tables turned (10/13/91)
The group (11/3/91) The wall (5/9/93)

Street to die ( Australia, 1985)

Street trash (1987)

Streets of fire (1984)

Streets of San Francisco (1972-1977) |TV Series|

|Episode featuring a psychotic USAF POW| (11/21/74; rebroadcast 5/22/75)

I ain’t goin to march no more (10/10/74; rebroadcast 6/5/75)

Strike ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Strike commando ( Indonesia, 1986) (see Final score)

Strike commando ( Italy, 1987)

Strike commando 2 (see Trappola diabolica)

Striking back (see Search and destroy (1981))

Strolling singers (see Doi hat rong)

Stripes (1981)

Struggle goes on (see Cuoc chien dau con tiep dien)

Stuck Erde (see Hon dat)

Stunt man (1980)

Sturm bricht los (see Noi gio)

Sturmwind (see Nhung don sam set)

Su excelencia el embajador (see Ugly American)

Subjektive faktor (West Germany, 1981)

The substitute 2 : school’s out (1998) |TV|

Subterranean holdup (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Subtle seduction (see Cover up)

Subway stories: tales from the underground (8/16/1997) |TV|

|pt. 2| The red shoes

Such dust as dreams are made on (see Harry O …)

Sudden exposure (see Cover up)

Sudden fish (see NYPD blue)

Suesse Jenseits (see Sweet hereafter)

Sugar dirt (see Space : above and beyond)

Suicide run (see Too late the hero)

Sulla strada per il villaggio native (see Duong ve que me)

Summer of innocence (see Big Wednesday)

Summer of love (see Sliders)

Summer school (see Magnum, P.I.)

Summer soldiers ( Japan, 1971)

Summertree (1971)

Sundays and Cybele (see Dimanche de Ville d’Avray)

Sunny (see Nim-eum-meon-go-sae)

Sunrise at Camp Apollo (see Simon & Simon)

Super cop 2 (see Chao chi chi hua)

Super-imposition (1965) |Video Short|

Super nurse (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Supercarrier (3/6/1988-5/1/1988) |TV Series|

Exodus (4/24/88)

Supercop 2 (see Chao chi chi hua)

Supertrooper (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Suppose they gave a war and nobody came (1970)

Sur les rives d’un meme fleuve (see Chung mot dong song)

Surfer ( Australia, 1987)

Survivalist (1987)

Survivors (see JAG)

Suspect (1987)

Suspect presunto culpevole (see Suspect)

Swamp monster (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

S.W.A.T. (2/17/1975-4/3/1976) |TV Series|

Any second now (3/13/76) Killing ground (2/24/75)
Blind man’s bluff (5/19/75) Lessons in fear (1/31/76)
Bravo enigma (3/10/75) Murder by fire (12/6/75)
Chinese connection (2/28/76) Officer Luca, you’re dead (4/3/76)
Courthouse (11/1/75) ? Omega one (5/12/75)
Coven of killers (3/3/75) Ordeal (11/8/75)
Criss-cross (10/18/75) Pressure cooker (3/17/75)
? Dangerous memories (11/15/75) Running man (1/24/76)
Deadly tide (9/13/75) Silent night, deadly night (12/13/75)
Deadly weapons (2/21/76) * Soldier on the hill (3/20/76)
Dealers in death (9/27/75) Sole survivor (5/26/75)
Death carrier (4/28/75) S.W.A.T. (2/17/75) |aired as a double episode of The rookies|
Death score (4/7/75) Swinger (11/22/75)
Dragons and owls (3/6/76) Terror ship (11/29/75)
Hit men (3/24/75) Time bomb (10/4/75)
* Jungle war (3/31/75) Vendetta (10/11/75)
Kill S.W.A.T. (9/20/75) Vigilante (10/25/75)

Sweet britches (see Airwolf)

Sweet hereafter ( Canada, 1997)

Sweet revenge (10/31/1984) |TV|

Sweet Seymour Skinner’s baadasssss song (see Simpsons)

Sweet smell of green papaya (see Mui du du xanh)

Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong (see Soldier’s sweetheart)

Swerzy z Fortu Washington (see Saint of Fort Washington)

Swift justice (1989)

Swift justice (3/13/1996-7/17/1996) |TV Series|

Where were you in ‘72? (4/10/96)

Swimming to Cambodia (1987)

Swinger (see S.W.A.T.)

Swirly wind region (see Vung gio xoay)

Sword of honour ( Australia, 2/1986) |TV Series|

Sworn enemies (see Coyote run)

Sympathy for the devil (see One plus one)

The syringe (see Arbalete)

Szuletett gyilkosok (see Natural born killers)

Szysznyk (8/1/1977-1/27/1978) |TV Series|


T.J. Hooker (3/13/1982-9/26/1986) |TV Series|

Ta mao hsien chia (Hong Kong, 1995)

Tables turned (see Street justice |TV Series|)

Ta’det med et smil (see Inside moves)

Tag des Entscheidung (see Big Wednesday)

Tag und Nacht am 17. Breitengrad (see Vi tuyen 17 – ngay va dem)

Tage des Ruhms, Tage der Liebe (see For the boys)

Taggett (2/14/1991) |TV|

Take back the night (see Promised land)

Take back the streets (see Midnight caller)

Take my wife please (see Night court)

Taking of Dick Williams (see Magnum, P.I.)

