Corporate Services – Customized

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Are you a manager or leader, training your people to keep them competitive?  Is your team growing in value to themselves and to the organization: engaged in organizational goals and outcomes? Then turn to La Salle University for corporate education courses that can bolster employee retention and support your business’s strategy. We offer no-cost, one day on-site assessments to establish your training and development needs.

We can develop customized programs for training employees in a particular subject area and deploy a class at your location for larger enrollments. Online courses can be required and discounted to supplement your training and development needs. Likewise, courses can be required as part of documented coaching and counseling of progressive discipline.

Industry leaders with years of practical experience teach these classes, reflecting both their commitment to share their lifetime of knowledge and La Salle’s commitment to practical educational approaches.

Once a need has been identified, La Salle University’s Professional & Corporate Education department will:

  1. Map the curriculum with your decision makers

  2. Customize content to your industry and organization’s needs

  3. Choose an instructor/Subject Matter Expert particularly attuned to your culture and audience

  4. Co-brand all materials to your specifications

  5. Deliver in real time live augmenting with eCentre support