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Reviews and Criticism of Vietnam War Theatrical and Television Dramas

Compiled by John K. McAskill,La Salle University


NBC Sunday mystery movie (see Columbo: Publish or perish)

NCIS (USA, 9/23/2003- ) |TV SERIES|

Silent night (12/16/08)

NYC: tornado terror (6/14/2008) |TV|

NYPD blue (9/21/1993-3/1/2005) |TV Series|

Bombs away (3/1/95)

A sudden fish (2/15/94)

Na ije neoreul ijeuri (South Korea, 1992)

Nacht der Entscheidung (see White nights)

Nacht im ruhigen Gebiet (see Dem mien yen tinh)

Nacido el 4 de julio (see Born on the fourth of July)

Nah und Fern (see Xa va gan)

Naked massacre (see Ne pour l’enfer)

Nam (1988) (see Platoon leader)

The Nam (2000) |Video| (see Nineteen : college girls. Vol. 36)

Nam: not another mistake (see Cross fire)

Nam angels (1970) (see The Losers)

Nam angels (1989)

Nam, tour of duty (see Tour of duty)

Nameless (see Timebomb)

Nancy, ein eiskaltes Playgirl (see Big bounce)

Nash Bridges (3/29/1996-5/4/2001) |TV Series|

Revelations (11/7/97)

Skin trade (1/7/00)

Nashville (1975)

National Lampoon’s animal house (1978)

National Lampoon’s loaded weapon 1 (1993)

Native land ( Vietnam, 1973) (see Que nha)

Native land ( Vietnam, 1980) (see Dat me)

Nato il quatro luglio (see Born on the Fourth of July)

Nato per combattere (Italy, 1989)

Natural born (see Airwolf)

Natural born killers (1994)

Natural causes ( Australia, 9/22/1985) |TV|

Natural causes (1994)

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (see NCIS)

Navrat domiu (see Coming home)

Ne manquez pas le rendezvous (Den hen lai len)

Ne pour l’enfer (West Germany/Italy/France/Canada, 1975)

Ne un 4 juillet (see Born on the fourth of July)

Neak sre (France/Switzerland/Germany, 1994)

Near and far (see Xa va gan)

Necessary end (see Tour of duty)

Needle in a haystack (see Matt Houston)

Negative image (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

Nel centro del mitino (see In the line of fire)

Neniwa (see Stingray)

Neon maniacs (1985)

Nessun refugio, in nessun larogo (see Khuong noi an nap)

Neuf cercles de l’enfer (see Devet kruhu pekla)

Neuf de Catonsville (see Trial of the Catonsville 9)

Never again, never again (see Magnum, P.I.)

Never no more (see Space : above and beyond)

New cop in town (see Simon & Simon)

New healers (3/27/1972) |TV Pilot|

New Mike Hammer (see Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer)

New Orleans nightmare (see Matt Houston)

New York 1997 (see Escape from New York)

Nga ba Dong Loc ( Vietnam, 1997)

Ngaio (Vietnam, 1989?)

Ngay le Thanh ( Vietnam, 1976)

Ngay ve ( Vietnam, 1986)

Nghe Tinh’s fire (see Ngon lua Nghe Tinh)

Nghia khi tay thanh ( Vietnam, 199-?) |TV|

Ngoai o ( Vietnam, 1987)

Ngoc trong da ( Vietnam, 1991)

Ngoi sao tren bien (North Vietnam, 1973)

Ngon den trong mo ( Vietnam, 1987)

Ngon lua Krong Dzung ( Vietnam, 1980)

Ngon lua Nghe Tinh (North Vietnam, 1965)

Ngon lua thanh dong ( Vietnam, 1981)

Nguoc dong ( Vietnam, 1990)

Nguoi ban ay ( Vietnam, 1979)

Nguoi chien si tre (North Vietnam, 1965)

Nguoi con gai dat do ( Vietnam, 1995)

Nguoi cong sau gre tuoi (North Vietnam, 1971)

Nguoi dan ba bi san duoi (Vietnam, 1989-1990)

pt. 1. Dem tan hon (Nuptual night; or Wedding night) (1989)

pt. 2. Dua con la (Half-breed child; or Eurasian son) (1990)

pt. 3. Ly Dai Long (Rebel leader Ly Dai Long) (1990)

pt. 4. Kieu Chinh (Son of the millionaire) (1990)

Nguoi dan ba khong con ( Vietnam, 1996)

Nguoi dan ba mang ao tu si (see San bat cuop. Tap 2.)

Nguoi di tim dat ( Vietnam, 1984)

Nguoi di tim di vang ( Vietnam, 1994)

Nguoi doi bo (North Vietnam, 1972)

Nguoi khong mang ho ( Vietnam, 1989)

Nguoi khong mang sung ( Vietnam, 1982)

Nguoi mang mat danh K213 ( Vietnam, 1985)

Nguoi sot la cua rung cuoi ( Vietnam, 1991)

Nguoi trong cuoc ( Vietnam, 1988)

Nguoi yen di lay chong (see Nguoi yeu di lay chong)

Nguoi yeu di lay chong ( Vietnam, 1995)

Nguyen Van Troy (North Vietnam, 1967)

Nha que (Vietnam, 1989?)