The taking of Tierra Libre (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Taking off (1971)

Taking woodstock (2009)

Tale of love (1995)

Tale of the cock (see Childish things)

Tamen zheng nianqing ( China, 1987)

Tanks for the memories (see Simon & Simon)

Tarde de perros (see Dog day afternoon)

Target: Miss World (see Matt Houston)

Target, supertanker (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Targets (1968)

T’as pas deja vu ca quelque part, toi? ( Canada, 1976)

Tatia (see I spy)

1000 |Tausend| Meilen bis zur Holle (see Line)

Taxi in the rain (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Taxi dancers (1993)

Taxi driver (1976)

Taxicab wars (see A-Team)

Teacher (1974)

Teacher Hanh (see Co giao Hanh)

Teacher of the high country (see Co giao vung cao)

Team America: world police (2004)

Team Homer (see Simpsons)

Teardrop pearl of Ha Long (Giot le Ha Long)

Tears of Ha Long (see Giot le Ha Long)

Tell me lies (Great Britain, 1968)

Tell our moms we done our best (see Space : above and beyond)

Tell them Willie boy is here (1969)

Tempete pres du 17e parallele (see Bao tuyen)

Tempete se leve (see Noi gio)

Temple d’or (see Firewalker)

Tempo di vittorie (see Our winning season)

Temps de la bise (see Mua gio chuong)

Temps d’un week-end (see Scent of a woman)

Ten girls of Dong Loc (see Nga ba Dong Loc)

Ten seconds to murder (1970)

Ten thousand dollar deductible (see Simon & Simon)

Tender mercies (1982)

Tendre bonheur (see Tender mercies)

Tendre enfant (see Tuoi tho)

Tendre guerre ( Canada, 1995)

10th month comes (see Bao gio cho den thang muoi)

Tequila and Bonetti (1/17/1992-4/18/1992) |TV Series|

Terms of enlistment (see Tour of duty)

Terra devastata (see Canh dong hoang)

Terre devastee (see Canh dong hoang)

Terre en friche (see Canh dong hoang)

Terre maternelle (see Dat me)

Territorial air space (see Vung troi)

Terror beneath the sea (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Terror in the sky (9/17/1971) |TV|

Terror ship (see S.W.A.T.)

Terrorgram (1988)

Tet, 1968 (see Hard rain: the Tet 1968)

Tet ‘68 (see China Beach)

Texas chainsaw massacre, part 2 (1986)

Texas inferno (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Texas lightning (see Magnum, P.I.)

Thaddeus: the activist (1971)

Than le pecheur ( France, 1958)

Thanh guom co do doc ( North Vietnam, 197-?)

Thanh guom de lai ( Vietnam, 1991)

Thanh pho co nguoi ( Vietnam, 1987)

Thank heaven for little girls and big ones, too (see Magnum, P.I.)

Thank you, aunt (see Grazie, Zia)

Thank you for smoking (USA 2005)

Thanks for giving ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Thanks for the memories (see Tour of duty)

Thanks of a grateful nation (5/31/1998) |TV|

Thanks of a grateful nation (see also China Beach)

That cold day in the park (US/Canada 1969)

That day at Vu-Dai village (see Lang Vu Dai ngay ay)

That friend (see Nguoi ban ay)

That is a crime (see Nhu the la toi ac)

That man Bolt (1973)

That old gang of mine (see Trapper John, M.D. )

That terrible swift sword (see Stingray)

That was then … this is now (1985)

Theorie des dominos (see Domino principle)

Theory of revolution (see A-Team)

There goes my baby (1990)

There goes the neighborhood (see A-Team)

There is no 13 (1974)

There’s always a catch (see A-Team)

Therese Raquin ( France, 1953)

Thi tran yen tinh ( Vietnam, 1986)

Thi xa trong tam tay ( Vietnam, 1982)

Thicker than blood (see Magnum, P.I.)

Thin air (see Simon & Simon)

Thing he hasn’t managed to say (see Dieu anh chua kip noi)

Third eye (see Simon & Simon)

Thirteenth mission (Philippines?, 1988)

Thirty-six hours to dawn (see Riptide)

This gland is your gland ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

This gun for hire (1991) |TV|

This island isn’t big enough (see Magnum, P.I.)

This land is not alone (see Mien dat khong co don)

This man is dangerous (see Stingray)

This time forever (see Yesterday)

Thong sam ( Thailand, 1988)

Those beautiful days (see Nhung ngay thang dep)

Those restless years (see Loose change)

Those we have met (see Nhung nguoi da gap)

Those who do not carry guns (see Nguoi khong mang sung)

Thou shalt not kill… except (198-?)

Three blind mice (9/30/2001) |TV|

Three cheers for the orange, white and blue (see Tour of duty)

Three hundred seventeenth platoon (see 317eme |i.e. Trois cent dix septieme| section)

Three minus two (see Magnum, P.I.)

Three on a mismatch ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Three seasons (1999)

Three seventeenth platoon (see 317eme |i.e. Trois cent dix septieme| section)

Through and through (see China Beach)

Thrush can speak (see Magpie that can speak)

Thu linh ao nao (see Hoang Hoa Tham)

Thunderbolt (see That man Bolt)

Thunderheart (1992)

Thuong nho dong que (Vietnam, 1995)

Ti-yi-lei-hsing wei hsien (see Divi leixing weixian)

Tick, tick, tick (1970)

Tiempo de caza (see Open season)

Tien bom hoa binh ( Vietnam, 1985)

Tien tuyen goi (North Vietnam, 1969)

Tien goi luc mo sang ( Vietnam, 1988)

Tieng goi, phia truoc ( Vietnam, 1978)

Ties that bind (see Simon & Simon)

Ties that blind (see Tour of duty)

Tiger (see Eye of the tiger)

Tiger by the tail (1970)

Tiger Joe (see Fuga dall’archipelago maledetto)

Tigerland (2000)

Tigers fan (see Magnum, P.I.)

Tigershark (US/Philippines, 1986)

Till death do us part (see A-Team)

Till life do us part (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Tim nguoi trong anh ( Vietnam, 1985)

Timber (see A-Team)

Time bomb (1975) (see S.W.A.T.)

Time bomb (3/25/1984) |TV|

Time bomb (1992) (see Timebomb)

Time goes by (see Nha que)

Time they had lived (see Mot thoi da song)

Time to kill (1996)

Time to time (see Outer limits)

Timebomb (1992)

Tinh dat Cu Chi ( Vietnam, 1978)

Tinh khong bien goi ( Vietnam, 1990)

Tinh khuc 68 ( Vietnam, 1988)

Tinh lang (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 2)

Tinh yeu va khoang cach ( Vietnam, 1984)

Tis the season (see Trapper John, M.D. )

Titmouse (see Con chim van khuyen)

To bind the wounds (see Highway to heaven)

To everything a season (see Promised land)

To heal a nation: the story of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial (5/29/1988) |TV|

To kill a clown (1972)

To kill a dragon (see That man Bolt)

To kill a friend (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

To kill or be killed (see Hawaii Five-O)

To liv(e) (see Fu shi lian qu)

To look for persons in a picture (see Tim nguoi trong anh)

To Russia with love (see JAG)

To snare a wolf (see Airwolf)

To start a new life (see Lam lai quoc doi)

To the finish (see Fall guy)

To the north, Hanoi (see Phia bac thu do)

To the region swept by wind and sand (see Ve noi gio cat)

To the shores of hell (1966)

To the South and back (see Vao Nam ra bac)

Toa do chet (Vietnam/USSR, 1985) (released in USSR as Koordinaty smerti, 1987)

Tochter des Generals (see General’s daughter)

Tocqueville (1967) |Short film|

Toi loi cuoi cung ( Vietnam, 1979)

Toi sinh ra khong phai de ngoi tu (see San bat cuop. Tap 1)

Toll of the orange shade bell (see Hoi chuong mau da cam)

Tom (1973)

Too late the hero (1970)

Tong fang tu ying (see Eastern condors)

Tonnerre de feu (see Blue thunder)

Tonsilitis (see Simon & Simon)

Too late (South Vietnam, 1966?)

Too much of a good thing (see Simon & Simon)

Too young to die (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Top gun (1986)

Torah, torah, torah (see Magnum, P.I.)

Torch song (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

A torn page of glory (1968)

Tornado ( Italy, 1983)

Tornado a casa (see Coming home)

Tornado terror (see NYC: tornado terror)

Tou bun no hoi (see Touben nuhai)

T’ou pen hu hai (see Touben nuhai)

Touben nuhai (Hong Kong, 1982)

Touched by an angel (9/21/1995-4/27/2003) |TV Series|


God and country (3/15/98)

Jacob’s ladder (2/10/96)

Made in the U.S.A. (4/11/99)

Tough cop ( Philippines, 1987)

Tough guy (see Uomo dalla pelle dura)

Tough guys don’t dance (1987)

Tour of duty (9/24/1987-4/28/1990) |TV Series|

Acceptable loses (2/17/90) Paradise lost (3/26/88)
And make death proud to take us (1/20/90) Payback (see Raid/Payback)
Angel of mercy (4/9/88) Popular forces (2/21/89)
Battling Baker brothers (12/10/87) Promised land (4/4/89)
Blood brothers (3/12/88) Pushin’ too hard (1/14/88)
Bodyguard of lies (10/28/89) Raid/payback (4/28/90) (2 hrs.)
Brothers, fathers, sons (11/12/87) Road to Long Binh (2/10/90)
Burn, baby, burn (11/5/87) Roadrunner (1/7/88)
Cloud nine (11/11/89) Saigon (1/3 and 1/10/89)
Dead man tales (2/3/90) Sealed with a kiss (5/2/89 preempted)
Dislocations (10/15/87) Short timer (3/19/88)
Doc Hoc (9/30/89) Sins of the fathers (4/25/89)
For what it’s worth (1/17/89) Sitting ducks (10/29/87)
The good, the bad, and the dead (11/19/87) Sleeping dogs (2/7/89)
Gray-Brown odyssey (2/25/88) Soldiers (2/18/88)
Green Christmas (12/23/89) Terms of enlistment (3/7/89)
Hard stripe (5/9/89) Thanks for the memories (11/18/89)
The hill (4/30/88) Three cheers for the orange, white and blue (4/14/90)
I am what I am (12/2/89) Ties that blind (10/7/89)
I wish it would rain (2/14/89) Tour of duty (9/24/87)
Lonely at the top (10/14/89) True grit (1/24/89)
Lonesome cowboy blues (4/11/89) USO down (1/21/88)
Luck (9/23/89) Under siege (2/11/88)
Necessary end (11/4/89) Vietnam rag (2/24/90)
Nightmare (3/28/89) Volunteer (5/16/89)
No where to run (12/17/87) War is a contact sport (3/24/90)
Non-essential personnel (1/31/89) War lover (10/15/87)
Notes from the underground (10/1/87) World in changes (12/9/89)
Odd man out (1/6/90)

Tour of duty (1988) |Video| (see Tour of duty)

Tour of duty II (a.k.a. Bravo company, 1988) |Video| (see Tour of duty)

Tour of duty III (a.k.a. The hill, 1989) |Video| (see Tour of duty)

Town for hire (see Airwolf (second series))

Town that cried terror (see Maniac!)

The town within reach ( Vietnam, 1982)

Toy soldiers (see Space : above and beyond)

Tra cielo e terra (see Heaven and earth)

Tra lai ten cho em (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 4)

Tracks (1974)

Tracks (1986) (see Airwolf)

Trading places (1983)

Trading places (1994) (see Baywatch)

Trai tim nguoi me ( Vietnam, 1996)

Trained to kill (1975) (see No mercy man)

Trained to kill (1988)

Trajet orageux en car (see Chuyen xe bao tap)

Trampa infernal ( Mexico, 1989)

Trampa 22 (see Catch 22)

Tran Quoc and his youth detachment (see Tran Quoc Toan ra quan)

Tran Quoc Jones (see Magnum, P.I.)

Tran Quoc Toan becomes a soldier (see Tran Quoc Toan ra quan)

Tran Quoc Toan goes to the battlefield (see Tran Quoc Toan ra quan)

Tran Quoc Toan ra quan (North Vietnam, 1971)

Tran Quoc und sein Jugend kommando (see Tran Quoc Toan ra quan)

Tran tuyen ngan (North Vietnam, 1969-197-?)

Trang giay trang ( Vietnam, 1991)

Transit a Saigon ( France, 1962)

Transitions (see Magnum, P.I.)