Nhiem vu hoa hong ( Vietnam, 1988)

Nhip (see Co Nhip)

Nhu moi (see Cao nguyen F 101. Tap. 1)

Nhu the la toi ac (Vietnam, 1979)

Nhung, a young girl of Saigon (see Chi Nhung)

Nhung dem tran tro ( Vietnam, 1986)

Nhung dua con cua than linh ( Vietnam, 1992)

Nhung manh con rung (see Nhung manh doi rung)

Nhung manh doi rung ( Vietnam, 1987)

Nhung ngay thang dep ( Vietnam, 1996)

Nhung nguoi da gap ( Vietnam, 1979)

Nhung, une jeune fille de Saigon (see Chi Nhung)

Nice place to visit (see A-Team)

Nicht auflegen (see Phone Booth)

Nicht noch ein teenie film (see Not another teen movie)

Nico (see Above the law)

Niel Lynne ( Australia, 1984)

Nieve que quema (see Who’ll stop the rain)

The night Andy came home (see Deathdream)

The night at the 14th parallel (see Noch na 14-y paralleli)

Night angels (see Night flowers)

Night brings Charlie (1990)

Night court (1/4/1984-5/31/1992) |TV Series|

Crossroads (11/2/90)

Mac’s dilemma (11/12/87)

Take my wife please (12/13/84)

Night fall (see China Beach)

Night flowers (1979)

Night in Hong Kong (see Honkon)

Night in a quiet region (see Dem mien yen tinh)

Night in the quiet countryside (see Dem mien yen tinh)

Night maneuvers (see Stingray)

Night of Anubis (see Night of the living dead)

Night of fantasy (see Dem hoang tuong)

Night of the beast (see Manimal)

Night of the flesh eaters (see Night of the living dead)

Night of the flowing tide (see Dem nuoc rong)

Night of the living dead (1968)

Night of the scorpion (see Manimal)

Night of the voodoo moon (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Night swarm (see Mosquito)

Night walk (see Deathdream)

Night wars (1988)

Nightcrawlers (see Twilight zone (1985))

Nightflowers (see Night flowers)

Nightforce (1987)

Nighthawks (1981)

Nightmare (see Tour of duty)

Nightmare man (see Matt Houston)

Nightmaster (see Watch the shadows dance)

Nightswarm (see Mosquito)

Nim-eun-meon-go-sae (South Korea, 2008)

La nina de Hanoi (see Em be Hanoi)

Nine circles of hell (see Devet kruhu pekla)

Nineteen : college girls. Vol. 36 (2000) |Video|

|Pt. 4| The Nam

1946 winter in Hanoi (see Ha Noi, mua dong nam 1946)

1969 (1988)

The ninja dog (see Rambo |Animated TV Series|)

Ninja USA (198-?)

Ninth configuration (1980)

Ninth Street (1999)

Nixon (1995)

No country for old men (2007)

No dead heroes (1987)

No drums, no bugles (1971)

No game for amateurs (see Ironside)

No hiding place (see Khuong noi an nap)

No mercy man (1973)

No more excuses (1968)

No more Mr. Nice Guy (see Magnum, P.I.)

No need to know (see Magnum, P.I.)

No place to hide (1973)

No refuge, nowhere (see Khuong noi an nap)

No rest for the wicked (1998)

No retreat, no surrender II (Hong Kong, 1989)

No safe haven (1987)

No trouble ( Australia, 1987)

No where to run (see Tour of duty)

No worries (Australia/Great Britain, 1993)

Noah’s ark (see Krima-kerime : Noah’s ark)

Noch na 14-y paralleli (Soviet Union, 1971)

Noch-nicht-sprechbare (see Dieu anh chua kip noi)

La noche de los muertos vivientes (see Night of the living dead)

Nocturnal love song (see Ban tinh ca trong dem)

Noi binh yen chim hot ( Vietnam, 1986)

Noi gio (North Vietnam, 1966)

Noi nui rung yen a ( Vietnam, 1990)

Nom de code: cies sauvages (see Geheimecode Wildganse)

Non-commissioned officer (see Ha si quan)

Non-essential personnel (see Tour of duty)

Northern exposure (7/12/1990-7/26/1995) |TV Series|

Aurora Borealis (8/30/90)

The big feast (3/22/93)

Bumpy road to love (9/23/91)

Northern lights (3/1/93)

Northern lights (see Northern exposure)

Northfield cemetery massacre (see Northville cemetery massacre)

Northville cemetary massacre (1976)

Norwood (1970)

Nostalgia for countryland (see Thuong nho dong que)

Nostalgia for the countryside (see Thuong nho dong que)

Nostalgia por el terruno (see Thuong nho dong que)

Nostalgic (1996) |Short film|

Not a lonely land (see Mien dat khong co don)

Not another mistake (see Cross fire)

Not another teen movie (2001)

Not for honor and glory (see Lost command)

Not that much different (see Hawaii Five-O)

Notes from the underground (see Tour of duty)

Nothing to lose (see Cover up)

Nous nous revenons comme promis (see Den hen lai len)

Nous vivons sur la meme riviere (see Chung mot dong song)

Novel connection (see Magnum, P.I.)

Novel way to die (see Matt Houston)

November men (1993)

Now and forever (Canada, 2002)

Now and then (1995)

Nowhere to hide ( Canada, 1987)

Nu than Laksmi ( Vietnam, 1989)

Nuclear countdown (see Twilight’s last gleaming)

Nude on the run (see Run swinger run!)

Nude restaurant (1967)

Nudo e selvaggio (Italy/ Brazil, 1985)

Nuit de la maree haute (see Dem nuoc rong)

#1 with a bullet (see Riptide)

Nuptual night (see Nguoi dan ba bi san buoi)

Nurses (9/14/1991-5/7/1994) |TV Series|

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