Trapdoors (see Simon & Simon)

Trapper County war (1990)

Trapper John, M.D. (9/23/1979-9/4/1986) |TV Series|

The agony of d’feet (11/20/83) Judgement day (3/4/86)
The albatross (5/10 /81) Just around the corner (10/27/85)
All about Everett (10/16/83) King of the road (5/3 /81)
All of me (5/5/85) Ladies in waiting (1/31/82)
All the king’s men (aka) All the king’s horses (3/31/85) Licensed to kill (12/9/79)
And for loyal and devoted service (10/9/83) Life, death and Dr. Christmas (2/18/86)
Angel of mercy (1/17/82) Life, death and Vinnie Duncan (1/2/83)
Aunt Mildred is watching you (5/6/84) A little knife music (1/15/84)
Baby on the line (1/9/83) * Long ago and far away (1/6/85)
Bad breaks (2/24/85) Love and marriage (3/14/82)
Billboard Barney (12/29/85) Love is a three-way street (10/21/79)
Blue genes (3/13/83) Love thy neighbor (2/3/85)
Boom (1/6/80) May divorce be with you (10/23/83)
Brain child (5/17 /81) Maybe baby (3/7/82)
Buckaroo Bob rides again (1/20/85) Medicine man (2/21/82)
C.O.D. (10/11 /81) Middle of the night (1/13/85)
Call me irresponsible (12/21/80) Missionaries downfall (1/27/80)
Candy doctor (3/21/82) Moonlighting becomes you (10/21/84)
A case of the crazies (3/29 /81) Mother load (aka) If it ain’t broke (11/27/83)
Cause for concern (4/18/82) Mother’s day (aka) Mother dearest (12/6 /81)
A change of heart (9/30/84) My son the doctor (10/14/84)
Cooperative care (11/15 /81) The object of my affection (10/24/82)
Creepy time gal (1/4 /81) Of cats, crushes and creeps (11/18/84)
The curmudgeon (3/18/86) Old man liver (11/13/83)
Danny (1/24/82) The one and only (5/16/82)
Dark side of the loon (12/16/84) One for my baby (11/18/79)
Days of wine and Leo (3/15 /81) * The Pagoda Club (1/25 /81)
Deadly exposure (10/7/79) Paste imperfect (aka) Past imperfect (2/20/83)
Doctors and other strangers (3/28/82) Peter Pan syndrome (2/7/82)
Don’t rain on my charade (9/26/82) A piece of the action (4/11/82)
Double bubble (12/30/84) Play your hunch (1/8/84)
Earthquake (1/18 /81) Prime time (3/20/83)
The ego experience (11/8 /81) Promises, promises (12/9/84)
The elusive butterfly (9/4/86) Quarantine (3/23/80)
Eternally yours (10/28/84) The ransom (11/7/82)
Fall of the wild (?/?/86) Research and destroy (8/21/86)
A fall to grace (11/25/84) Russians and ruses (12/19/82)
A false start (3/17/85) School nurse (11/4/84)
A family affair (2/22 /81) The second best man (12/15/85)
Fat chance (12/4/83) Second sight (4/5 /81)
The final cut (11/6/83) Self-diagnosis (8/14/86)
Finders keepers (3/8 /81) Send in the clowns (2/12/84)
* Flashback (9/30/79) The shattered image (10/28/79)
Forget me not (1/30/83) Short odds (3/9/80)
42 (1/3/82) Slim chance (12/7/80)
The Fred connection (3/11/84) So little, gone (2/17/85)
Friends and lovers (11/3/85) South Side story (4/3/83)
Friends in high places (3/27/83) Special delivery (1/1/84)
Future imperfect (12/27 /81) The spy who bugged me (1/13/83)
Game of hearts (10/6-13/85) Straight and narrow (1/11 /81)
Getting to know you (12/12/82) Strange bedfellows (8/28/86)
Girl under glass (aka) The sex act (11/23-30/80) Strike (2/24/80)
Give till it hurts (10/18 /81) Super nurse (12/11/83)
Go for broker (4/21/85) The surrogate (12/23/79)
Going, going, Gonzo (1/5/86) Taxi in the rain (12/2/79)
The good life (11/28/82) Thanks for giving (11/21/82)
Hate is enough (10/25 /81) That old gang of mine (10/4 /81)
Have I got a girl for you (2/1 /81) This gland is your gland (3/4/84)
Have you hugged your nurse today? (1/13/80) Three on a mismatch (10/17/82)
Hear today, gone tomorrow (1/23/83) Till life do us part (2/10/80)
Heart and Seoul (1/28/86) Tis the season (12/20 /81)
High time (3/3/85) Trapper John, M.D. (9/23/79)
Hot line (3/30/80) Truth and consequences (10/3-10/82)
Hot shot (10/20/85) The unholy ghost (3/10/85)
I do, I don’t (3/25/84) Victims (1/10/82)
I only have ice for you (10/2/83) Warning : I may be hazardous to your health (2/3/80)
If you can’t stand the heat (2/17/80) What a difference a day makes (10/30/83)
In the eyes of the beholder (3/24/85) * What are friends for? (11/11/79)
Is there a doctor in the big house? (11/29 /81) A wheel within a wheel (12/1/85)
It only hurts when I love (1/16/83) Where there’s a will (1/29/84)
It’s a wise surgeon (3/2/80) Who’s the lucky father? (2/15 /81)
It’s about time (4/1/84) Whose little hero are you? (12/30/79)
The jackpot pays off (3/18/84) The wonderland (11/10/85)
John’s other life (5/2/82) You pays your money (10/31/82)

Trappola di cristallo (see Die hard)

Trappola diabolica (Italy, 1987)

Trappola in alto maro (see Under siege)

Traps ( Australia, 1994)

Trauma center (1983) |TV Series|

Shock waves (11/17/83)

Traveling man (6/25/1989) |TV|

Tre stagioni (see Three seasons)

Treasure of Kalaniopu’u (see Magnum, P.I.)

Trees of Miss Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Tremors (3/28/2003-8/8/2003) |TV Series|

Project 4-12 (6/27/03)

Tren vi tuyen 17 (North Vietnam, 1965)

Trespassers ( Australia, 1976)

Triad savages (see Yi ben wu yan)

Trial by fire (1985) (see Fall guy)

Trial by fire (1986) (see A-Team)

Trial needs a presiding judge (see Phien toa cau chanh an)

Trial of Billy Jack (1974)

Trial of Chaplain Jensen (2/11/1975) |TV|

Trial of the Catonsville 9 (1972)

Trial of the Chicago 8 (see Conspiracy: the trial of the Chicago 8)

Tribeca (1993- ) |TV Series|

Honor (3/31/93)

Tribes (11/10/1970) |TV|

Trip to kill (see Clay pigeon)

Triple impact (1993)

Triumph (see Mot chien cong)

Tro ve Sam Sao ( Vietnam, 1982)

Troi xanh qua ke la ( Vietnam, 1985)

317eme |ie. trois cent dix septieme| section ( France, 1964)

Trois saisons (see Three seasons)

Troma’s war (1988)
Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tropical madness (see Magnum, P.I.)

Tropical sunset (see Hoang hon nhiet doi)

Trouble brewing (see A-Team)

Trouble in Tibet (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Trouble on wheels (see A-Team)

Trouble with Harry (see A-Team)

True believer (1989)

True grit (see Tour of duty)

Truman Capote’s “The glass house” (see Glass house)

Truth about Holly (see Airwolf)

Truth and consequences ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Truyen co tich cho tuoi 17 ( Vietnam, 1986)

Truyen vo chong anh Luc (North Vietnam, 1971)

Try to remember (see Magnum, P.I.)

Tsui hou i kou chi (Hong Kong, 1989)

Tu thu truoc binh minh ( Vietnam, 1979)

Tueurs nes (see Natural born killers)

Tueurs volants (see Piranha II: The spawning)

Tuez Charley Varrick (see Charley Varrick)

Tuoi tho (North Vietnam, 1979)

Tuoi tho du doi ( Vietnam, 1990)

Pt. 1. Hue nam 1962 = Hue in 1962.

Pt. 2 Nhac viet tren la = Music written on leaves.

Tuoi tre thieu tinh thuong (see Bastards)

Tuong ve huu ( Vietnam, 1988)

Tuono blu (see Blue thunder)

Turbo’s dilemma (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Turtle beach ( Australia, 1991) ; released on video 1992 as: Killing beach)

Tuzvonalben (see Under fire)

Tva tyska systra (see Bleierne Zeit)

Twenty-four carat dead (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

21 Jump St. (4/12/1987-5/19/1991) |TV Series|

Christmas in Saigon (12/20/87)

The dragon and the angel (1/5/89)

23rd Psalm branch (1967) |Experimental film|

29th Street (1991)

Twice under (1990)

Twilight (see China Beach)

Twilight zone (9/27/1985-4/15/1989) |TV Series|

Nightcrawlers (10/18/85)

Paladin of the lost hour (11/8/85)

Road less traveled (12/18/86)

Twilight zone, the movie (1983)

Twilight’s last gleaming (1977)

The twin within (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Twinkle, twinkle killer Kane (see Ninth configuration)

Twisted cross (see Riptide)

Two (1974; re-released on video 1985 with title: Captive)

2 1/2 dads (1986) |TV|

Two birds of a feather (see Magnum, P.I.)

Two brothers (see Anh va Em)

Two mothers (see Hai nguoi me)

Two or three things I know abour her (see Deux ou trois choses que je sais d’elle)

Two people (1973)

Two sisters (see Hai chi em)

Two soldiers (see Hai nguoi linh)

Tyrant’s downfall (see Ngay tan cua bao chua)

Tyrant’s fall (see Ngay tan cua bao chua)

Tyske sostre (see Bleierne Zeit)


UHF (1989)

U Minh storm (see Bai U Minh)

U.S.A. warrior (see Forgotten warrior)

USO down (see Tour of duty)

Ufficale e gentilhuomo (see Officer and a gentleman)

Ugliest American (see Cover up)

Ugliest dog in Hawaii (see Magnum, P.I.)

Ugly American (1963)

Ulee’s gold (1997)

Ultima missione (see Angel Hill : l’ultima missione)

Ultimatum (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Ultimatum des trois mercenaires (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Ultimax force ( Philippines, 1987)

Ultimi bagliori del crepuscolo (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Ultimo bus di guerra (see War bus commando)

Ultimo cacciatore (see Cacciatore 2)

Ultimo incontro a Venezia (Italy, 1980)

Ulzana’s raid (1972)

Uncle Buckle-up (see A-Team)

Uncle Sam (1996)

Uncle Sugar’s flying circus (1970) |Experimental short film|

Uncommon valor (1983)

Under fire (1983)

Under God: strangers in the homeland (see Strangers in the homeland)

Under heavy fire (see Going back)

Under the code name K213 (see Nguoi mang mat danh K213)

Under siege (1988) (see Tour of duty)

Under siege (1992)
Under siege 2 (1995)

Under the knife (see Simon & Simon)

Under world (see Magnum, P.I.)

Uneasy silence (1989)

Unerbittliche (see Enforcer)

Unfinished business (see Magnum, P.I.; Universal soldier III)

Unforgettable river (see Dong song khong quen)

Unforgettable song (see Bai ca khong quen)

Unfortunate son (see King of the hill)

The unholy ghost (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Universal soldier (1992)

Universal soldier: The return (1999)

Universal soldier II : Brothers in arms ( Canada, 1998) |TV|

Universal soldier III : Unfinished business ( Canada, 1998) |TV|

Unknown eucalyptus tree (see Cay bach dan vo danh)

Unnatural causes (11/10/1986) |TV|

L’uomo dalla pelle dura (Italy, 1971)

Unquiet earth (see China Beach)

Unrequited (see X-Files)

Unseen enemy (see Raven)

Unspeakable (see Dieu anh chua kip noi)

Uomini semplici (see Simple men)

Up in smoke (1978)

Up on the roof (see Grace under fire)

Upstream (see Nguoc dong)

Upwards (see Song trong so hai)

Uria del silenzio (see Killing fields)

Uszo erod (see Under siege)


V.R.5 (3/10/1995-5/12/1995) [TV Series]

Simon’s choice (4/21/95)

Van bai lat ngua (Vietnam, 1982-1987)

tap 1 (see Con nuoi vi giam muc)

tap 5 (see Troi xanh qua ke la)

tap 6 (see Loi canh cao cuoi cung)

tap 7 (see Cao ap va nuoc lu)

tap 8 (see Vong hoa truoc mo)

Vanished (see Matt Houston)

Vanishing point (1971)

Vanishing son (2/23/1994-5/8/1995) [TV Series]

Holy ghosts (1/27/95)

Vanishing son II (6/18/94) [TV]

Vao Nam ra bac ( Vietnam, 2001)

Vas-y, fonce (see Drive, he said)

Vat ky niem (North Vietnam, 1960)

Ve doi ( Vietnam, 1988)

Ve noi gio cat ( Vietnam, 1981)

Vega$ (1978-1981) [TV Series]

Kill Dan Tanna! (1/10/79)

Vendetta (see Poliziotta a Miami; S.W.A.T.)

Venganza del soldado (see Soldier’s revenege)

Vengeance froid (see Heaven’s prisoners)

Vengeance of a soldier (see Soldier’s revenge)

Vengeance trail (see Part 2 walking tall)

Vent de la Toussaint ( France, 1990)

Vent se leve (see Noi gio)

Verbrannte Erde (see Cease fire)

Verdammt, Verkommen, Verloren (see Losers)

Verdammten des Krieges (see Casualties of war)

Vergelter (see Armed response)

Vergeltung (see P.O.W.: the escape)

Vergessene Kommando (see Forgotten)

Verraad (see Betrayed)

Verraten (see Betrayed)

Verraten in Vietnam (see Eye of the eagle 2)

Verwegenen Sieben (see Uncommon valor)

Vestige of honor (12/30/1990) [TV]

Vet (see Lou Grant)

Veteran (see Deathdream)

The Veteran (2006)

Veteran [TV] (see Incredible hulk)

Vets (see China Beach)

Vi dang tinh yeu ( Vietnam, 199-?)

Vi ska motas igen ( Sweden, 1983)

Vi tuyen 17-ngay va dem (North Vietnam, 1972)

Viaggio nella tempete (see Chuyen xe bao tap)

Vickie’s son (see Micke Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Victim (1994)

Victim of innocence (see Girl who came between them)

Victim within (1978)

Victims (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Victory (see Yesterday)

The vidiot from UHF (see UHF)

Vier Freunde (see Four friends)

Vier Pfeifen Opium (see Quiet American)

Vietnam ( Australia, 2/1987) [TV Series]

Vietnam : la grande fuga (see P.O.W.: the escape)

Vietnam adieu – in Auge des Krieges (see Intimate strangers)

Vietnam addio (see Tour of duty)

Vietnam experience (1987) [Music video]

Vietnam missione Tonkin (see In love and war)

Vietnam morte orange (see My father, my son)

Vietnam 1969 (see The werewolf cult chronicles)

Vietnam opera ( Netherlands, 1973) [Short]

Vietnam rag (see Tour of duty)

Vietnam soldier (see No mercy man)

Vietnam, Texas (1990)

Vietnam: verita da dimenticare (see In Country)

Vietnam war story (1987-1989) [Cable TV Series]

Dirty work (8/89) Mine (8/88)
Dusk to dawn (8/88) Old ghost walks the earth (7/88)
Fragging (8/88) Pass (9/88)
Home (9/88) Promise (8/88)
Last outpost (8/89) R & R (7/88)
Last soldier (8/89) Separated (8/88)

Vietnamization (see Karma)

Vigilante (see S.W.A.T.)

Vigilante force (1976)

Vilain Americain (see Ugly American)

Villa of Hoai Thu (see Biet thu Hoai Thu)

Village d’Antan (see Lang Vu Dai ngay ay)

Village de Vu Dai ces jours-la (see Lang Vu Dai ngay ai)

Village flottant (see Lang noi)

Village Hon Dat (see Hon Dat)

Village of yesterday (see Lang Vu Dai ngay ay)

Village peripherique (see Lang ven)

Village under the fist (see Thi xa trong tam tay)

Ville a portee de main (see Thi xa trong tam tay)

Violence (see Born losers)

Violent breed (see Razza violenta)

Violent Zone (1988)

Violenza sull’autostrada (see White line fever)

Viper III (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Virus (see Cannibals in the street)

Visitantes (see Visitors)

The Visitor (9/19/1997-1/16/1998) [TV Series]

Black box (10/24/97)

Visitors (1972)

Visitors (1983) (see Matt Houston)

Visum fur die Holle (see Black Gunn)

Vittime di guerra (see Casualties of war)

Vittorie perdute (see Go tell the Spartans)

Viva and Louis (see Blue movie)

Vivent les dockers ( France, 1949)

Vivere in fuga (see Running on empty)

Vivere per vivere (see Vivre pour vivre)

Viviamo sulle rive dello stesso fiume (see Chung mot dong song)

Vivre pour vivre (France/Italy, 1967)

Vixen (1968)

Vladimir and Rosa ( France, 1971)

Vo chong A Phu (North Vietnam, 1961)

Vo chong anh Luc (see Truyen vo chong anh Luc)

Vo thi sau (North Vietnam, 1969-197-?)

Volunteer (see Tour of duty)

Volunteers (1985)

Volunteers (2004) (see Cold case)

Vong hoa truoc mo ( Vietnam, 1987)

Vote of terror (see Rambo [Animated TV Series])

Voyage au bout de l’enfer (see Deer hunter)

Voyage in the storm (see Chuyen xe bao tap)

Vrais durs ne dansent pas (see Tough guys don’t dance)

Vrooder’s hooch (see Crazy world of Julius Vrooder)

Vu ap phe dong duong ( Vietnam, 1992)

Vu Dai village in those days (see Lang Vu Dai ngay ay)

Vu khuc con co (Singapore/Vietnam, 2002)

Vu nham quuy (see Thuong nho dong que)

Vung gio xoay ( Vietnam, 1980)

Vung troi (North Vietnam, 1975)

Vuot song (see Journey from the fall)



WKRP in Cincinnati (9/18/1978-4/21/1982) [TV Series]

Who is Gordon Sims? (4/2/78)

Waiting for Beckett (see China Beach)

Waiting for insane Wayne (see A-Team)

Waiting in winter time (1965?) [Short]

Waking the dead (2000)

Walk a mile in my hat (see Simon & Simon)

Walk on the moon (1999)

Walker, Texas Ranger (4/21/1993-5/20/2000) [TV Series]

Codename Dragonfly (11/2/96)

The general’s return (4/7/00)

Something in the shadows (1/15-1/22/94)

Walking dead (1995)

Walking tall (1973)

Walking tall (1/17/1981-6/13/1981) [TV Series]

Walking tall, final chapter (see Final chapter: Walking tall)

Walking tall, part 2 (see Part 2 walking tall)

Walking tall 2: Vengeance trail (see Part 2 walking tall)

The Wall (5/24/1998) [TV]

The badge
The pencil holder
The player

Wall (see also Street justice [TV Series])

Walk me to the distance (see Follow your heart)

Walton Thanksgiving reunion (11/21/1993) [TV]

Waltz of death (see Matt Houston)

Wann wird der zehnte mond kommen (see Bao gio cho den thang moi)

Wanted (see Lenh truy na)

Wanted dead or alive (see Homicide: life on the street)

Wanted: dead or alive (1986)

Wanted man (see Matt Houston)

War (1969)

War (1988) (see Troma’s war)

The war (1994)

War and peace (see Chien tranh & Hoa binh)

The war at home (1996)

War birds (1989)

War bus (see Warbus)

War bus commando (Italy/USA, 1989)

War camp (see POW deathcamp)

War dog – the killing machine (see Wardogs)

War dogs (see Wardogs)

War game (Great Britain, 1966)

War is a contact sport (see Tour of duty)

War lord (see I spy)

War lover (see Tour of duty)

War song (see Bai ca ra tran)

War whores (1996)

Warbus ( Philippines, 1985)

Wardogs ( Sweden, 1987)

Warhawk’s fortress (see Rambo [Animated TV Series])

Warm jackets (North Vietnam, 1968) [Animated]

Warning : I may be hazardous to your health (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Warpath (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Warriors (Canada/Israel, 1994)

Warriors (see also China Beach; Kelly’s heroes)

Waste ‘em (see A-Team)

Waste land (see Canh dong hoang)

Watch the shadows dance (Australia/Canada, 1987)

The watchers III (1994)

Watchmen (2009)

Water, water, everywhere (see A-Team)

Wave goodbye (see Magnum, P.I.)

Way of the stalking horse (see Magnum, P.I.)

Way of the willow ( Canada, 1981)

We interrupt this program for the following special bulletin (see Special bulletin)

We live on the banks of the same river (see Chung mot dong song)

We shall meet again ( Sweden) (see Vi ska mtas igen)

We shall meet again ( Vietnam) (see Den hen lai len)

We shall meet again as promised (see Den hen lai len)

We the people (see JAG)

We want to live (see Chung toi muon song)

We were soldiers (2002)

Weatherman ‘69 (see The whole world is watching: Weatherman ‘69)

Wedding bell blues (see Riptide)

Wedding night (see Nguoi dan ba bi san duoi)

Week-end ( France, 1967)

Weekend (see Week-end)

Weekend war (2/1/1988) [TV]

Wehrlos – die Tochter des Generals (see General’s daughter)

Welcome home (1989)

Welcome home, Johnny Bristol (1/30/1972) [TV]

Welcome home, soldier boys (1972)

Welcome to paradise (see Airwolf (second series))

We’ll come to the next (see Den hen lai len)

The werewolf cult chronicles : Vietnam 1969 (Sweden, 2005) [Short film]

West Coast turnaround (see A-Team)

West wing (9/22/1999- ) [TV Series]

An Khe (2/18/04)

Wet hot American summer (2001)

Wharf of widows (see Ben khong chong)

What a difference a day makes ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

What a shining young man was our gallant lieutenant (see Route 66)

What about me? (1993)

What are friends for? (1979) (see Trapper John, M.D.)

What are friends for? (1995) (see Land’s end)

Whatever it takes (1986)

What’s cooking? (2000)

What’s in a gnome? (see Simon & Simon)

Wheel of fortune (1986) (see A-Team)

Wheel of fortune (2002) (see Dead zone)

A wheel within a wheel ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

When hell was in session (10/8/1979) [TV]

When love kills: the seduction of John Hearn (5/18-5/19/1993) [TV]

When momma is away from home (see Me vang nha)

When mother is absent (see Me vang nha)

When mother is out (see Me vang nha)

When S.A.V.A.G.E. stole Santa (see Rambo [Animated TV Series])

When shall we meet again? (see Den hen lai len)

When Smitty comes marching home (see Mod squad)

When the tenth month comes (see Bao gio cho den thang muoi)

When you comin’ back Range Rider? (see A-Team)

When you comin’ back, Red Ryder? (1979)

Where east is east (1929)

Where have all the children gone? (see Airwolf)

Where is the monster when you need him? (see A-Team)

Where the boys are (see China Beach)

Where the girls are (see Riptide)

Where there’s a will ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

Where were you in ‘72? (see Swift justice)

Which way home (1/28/1991) [TV]

Whirl (see Biet dong Sai Gon, pt. 3)

Whirlwind area (see Vung gio xoay)

Whiskey, riddles, and dandelion wine (1996)

Whisper of the war (see Loi thi tham cua chien tranh)

White badge (see Hayan chonjaeng)

White ballot (see A-Team)

White flower strewn river (see Dong song hoa trang)

White flowers on the river (see Dong song hoa trang)

White ghost (1988)

White line fever (1975)

White nights (1985)

White paper page (see Trang giay trang)

White rabbit (see Dark skies; also, Law & order))

White separation (see Biet ly trang)

The white silk dress (see Ao lua Ha Dong)

Who downstreams Van Ly (see Ai xuoi Van Ly)

Who fell asleep? (see Deadly games)

Who is Don Luis and why is he doing these terrible things to me? (see Magnum, P.I.)

Who is Gordon Sims? (see WKRP in Cincinnati)

Who killed Sister Lorna? (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Who killed the sixties? (see Simon & Simon)

Who monitors the birds? (see Space : above and beyond)

Who really watches the sunshine? (see Riptide)

Who would kill Ramona? (see Matt Houston)

The whole world is watching (3/11/1969) [TV Pilot]

The whole world is watching: Weatherman ‘69 (1989)

Who’ll stop the rain (1978)

Who’s happy now (see China Beach)

Who’s the lucky father? (see Trapper John, M.D. )

Who’s trying to kill Miss Globe? (see Cover up)

Who’s your daddy? (see Cold case)

Whose little hero are you? (see Trapper John, M.D.)

Whose party is this anyway? (see Matt Houston)

Wiegenleid vom Todschlag (see Soldier blue)

Wilbur and the baby factory (1970)

Wild at heart (1990)

Wild bunch (1969)

Wild card (10/28/1992) [TV]

Wild eye (see Occhio selvaggio)

Wild field (see Canh dong hoang)

Wild geese five (see Geheimecode Wildganse)

Wild in the sky (see Black jack)

Wild life (1984)

Wild rainbow (see Geheimecode Wildganse)

Wild reed (see Co lau)

Wilde ar (see Big Wednesday)

Wilderness of mirrors (see JAG)

Wildfire (see Airwolf)

Will Hunting – genio ribelle (see Good Will Hunting)

Windflowers: the story of a draft dodger (1967)

Windhunde (see Streamers)

Windows (see Airwolf (second series))

Winner (see Promised land)

Winner takes all ( Australia, 1984)

Winners ( Australia, 197-?-198-?) [TV Series]

[Episode featuring a Vietnam veteran] (1985)

Winter 1946 (see Ha Noi, mua dong nam 1946)

Winter of our dreams ( Australia, 1981)

Wipe-out (see Raven; Riptide)

Wisefellas (see Lightning force)

Wiseguy (9/16/1987-12/8/1990) [TV Series]

Wishman (1991)

With a little help from my friends (see China Beach)

Without a trace (9/26/2002- ) [TV Series]

Kam Li (3/13/2003)

Without reservations (see A-Team)

Wits end (see G.I. executioner)

Woebeguf (1977)

Wolf ( Philippines, 1986)

Wolf (9/13/1989-6/28/1990) [TV Series]

Guns and roses (11/7/1989)

Wolf Lake (1984) ; reissue of Honor guard (1978)

Wolf of the West Coast (see Loup de la cote ouest)

Woman in monk’s dress (see San bat cuop. Tap 2. Nguoi dan ba mang ao tu si)

Woman in white (see Matt Houston)

Woman inside (1981)

Woman on the beach (see Magnum, P.I.)

Woman without child (see Nguoi dan ba khong con)

Women in limbo (see Limbo)

Women in white (see China Beach)

Wonder woman (series 2) (9/23/1977-9/11/1979) [TV Series]

Phantom of the roller coaster, pt. 1 (9/4/79)

Phantom of the roller coaster, pt. 2 (9/11/79)

Wonder years (1/31/1988-5/12/1993) [TV Series]

Premiere episode (1/31/88)

Private butthead (2/5/92)

Wonderful exploit (see Met chien cong)

The wonderland ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

WonderWorks (see Runaway)

Woo yuet dik goo si (see Hu-yueh te ku-shih)

Woo Yuet’s story (see Hu-yueh te ku-shih)

Wood of sister Tham (see Rung o Tham)

Woodcutter (see Missing in America)

Woodstock & Paco (2006)

World (see China Beach)

World in changes (see Tour of duty)

World is coming (see Acid mantra)

Word of honor (12/6/2003) [TV]

Wreath over the grave (see Vong hoa truoc mo)

Wreaths at the foot of the mountain (see Gao shan xia di hua huan)

Wren (see Con chim van khuyen)

Writer’s block (see Cover up)

Wrong stuff (see Simon & Simon)

Wu Shu (Hong Kong, 1993)

Wu yue de gushi (see Hu-yueh te ku-shih)


X-files (9/10/1993-5/19/2002) |TV Series|

Avatar (4/26/96)

Duane Barry (10/14-10/21/94)

E.B.E. (2/18/94)

One breath (11/11/94)

Sleepless (10/7/94)

Unrequited (2/23/97)

X-virus (see Airwolf (second series))

Xa va gan ( Vietnam, 1983)

Xanu jungle (see Rung Xanu)

Xich lo (France/Vietnam, 1995)

Xin nhan noi nay lam que huong (North Vietnam, 1965?-1970?)

Xmas Chn-Bch VN ‘67 (see China Beach)

Xuong rong den ( Vietnam, 1993)


Y H’Nua ( Vietnam, 1985)

Yacht club murders (see Matt Houston)

Yank in Indochina (1952)

Yank in Viet-Nam (1963? 1964?)

The Yarn Princess (3/27/1994) |TV|

Year of living dangerously ( Australia, 1983)

Year of the dragon (1985)

Year of the tiger (see A Yank in Viet-Nam)

The year that trembled (2002)

Yellow fever (1984) |Video|

Yes Virginia, there is a Liberace (see Simon & Simon)

Yesterday ( Canada, 1980)

Yi ben wu yan (Hong Kong, 1987)

The yin and yang of Mr. Go (1970)

Ying hsiung pen se III (Hong Kong, 1989)

Ying hsiung wu lei (Hong Kong, 1985)

Ying lun yue zhan (see Ying lun yuet jin)

Ying lun yuet jin (Hong Kong, 1990)

Ying xiong ben se san (see Ying hsiung pen se III)

Ying xiong wu lei (see Ying hsiung wu lei)

You and I (see Anh va em)

You, babe (see China Beach)

You can run but you can’t hide (11/13/1977) |TV|

You can’t have everything (see Cactus in the snow)

You can’t see round corners ( Australia, 1969)

You pays your money ( see Trapper John, M.D. )

You shall not kill (see Thou shalt not kill)

You, too, can be a detective (see Simon & Simon)

You’ll come back (Anh se ve)

You’ll like my mother (1972)

Young communist (see Nguoi cong san gre tuoi)

Young fighter (see Nguoi chien si tre)

Young girl from the red land (see Nguoi con gai dat so)

Young girl of Saigon (see Chi Nhung)

Young L.A. nurses 2 (see Private duty nurses)

Young Nhip (see Co Nhip)

Young Phuoc (see Em Phuoc)

Young runaways (1968)

Young soldier (see Nguoi chien si tre)

Young woman of Bai-Sao (see Chi tu hau)

Young woman of Sao beach (see Chi tu hau)

Youngblood (1978)
Yue qing (Hong Kong, 1991)


Zabojcza bron 3 (see Lethal weapon 3)

Zabriskie point (1970)

Zaklyatie doliny zmei (Poland/Soviet Union, 1987)

Zaunkonig (see Con chim vanh khuyen)

Zebra force (1977)

Zeit der vergessenen Helden (see Tour of duty)

Zeven huurlingen (see Magnificent seven)

Zombie (see Dawn of the dead)

Zombie brigade ( Australia, 1988)

Zombie Death House (see Death House)

Zombies (see Dawn of the dead)

Zone des tempetes (see Vung gio xoay)

Zu spat fur helden (see Too late the hero)

Zwei Menschen unterwegs (see Two people)

Zwei Soldaten (see Hai nguoi linh)

Zwei stahlharte Profis (see Lethal weapon)

Zweite Chance (see In the line of fire)

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